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Chapter 12

Ichigo has never felt worse than he does at this moment in time. What the hell is he supposed to do now? The man he's fallen hard for is the psychotic hacker looking to off him! Ichigo falls limp in the chair, staring at the screen with such incriminating evidence. He's caught between running and making good on his deal with Grimmjow. This simply isn't healthy, loving the man trying to crush him. In an act of pure spite and bitterness, Ichigo glowers at the computer screen and starts typing again. He assumes Grimmjow knows who he is, downloading everything onto an empty flash drive before erasing the whole thing. Everything, right down to the backup files and hard drive. Ichigo waits until the deed is done, the vengeance of his mothers burning hot in his veins, and pulls out a sheet of paper.

"Son of a bitch," he mutters to himself. "How dare he play me like this? He wanted to crush me, well… job well done! But hell if I'm going down alone! I'm taking his ass with me!"

Tears sting his eyes as Ichigo tapes the letter to the computer screen, moving to the window and unlocking it. For just a moment, regret hits him like a semi-truck. Grimmjow has been so good to him, he really loves that man. It only lasts a moment though, as Ichigo's mind provides that Grimmjow was only good to him because he wanted to get close. Ichigo carefully climbs back onto the roof, using the chimney once more and making a clean getaway.

Grimmjow stretches as the sunlight pours into his room, the light waking him rudely. After he wakes, the blue haired man looks around. He had hoped Ichigo would pay him a visit last night. With a light shrug, he gets up and heads to his office. Grimmjow had planned a wonderful surprise for his Detective target, a fantastic feat of robbing four banks in one go! That would keep the little prick out of Aizen's hair long enough for the man to deal with current events. He unlocks the door and walks in, stilling at the sight of the open filing cabinet. Grimmjow doesn't even let his friends look into that cabinet, it's proof of his slightly unhealthy obsession. He had always admired Kurosaki's brilliance, challenging him to keep them both sharp… and hoping to triumph by forcing Kurosaki to quit.

"Someone was in this room… and it wasn't me," he growls.

His friends don't bother this room, rarely come up to Grimmjow's area unless they're watching a game, so it must've been an intruder. At first Grimmjow is afraid Ichigo snuck in, remembering their conversation from yesterday. His heart nearly stops at the thought. He pulls his phone out and dials the orangette, his eyes catching sight of a note taped to the middle computer screen. The phone goes to the answering machine as Grimmjow turns it off, his body unconsciously moving toward the paper.

Dear Hackerking,

I can't begin to express how much you piss me off. I can't explain to you how much I wish you hadn't played me like this. You wanted me to quit, that's fine. I know you think you've won, as I'm done playing detective… just like you wanted. Unfortunately for you, however, you're not lucky enough to beat me. You burned me and my wrath was well learned… This will end in a draw. All the information you kept on your computer is now on a flash drive in my possession, placed somewhere you'll never locate. If you so much as use another person's cell number, I'll pass all this incriminating information onto the police. Everything they need to arrest Aizen and all his men is in my grasp, but whether they go down or not is in yours. We're going down together, in a draw, or I'll take down Aizen's empire of crime in a single hand-off. I win, whether you like it or not. You shouldn't have pretended to like me, Grimmjow. This would've been so much easier on us both if you hadn't of hurt me like this.

Game Over,

Detective Ichigo Kurosaki

Grimmjow can only stare at the note for a long moment, his heart missing a few beats at the name signed. Ichigo… his beautiful, feisty Ichigo was the detective he had wanted to destroy. The very thought of hurting Ichigo like that kills him. He gets himself ready quickly, hoping he can convince Ichigo this was all a horrible misunderstanding.

Ichigo sits by the river, depression hanging about him in a thick cloud. He couldn't go into work, couldn't bring himself to call his friends, and certainly didn't go back to his parents' house. The young man has been sitting there since last night. He's afraid to go back home, as Grimmjow's already called him four times and he's positive the other will show up at the apartment.

"There you are."

"Oh fuck," Ichigo sighs. "Do you really have to make this worse? I told you in the note; you won't find that damn flash drive…"

"Forget the fucking flash drive, I want to talk to you," Grimmjow growls.

Ichigo stands and starts to walk away, his position on the matter obvious. Grimmjow, however, hurries to keep stride with Ichigo. The orange headed man growls quietly, scowling at his feet and refuses to look at the man he loves. He had warned Grimmjow not to hurt him, it's not Ichigo's fault the blue haired idiot didn't listen.

"I'm sorry," Grimmjow says almost desperately. "I didn't know you and Detective Kurosaki were the same person, I swear! I never would've hurt you if I knew."

"I don't believe you," Ichigo snaps. "What kind of criminal dumbass doesn't know who his intended target is?"

"You never let anyone take your picture; people barely knew anything about you but your name and triumphs! So sue me, I didn't have a fucking picture of you! I'm sorry I hurt you, it wasn't intentional. I just… I know how difficult it is to find someone as smart as you…"

Ichigo stops at the mumbled comment, turning to look at Grimmjow in surprise. The other won't look into Ichigo's face, choosing instead to glare at the ground sullenly. Ichigo may not be a pro at reading Grimmjow when he's closed off, yet right now he doesn't have to be… Grimmjow has never been more unguarded than right now.

"… When I was growing up, it was always difficult to find someone that could challenge me. Uncle Aizen always said 'the only way to get better is to face challenges beyond you'. I just… wanted to use you to challenge myself as much as I challenged you. We could've kept one another in practice. I had read that you couldn't find worthy opponents in the cyber area…"

"I… I understand where you're coming from," Ichigo sighs. "But… I don't know if I can continue this. I'm not like my mothers completely, they're criminals… I'm not. I have more morals than that. I can't be with you, knowing what you do, and turn a blind eye. I… I need time."

"How much?"

"… I don't know."

Grimmjow sighs, but nods in understanding. Ichigo walks away, sparing a single backward glance that gives Grimmjow a little hope. The blue haired man knows this most likely won't work. In order for it to go well, one of them will have to cross the lines they put up for themselves… either Ichigo falls to the dark, or Grimmjow steps to the light. Grimmjow can't abandon his uncle and the criminal empire that's been built specifically to pass down to the youth, so it's up to Ichigo. He heads back home, finding himself slowly falling into a depression without that sunspot he calls his.

Ichigo lounges around his parents' house, no one there but himself and Soi Fon… the rational one. Yorouchi is out stealing some priceless diamond and Kisuke is in the office, most likely attempting to stop her. The women have been hired to test security systems for the most part, which gives them the perfect opportunity to show off their impeccable skills and rub Kisuke's face in the fact he can't catch them.

"What's the matter, honey," Soi Fon wonders. "You haven't touched your dinner and you're depression is beginning to make the flowers wilt."

"It's been a month," Ichigo sighs. "A month and I still don't know what I want."

"That's not true, you know what you want," the raven corrects. "You're just not bitch enough to take it."

"… Excuse me?"

Soi Fon sighs and sits beside her child, her scolding glower softening at the distress in amber eyes. Ichigo's tried so hard to forget Grimmjow, yet he always ends up on the computer looking for him. The orange head says it's to make sure he isn't back to his old ways… however they all know the truth. Ichigo had a suspicion Grimmjow went back to hacking a few weeks after the break up, yet he couldn't prove it beyond a few similarities. Other than that, the blue haired menace has completely vanished.

"Ichigo, you want to be with Grimmjow… but you don't want to be with a criminal. You didn't, for one moment think that your family would've influenced your relationships? Did you honestly think your father intended to marry two thieves? How do you think he reacted when he found out?"

"… I don't know, you never told me."

"… He tried to throw us in jail," she smirks. "Of course, he's never been able to catch us unless we were having sex. After the tenth failure, he just gave up. He loves us, he can't help that. And you can't help that you love Grimmjow. We have a deal, your father and us. If we get caught, he doesn't help us. We're on our own. But he would never turn us in, keeping to spousal confidentiality if asked. After the first year we were together, Yorouchi and I decided to take our job legit and opened our security testing business. We still steal on the side, but we never keep what we take."

"What does this have to do with the earlier comment about me and being a bitch?" Ichigo mutters.

"You, whether you like it or not, are the child of myself and Yorouchi. You're a bitch, just like us. You have a strong urge to take what you want, do what you desire, and go anywhere you feel like… a cat burglar. For some unknown reason, you think it's wrong to give in to those urges. You aren't bitch enough to call yourself our son."

Ichigo's jaw falls open in shock; hurt lacing his system at the comment. His mothers have never said anything like this to him before… well… he's never completely turned his back on his nature before either, but still. He knows Soi Fon doesn't mean to be harsh; however that's pretty much what Ichigo needs at the moment.

"Bullying me isn't going to help the situation any," he mutters petulantly.

"Look, honey. The best I can do is tell you how Yorouchi and I live. Live how you want, fuck the world. Either take what you want, or you don't want it bad enough. Now stop killing my damn flowers! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to grow these fucking things?"

"Sorry, mother," Ichigo chuckles. "I should really get home anyway; I need to get my bills paid. The agency is steady after the hacker disappeared. I'm kind of glad you talked me out of closing it altogether."

"You should never base a decision on another person's actions, you should always do what you want and that agency was your life. You'd be lost without it."

Ichigo kisses Soi Fon on the cheek, getting up to leave for the day. He hasn't really been staying at his apartment, choosing instead to stay with his parents, and had relocated after the break up. His new place is cheaper and a little nicer… but it's not the place he spent time with Grimmjow. It's late, the moon overhead as he walks home, and his eyes just chance a glance at a store window. The moonlight glitters off a pendant of sapphire, the color reminding Ichigo of Grimmjow's eyes. He can't help but stop and stare at it. That urge overwhelms him as he's reminded of the man he walked away from, a frown marring his features for a moment.

Grimmjow lies back on his bed, staring at the ceiling with a sigh. After Ichigo managed to break into his house so easily, Grimmjow moved to a move secure area. His friends stayed in the other house and another even moved into his area, yet the blue haired man needs security more than anything. He's living in a gated community now, rich houses locked behind guards and gates and the occasional vicious attack dog. Grimmjow went back to hacking, careful not to let Ichigo notice it's him. He's indulged himself a little bit by hacking into cameras in areas he knows the orange head will be, but that's the extent of his spying. The blue haired man hasn't been able to bring himself to flirt, nor invite another into his bed. He craves the fierce orange headed detective, no one can compare to him.

"Ichigo, you little bitch," he mutters. "You fucking ruined me."

He gets up to take a shower, undressing and chancing a glance at the floor length mirror on the door. That damn strawberry tattoo stares back at him, it's mocking little smile only serving to remind him of his lost love. He groans in irritation, turning on the water and stepping into the hot spray. He washes up quickly, grabbing a towel and heading back to his bedroom. Grimmjow stops for a moment, almost expecting someone to jump out and attack him. When nothing happens, he shrugs and dries off. As much as Grimmjow wants Ichigo to find him, he's well aware he covered his tracks too well for that to happen. His phone rings and Grimmjow answer it after pulling on some sweat pants.


"How are you holding up?" Aizen inquires. "You've been a little distracted lately. I'm worried, this has never happened before."

"… I'm okay, I guess. It's just… I really loved him."

"I understand your pain, Grimmjow. I lost a few people I loved as well, but you can take solace in the fact you didn't lose him to a bullet. He's alive and will stay that way."

"I suppose. He was brilliant, you know. So smart and interesting… I'll never find another like him."

Grimmjow heads into the living room, dropping onto the couch in order to lounge a bit. Aizen has been checking up on him at least once a week, his uncle having been worried since Grimmjow showed up near tears the day Ichigo left him.

"That could be for the best. If he interests you, just imagine how much he'll interest one of your enemies. It's for the best that he chose this route instead. Did you happen to find that flash drive?"

"No, he was right about the location not being easy to find. I haven't found the slightest hint in a month… but he hasn't noticed my activity either. I'll continue to be very careful."

"I trust you, Grimmjow; I know you'll do well. I just wanted to make sure you're doing all right, call me if you need anything."

"I will. Bye."

Grimmjow hangs up and groans, rubbing his face with his hands. He doesn't mind his uncle's worry, but he'd appreciate it if the other allowed him a bit of time without making him feel like shit for wanting to keep Ichigo. He loves the guy, damn it, he can't help that! With a heavy sigh, Grimmjow stands up and walks into his room. The window is open, Grimmjow stopping at the realization… he had locked the window. He glances over at his bed, the moonlight glittering off something lying on the bed. Grimmjow picks up a pendant of sapphire on a silver chain. His computer beeps with an incoming message, the blue haired man opening the message cautiously. It's short and to the point, only three words.

Strawberry615: I miss you.

Grimmjow immediately starts tracking the origin of the message. It's a cell phone and the location of the sent message… is right outside his house. In a flurry of motion, Grimmjow hurries over to the window. There's no one outside that he can see. He runs to the front door, flinging it open. Ichigo is standing on the other side, a sad expression erased with a soft smile at the sight of his lover. They look at one another in disbelief for a moment, and then Grimmjow pulls Ichigo into his arms. The kiss is desperate and deep, almost demanding as Grimmjow pulls Ichigo into the house. He shuts the door behind them, locking it with a determined look on his face. He let Ichigo leave once, it won't happen again. It's obvious that neither of them can handle another break up. They're together for the long haul this time.

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