"You intrigue me, Lady Alexa."

"Oh, really?"

Dorothea stopped prowling across the room and looked at the other woman, narrowing her eyes, her amusement quickly fading."You seem quite fearless for someone who is answering to me for ripping apart two of my most loyal guards."

Alexa offered a small smile. "They probably weren't that loyal, if they let an unknown Black Widow wander so close to the High Priestess' suite for such a long time, alive and untouched. Maybe they - insanely, of course - hoped someone would dare harming you."

There was an odd gleam in the woman's eyes. Dorothea couldn't decide if it was careless ambition or simply foolishness. "You're playing a dangerous game, little witch, for which I don't think you understand the rules."

She resumed her slow prowl, this time around the woman who stood so confidently in her presence. "If you do, you might become an inconvenient - if not really threatening - enemy." She came to a stop in front of Alexa and looked down at her, curving her lips into a soft, vicious smile. "And that means I can't just let you walk away, can I?"

The woman met her eyes and nodded slowly. "I could be an enemy..." she said, still sounding so sure of herself. "Or I could become one of your best allies."

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