Hey everyone! OMGOMGOMG it's another My Babysitter's a Vampire story from me! Yay! I was so excited to write this, because the new season is starting in 4 DAYS. OMG! So, I've recently gotten into it again and spent like 2 hours of my time watching cast interviews yesterday. I love the whole cast, they are hilarious! Matt is so sweet, Vanessa is so nice, Atticus is freaking hilarious, Kate is also hilarious, and Cameron is pretty adorkable. The whole cast is amazing!

So… anyways… I'm so excited to give you this! I totally just daydreamed this whole plot the other day while I was video chatting with my friend. So, I hope you enjoy!

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And one more thing! For this story, I was inspired to write it because have you ever noticed that the series always focuses on Ethan's weak moments, and not Sarah's? I mean like Ethan getting nervous around Sarah, Stuttering around her, saying stupid things etc. But we never get to see Sarah getting nervous around Ethan! She obviously cares about him, I mean she saved his life for goodness sakes. So that's what I wanted to capture in this story: Sarah in a moment of weakness, aka crushing hard.

So yeah! Sorry for the long author's note. But that's all. And this is a super long chapter, so not all the chapters will be this long… (If you want me to continue)

So anyways, here you go!

Video Chatting is for Nerds

I grip the steering wheel tightly as I pull up on the curb next to the Morgan's house.

I'm a vampire.

So why do I drive here when I can easily flash over? Simple.

I. Hate. Being. A. Vampire.

I push open the car door after quickly glancing at myself in the mirror. To my distress though, there's still no reflection. I guess I'm just holding onto the hope that I'll wake up one day to discover it's all been a dream.

Well, maybe not all of it.

I grin as I walk up the path to the front door, and stand up straighter.


I stand at the door, tapping my foot impatiently.

Suddenly, the door cracks open.

"Sarah! You're here! Come in." Mrs. Morgan opens the door for me and I walk in, putting my shoes on the doormat and breathing in my surroundings. Well, not breathing. Still holding onto that hope...

"So, where are you two going tonight?" I smile the couple, but quickly flint my eyes around to see if anyone else has just arrived.

"Oh, just a simple restaurant tonight. It shouldn't be long, Sarah!"

"Okay, sounds good." They wave on their way out, and I am stuck in the middle of the entryway, alone.

"Hey, Sarah!" Jane's footsteps get closer and she runs into me for a hug.

"Hi, Jane." I smile brightly.

"Where's your brother?"

Oh, shoot. That was NOT supposed to come out of my mouth. Ever since I became a full vampire, I've started to act on impulse a lot more. I guess it's just a side effect of vampirism, but it sucks equally as much. Now I probably just sound desperate.

"Oh, he's at Benny's. Why, does Sarah have a little crush on the nerdy big brother?" She giggles and pokes me playfully.

"What? Psh... No..." I wave my hand up and down.

She just giggles and pulls me down to the basement for some doll fun. Well, fun in her opinion.

After one and a half hours of "doll fun", I'm swearing that if I have to go to another sparkle party I'm going to rip every one of her skinny doll's little heads off.

I keep taking quick glances over at the staircase, to see if anyone has wandered down to save me from this sparkly distress.

Oh, who am I kidding. I just want to see Ethan Morgan walk down those steps.

What is happening to me?

Just the thought of his smile and geekyness sends shivers up my spine and puts a goofy grin upon my face.

"What are you smiling at?" Jane raises an eyebrow at me, and I just shrug her off.

Ethan... I think silently, but somehow control myself enough to not say it aloud.

"Hey, Jane?"

She looks up at me.

"I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be right back, okay?"

She nods, and I make my way upstairs.

There's only one thing to do when I'm in emotional girl distress, and that is to talk to my best friend.

I go up the stairs and into Ethan's room, and plop on the bed and smile.

Seriously, this again?

I really need to stop smiling.

But... He's just... So smile worthy!

I let out a giggle and a small snort, and quickly cover my mouth with my hand.

What is this boy DOING to me?

I quickly step over to his desk, and log onto his webcam, and call Erica.

Suddenly, her annoyed face pops up on the screen. I quickly run over to the door and close it before making my way back to Ethan's computer.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT, DOR- Sarah?" She asks with a confused face.

"Yeah, it's me." I reply.

"What are you doing on the dork's computer?"

"Nothing. Listen, I'm having a LEVEL 10 crisis-"

"SARAH!" She yelps suddenly.


"Oh. My. God. Sarah." She enunciates every word, in her drama queen kind of way.

"What?" I gasp desperately.

"We're talking on a webcam."

"Yeah... So?" I roll my eyes and look around the room.

"YOU'RE wearing a green lantern shirt. I'M wearing striped pajama pants. And shirt. I'M talking in an extremely loud voice and YOU'RE acting all confused and awkward."

"I'M acting awkward?" I say sarcastically.

"Sarah! We're turning into THEM!" She cries, leaning forward into the camera.

"Who?" I raise a curious eyebrow.

"THE DORKS! The kings of ALL dorks! The DORKYIST of DORKS!" She waves her hands around frantically, and it takes everything I have not to burst out laughing at her ridiculousness.

I look down at my shirt. I AM wearing a green lantern shirt. I hadn't even noticed I put it on...

"...You mean Ethan and Benny?" I look at her and let out a laugh.

"ETHAN and Benny. Why is it always ETHAN and Benny? Why do you never say Benny's name first? HUH?" She scrunches up her nose in disgust.

"Uh... Erica. Relax." I roll my eyes again.

"Sorry. What's your level 10 crisis?" She sighs.

"Well-" I start.

"Where did you get that green lantern t shirt anyway?" She leans forward again, and points to my shirt.

"From a convention I went to a couple weeks ago with Ethan." I say pensively, and sigh in remembrance.

"Seriously Sarah? SERIOUSLY?" She throws her black painted fingernails up in the air again.

"Can I please just tell you my crisis now?" I look at her pleadingly.

"Sure, just go before I lose my mind." She sighs and waves her hand for me to start talking.

"Okay you have to promise not to laugh at me." I state.

"Cross my heart and hope to die. Oh wait... I can't! Ha!" She grins happily.

I roll my eyes. Am I really about to tell her this?

"Okay, okay. Tell me your crisis."

"Okay... Well um. This is EXTREMELY awkward, but, um... I'm kinda possibly maybe falling in... Love?" I stretch out every word as long as possible, and scrunch up my eyes at the end waiting for the screaming.


"Kinda... Possibly?" I squint open one of my eyes.

"Aw... You're pulling a dusk..." She gushes in content.

"I'm pulling a what?"

"A dusk. You know... Falling in love with a mortal?" She continues to bounce up and down in her chair like a five year old.

Wait, does she know?

"...I never said he was a mortal." I say defensively, and proceed to look anywhere but at the camera.

"OH MY GOD. RORY?" Erica's eyes widen into a pretty hilarious face.

"Oh GOD no!" I giggle, knowing how absurd that would be.

"Phew. Thank goodness. I thought you lost your sanity for a second there." She sighs dramatically.

"I lost MY sanity?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Whatever. So... Are you going to ask this guy out?" She folds her hands.

"Erica... I can't... Remember?" I say, pointing to my fangs.

"So? You've got to live once and a while, girl! You don't have to TELL him you're a vampire!" She grins mechanically.

"Telling him isn't the problem..." I mumble and look off to the side.

"Okay, then what is?"

"I really care about him, Erica. I'm not going to dump him when he gets to old for me like you might! H- He's special." I slowly grin again, picturing his lop-sided smile in my head.

"Wow. You've got it bad, Sare." She frowns.

"I know..." I sigh.

I take a deep breath as silence settles over the conversation. I look around Ethan's room, and my eyes settle on a picture on his desk displaying him and Benny when they were in kindergarten. I pick up the picture and smile, absolutely forgetting I'm on camera.

"So... Where do I come in? ...Sarah? SARAH!" I hear a voice yell and it brings me to my senses and I drop the picture.

"Hm, what?"

"OH. MY. GOD. SARAH." Her eyes open wide, as they gaze over the picture I just dropped on Ethan's desk.

"Not this again..." I start, waiting for more yelling.

"You like the dork..." She says, almost to herself, as if trying to believe it.

"Erica, please-"

"ATTENTION EVERYONE! Sarah's got the hots for ETHAN M-" She starts, laughing like a crazy person, still in disbelief.

"ERICA! Please shut-up!" I plead with her, all while I keep checking to make sure no one has stumbled in on our conversation.

"I should've known. How you're becoming the same person, how you always say stuff at the same time, how you always stutter while talking to him, why your wearing a FREAKING green lantern shirt! I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!" She cries.

Suddenly, the door swings open and I jump up, defensively putting my hands over the computer.

"Sarah? Should have known what?" The boy raises a curious eyebrow.

Of course it's Ethan. The boy Erica was just yelling about. The boy who I might just possibly be falling in love with.

"Oh, Erica. I-uh... Gotta go. Don't speak of this conversation. Ever. Is that clear?" I glance towards the computer and open my eyes wide in fright.

Erica smirks.



I exit out of video chat and turn around to face a very confused Ethan.

"Hey, Ethan." I pull the icebreaker.

"What were you doing on my computer? And what were you and Erica talking about? That was a pretty loud conversation." He looks at me.

"O- Oh yeah. Sorry about that!" I stutter. Wait, since when do I stutter around Ethan?

"It's fine. So what's up?" He shoots me one of his famous lop-sided smiles, and I just about melt.

"Oh... Uh, nothing much. Just... Babysitting." I grin awkwardly, and jab my thumb as to point to an invisible Jane down the hall.

"R-right..." He puts his hands in his pockets awkwardly.

An awkward silence overcomes the room, and sometime during it we sit down on his bed, still warm from me lying there earlier.

Then, my phone buzzes.

Thank you phone! I think silently and give Ethan an apologetic smile.

"Oh! There goes my phone." He just nods his head and scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

I open the text to see it's from Erica. Oh boy, here we go.

To: Me

From: Erica

Tip with Ethan:

Drop some hints. He's a big scaredy nerd, so he's not going to man up anytime soon to ask you out. So if you want him to make the first move, you're going to HAVE to let him know that you're interested. Maybe like "You're cute when you blush!" Or little hints like that. Not like "I love you with all of my heart!" *insert canoodling here*

Good luck!


I giggle. She really is turning into Benny! Canoodling? Really? Well... At least she used Ethan's name and not dork. I guess this means she really does care...

"Who was that?" Ethan questions.

"O-oh just, Erica..." I give him an awkward smile and shove my phone under my leg.

"Didn't you just video chat with her though?" He lets out a chuckle.

Oh my goodness! His laugh... I mentally slap myself again.

"Y-yeah but she... Forgot something?" I sputter out.

"Oh." He says and looks away again.

Well, it's now or never. You better be right about this, Erica!

"So... Ethan. A-are you going to the dance on Saturday?" I ask, managing mostly to keep my cool.

"I-I dunno... How about you?" He stutters. Yes! I've got him stuttering. Suddenly, it doesn't seem so weird now.

"Same here... I guess I'm just waiting for the RIGHT GUY to ask me..." I say, enunciating "right guy".

Hopefully, he's smart enough to pick up the hint.


Nope. Guess I'll have to push a little farther...

"Are YOU going to ask anybody, Ethan?" I flash him a flirty smile.

"Oh, uh, I... Don't know? Even if I did... They would probably say no. Nerd, remember?" He says pointing to himself, completely not noticing the flirty smile.

God, he is clueless.

"I-I know some... Maybe one person who w-would jump at the chance to go to the dance with you..." I say shyly. I guess it really is now or never.

"R-really? Who?"

He really has no idea, does he?

I give him a sympathetic look.

"You two are pretty close..." I continue.

"Erica?" He scrunches up his eyebrows in the confused way that I love.

"Oh! NO!" I respond.

Help me please.

"Well... Then who? My only girl friends are Erica and Yo-" He stops, then raises his big brown eyes to meet mine.

He looks absolutely stunned.

I give him a small smile. He's finally getting it.

"Sarah." He starts.

"W-would y-y-y you maybe..." He stutters like crazy.

Finally! This is really happening!

"Yes, Ethan?" I prompt him on, with another stupid grin spreading across my face.

"G-g-g go to the dance... On Saturday... with m-me?" He finishes and gives me a lop-sided smile.


His big brown eyes are full of hope and promise, and some of his soft brown locks are falling into his eyes.

I slowly reach forward and wipe his bangs out of his eyes and my hand hesitates to rest on his cheek. His eyes widen.

I bring my hand back, and much to my surprise, he reaches his hand out and takes my hand again in his.

Startled by his sudden boost of confidence, I look up at him, my eyes widening.

Then, the space between our lips gets smaller and smaller and before I know it, his sweet lips are upon mine.

I smile into the kiss, and he does too.

This is truly amazing.

He is amazing.

We are amazing.

He squeezes my hand a little, and we slowly part, neither of us wanting to.

"So... How was that for an answer?" A smile spreads across my lips until I'm literally grinning ear to ear. So much for keeping my emotions in check.

"W-well... You definitely have a way w-with words!" He stutters shyly, and I let out a girly giggle, with a dorky snort to top it off.

He starts to laugh too, and suddenly we are laughing like maniacs, snorting like pigs, and wiping tears from our eyes. All of the awkwardness is finally gone, and now it's just us.

This time it's me who pulls him closer, and our lips are just about touching-

"E- Oh my goodness gracious my." A voice rings in a silly tone.

We quickly spring apart to find Benny, with his mouth agape.

God, he has a REALLY big mouth.

"Were you two doing what I think you were doing?" He wiggles his eyebrows mischievously.

"Canoodling?" I offer up with a shrug.

"Well! It's about time! Congrats man!" Benny struts over to Ethan and slaps him on the back, causing him to wince in pain.

"And Sarah... You finally realized that my man Ethan is the one for you. FINALLY. The universe is set straight!" He shoots his fists up in the air dramatically, and makes his exit.

And now it's just me and Ethan, and as soon as we look at each other we burst out laughing again.

Ethan shakes his head.

"Oh, Benny..."

"Gotta love him though right?" I giggle.

Suddenly, I hear some giggles drifting from Ethan's open window, but they aren't mine.

I glance at Ethan and he shrugs, so I make my way over to the window.


I whirl around to find Rory standing in the middle of the bedroom, and Ethan basically screaming like a little girl in a horror movie.

"Don't DO THAT!" Ethan gasps, and clutches his chest.

"Sorry dude. But OMG! You two..." He gushes.

"'Where did you get that t-shirt, Sarah?'" He starts in a girly, dramatic voice and puts his hands on his hips. "'From a convention I went to a couple of weeks ago with ETHAN!'" He throws his hands together and starts making smooching noises.

"RORY!" I gasp, "Were you listening in on my web chat?"

"Oh yeah. Me and Benny were SO into that. You got it BAD, girl!" He grins like an idiot, and it takes everything I have not to sock him in the face.

"I didn't notice you were wearing the shirt, Sarah." Ethan grins.

"O-oh, yeah. You know, I just figured-" And then I notice Rory intently staring us down.

"Get. OUT!" I practically shriek.

"It's not your room. I don't have to leave if I don't want to." He grins proudly.

"Rory, leave." Ethan says in monotone.

"That's my cue. Have fun, lovebirds!" He waves his fingers girlishly before hopping out the window.

Me and Ethan exchange a look.

"And that ends chapter 20 in the drama of Ethan and Sarah." I say aloud, grinning.

"More like the comedy of Ethan and Sarah..." He rolls his eyes and laughs.

Yeah, this isn't going to be easy. But, with friends like ours, it probably never will be. What can we say? Whether we admit it or not, we're all just a bunch of nerds. Because, apparently, canoodling and video chatting is for nerds.

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