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Ethan's POV... Still(: Gotta love that nerd!

The four of us hop into my car and are chatting excitedly as we make our way to the school.

"Wow." Benny grabs his stomach. "I am full."

Everyone chimes in agreement. A silence settles over the conversation-

"HEY, PARTY PEOPLE!" A new voice squeals from the back seat and we whip our heads around to find Rory and a random girl.

"God!" Erica shrieks. "What are YOU doing here? !"

Rory shrugs, "Didn't think you'd leave without me, did you?"

"Who's that?" Benny points to the girl, frowning.

"This is Matria. She's my date." Rory grins and Matria gives us a wave.

"Not bad, loser. Not bad." Erica says, approvingly.

Benny raises his eyebrows at the girl. "How much did he pay you?"

Rory smacks his arm and Benny yelps.

"Touché!" Rory hisses, gesturing at Erica.

Erica rolls her eyes at the two boys in the backseat.

"Well, here we are!" I interrupt.

Everyone gets out of the car and we head for the decorated entrance.

Sarah shivers and I offer her my jacket but she refuses.

"Cold?" I ask.

"No, I just got a... Chill." She finishes, and looks up at the sky, curiously.

I raise my eyebrow but take her hand.

Suddenly, my eyes cloud over and I have a vision.

I see the gymnasium in chaos, Rory carrying a huge plate of cheesecake, and a pool of blood.

I blink open my eyes and this time I shiver.

"Everything alright?" Sarah asks, squeezing my hand tighter.

"Yeah." I reply nervously. The gym was in chaos probably because there's a dance; there are a lot of people at dances, right? And Rory... Well he's Rory and the blood was probably just... Punch.

I convince myself of this with a nod and we all head for the door.

"Hey, Sarah. Erica." A voice bellows from behind and we turn around to find a couple of large jocks.

"These dweebs bothering you?" One pokes me in the chest and shoves Benny's shoulder.

"No." Erica replies shortly and heads for the door.

"Not so fast, girl. You two going stag? Why don't you join us for a little rendezvous behind the-" A jock starts.

"NO!" Sarah yells. "Now let us be, would you?"

"Yeah seriously man, back off!" Benny grimaces and shoves the jock's hand off of Erica's shoulder.

"Was I talking to you, dweeb? !" The jock rages and shoves Benny to the ground. "I didn't think SO!"

I growl and walk up to the jock shaking my fist. "Stay AWAY from my friends!"

"Your friends?" The jock teases. "More like stalk victims."

"OH!" Sarah starts. "I'm already angry. You are SO not wanting to piss me off tonight." Sarah sneers and marches up to the jocks.

"Is it too much to ask to have one night, ONE NIGHT, where I can be normal? ! Maybe share a slow dance with my soon-to-be boyfriend or party with my friends? ! Is that too much to ASK? !" She gets up in their faces.

"So, YOU," She shoves her finger into his chest, "Don't touch my friends!"

The jock stares at her confusingly and they burst out laughing.

"Your friends? Oh god, good one, babe!" He laughs harder.

"UGH!" It's Erica who steps forward this time. "STOP LAUGHING YOU DOUCHEBAGS! THAT GUY RIGHT THERE," She points at a stunned, grounded Benny, "IS MY BOYFRIEND. AND HE'S A WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN ANY, ONE, OF YOU!" She growls, her fangs threatening to pop out.

"Woah, babe. No need to get nasty." The jock backs up.

"Yeah, run while you still can!" Benny squeals, showing his fists.

The jocks take off, but only because of Erica and Sarah flashing their fangs.

"Benny. Way to make it totally uncool." Rory shakes his head.

Benny shrugs. "Erica got to have all of the B.A. moments!"

Erica rolls her eyes. "Well we just saved your butts. So, you're welcome!" She gives Benny a fake smile and pulls him inside.

Me and Sarah follow them in into a hopping gym.

"May I have this dance?" I grin at Sarah.

"You may." She curtsies playfully and

I lead her out onto the dance floor.

She pulls me in close until we are dancing cheek to cheek. She buries her face in my neck and lets out a small sigh.

"Hey," I left her chin up so her eyes are on mine, "Is everything okay?"

She smiles, "Right now? Everything's perfect."

I pull her tighter and we whirl around in our dream world, currently on cloud nine.

"So, are we like a thing now?" I blurt out.

"A thing?" She raises a curious eyebrow.

I nod and anticipate her answer.

"Do you want us to be a thing?" She loosens her grip on me a little.

I nod again eagerly. "Sarah Fox, will you be my no longer be my soon-to-be girlfriend and instead be my actual girlfriend?"

She lets out a laugh and a yes as she squeezes me so tight that I think I might die.

"S-Sarah!" I sputter out.

"Oops! Sorry! Just got... A tad excited at the adorkableness of that statement." She grins.

"Adorkableness?" I let out a laugh.

"The only way to describe you." She shrugs and pulls me in for a kiss.

And this is when the night takes a turn for the ugly.

The lights go out, the music stops, and Sarah squeezes my hand.

"Ethan? ! What's going on?" She asks nervously.

"The vision." I whisper as the gym erupts into a dark chaos.

"What vision?" I hear Sarah ask.

"Well, this might not be the best time to tell you I had a vision of this happening earlier-" I start sheepishly.

I hear Sarah snort. "And just when it couldn't get any worse."

And that's when I hear the laughing.

So familiar, and so... Close.

A scream lets lose from Sarah's lips but before I can reach her, she's gone.

The lights go on and the gym is empty except for Me, Benny, Erica, and Rory.

I rush over to them.

"What's going on?" Erica asks nervously, her eyes darting around.

"Sarah's gone." I say with a quiver in my voice.

"Did you hear the laughing?" Benny starts, "It sounded almost like-"

"JESSE!" I shriek as he appears beside of me.

"What are you doing here, Jesse?" Erica sneers.

"Yeah!" Benny butts in causing everyone to roll their eyes.

"I have some business to finish with you, dorks." Jesse says simply and takes a step closer to me. "Especially you, lover boy."

I hiss at him and he lets out a laugh.

"Well I have some business to deliver to your face!" Erica takes a step forward, shaking her fist.

"Get in line." I roll my eyes.

"Where's Sarah?" I shout at him bravely.

"Just with my friend. She's taking excellent care of her." He gestures towards the door and sure enough there's Sarah, being held by a hissing Dana.

"I KNEW IT!" Benny yells. "That little-"

"No you didn't." I frown at Benny.

He shrugs. "Just wanted to say something."

"Ready to go, Morgan?" Jesse growls.

"Come at me." I hiss and we're fighting.

I hear a couple of gasps but those are put on hold because Dana swoops in and tackles Benny.

"OH! It is SO on!" He yelps and whips out his spell book.

Erica and Rory rush to untie Sarah, but when they do, a swarm of vampires comes through the door.

"The flock." I hear Rory say.

I gulp and turn to face Jesse.

"Why are you here?" I growl as I dodge a punch. "You got what you wanted. No more fledgling. So what have you got with me to finish? I'm just a dork, remember?"

He shakes his head. "I haven't gotten what I want. I want Sarah." He says simply.

"Yeah, well, she's NEVER going to join you!" I lunge at him with my handy stake, that I keep with me all the time, just in case.

He dodges it like it was nothing and stops fighting me.

I keep my stake pointed at him, but I don't make a move. "What?" I growl.

"You want to know what business I have with you? YOU'RE the reason." He tells me.

"What reason?" I fold my arms.

"Wow, you're stupid for a nerd. I'm here because you're the reason Sarah won't come with me." He explains with a scowl.

"What?" I question.

"She loves you, DORK! It's all YOUR fault! She would be MINE if it wasn't for you!"

I lower my pointed stake and take in a sharp breath.

"That's why you keep coming back. You're not after Sarah. You're after ME." I say, his motives finally becoming understandable.

"And now I want you DEAD!" He screams and lunges towards me. I duck and swing my leg forward so he trips into the ground. I step on his hands do he can't move and I bring my stake up to his neck.

"Any last words, Jesse?"

"Dana." He whispers simply and a confused expression forms on my face.

I whip my head around to find Dana holding Benny up against a wall. She has her fangs close to his neck and Benny is out cold.

"No!" I shout.

"What's it going to be, lover boy? Kill me, or save him?"

I can't move.

My feet are stuck on the ground and everything slows down to slow motion.

I flash back to five minutes ago when we were all dancing around, having a good time.

I could hear Benny whirling Erica around, while she giggled. I could see Rory offering to get Matria some punch, and she agreed with a smile. I was with Sarah, having a perfect time.

And now that's ruined.

I shake my head and drop Jesse before sprinting towards Benny.

"Not so fast." Jesse grabs me from behind and my stake falls to the ground.

"No..." I say quietly and glance at Benny before closing my eyes in defeat.

Suddenly, the harsh grip loosens from behind and I hear a blood-curling scream.

I start to go for my stake but it's gone.

I then turn to find Sarah, hovering over Jesse with my stake.

"It's over, wannabe." She growls before plunging the stake into his back.

He screams again and whispers, "I'll get you..." Before fading to dust.

Sarah runs into my arms and I hold her tightly.

But then I remember Benny.

I turn to find Dana getting closer to Benny yet. I start to go for them but then I feel an arm on my shoulder.

"Don't." It's Sarah's and she points to a hovering Rory waiting behind them on the stage, unnoticed by Dana, holding a huge platter of cheesecake.

"Cheesecake." I say aloud and let out a sarcastic laugh.

Rory heaves the cheesecake onto her head and she burns.

"What's in this stuff? !" She spits at him.

"Holy water." Rory smirks before Dana fades to dust.

Soon, the rest of the roaming vampires turn to dust also. Sarah had once told me if you kill a leader of a flock of vampires, everyone in their flock dies also.

"We did it." I say to myself.

"It's over." Sarah grins brightly and pulls me in for a hug.

As soon we get our bearings we gather again in the center of the gym. Benny has woken up, and is currently rubbing his head. The decorations have been ripped and broken on the floor, and the punch bowl has shattered and spilled.

I walk over to the pool of punch on the floor and let out a laugh.

"So it was just punch." I smile to myself.

I rejoin my friends in the center and students slowly start to file in again. The look a bit frazzled, but soon the gym is hopping again. Whitechapel certainly knows how to make the best of things.

"Well... That was interesting." Benny gives the crack of a smile.

The rest of us look at one another.

"What do you expect with us, right?" I shrug.

"Yeah, the five vampire kicking B. A.'s!" Rory yells in triumph and throws a couple of fake punches.

Sarah looks at me, "Nah, we're just a bunch of nerds." She grins. "Whether we admit it or not." She adds, glaring at Erica jokingly.

Erica frowns then smirks back.

"Whether we admit it, or not." She says with a wink.

And that's the end! Wow this has been an amazing journey, and since this final chapter has been jam-packed full of action, I've decided to give you this fun, spring formal after party bonus scene. And also because I love writing activity montages so much! I hope you enjoy!

Sarah's POV

"So, kids. We defeated Jesse, showed Dana what cheesecake is really made of, had a flipping awesome dance, and got through Sarah's jealous rampage!" Benny exclaims.

We are sitting in Benny's living room, after the dance, debating on what to do next.

I frown. "Was I really that bad, guys?"

"Yeah, yeah, pretty much." Everyone chimes in unison.

I look down at my lap in embarrassment.

"Well, I found it extremely attractive." Ethan says sheepishly.

I giggle and grab his hand.

Benny and Erica moan and Rory face palms.

"This is no longer cute. Now it's just gross." Erica grimaces.

"Yeah," Benny exclaims, "I bet you they can't go five minutes without canoodling!"

"You're on!" Ethan sticks out his hand and Benny shakes it.

I roll my eyes.

"You guys! This is the most lame after party EVER!" Erica groans.

"Fine." Benny frowns. "How about we play a game."

"What game? You intrigue me." Rory says mysteriously.

"Llama/canary fun ball!" He exclaims with a grin.

Ethan groans, "I thought you got rid of the llama?"

Benny shakes his head, "Erica stays in my closet."

"What? !" Erica questions.

"Not you!" Benny rolls his eyes, "My llama, Erica!"

"You named a llama after me?" She asks in monotone.

He shrugs, "She reminded me of you."

Erica grimaces, "What made you think I would like to have a llama named after me?"

"Told you!" Ethan jabs his finger at Benny's chest.

Benny shrugs, "They'll learn to love one another."

"Sounds like a Disney movie." I comment sarcastically.

"That gives me an-" Benny starts.

"NO IDEAS, BENNY!" Everyone shrieks.

He sighs in defeat, "Fine. So now what?"

One hour later...

"What's my name again?" I ask.

"You're Brody, Ethan's Broden, Erica's Brosus, Rory's Broseph, and I'm Brosh." Benny explains for the fifth time.

"Why did you give us 'bro names' again?" I ask.

"Because they're awesome!" Rory exclaims.

"Yeah, brolo, man!" Benny shouts and slaps Rory five.

"Brolo?" Erica raises an eyebrow.

"Yeah, like 'yolo' but 'brolo'! Bro's only live once!" Ethan explains happily.

"Why do we hang out with them again?" Erica turns to me.

"I don't know."

30 minutes later...

"MUAHAHA! Feel the wrath of my bow!" Ethan shouts and nails Benny in the back with a Nerf bow and arrow.

"Well, you feel the wrath of my machete!" He yells back, wielding a huge, completely legitimate knife.

"Woah, woah, woah!" I step in front of them.

"Where did you get that?" I point to Benny's weapon.

"My grandma's closet." He shrugs nonchalantly.

45 minutes later...

"The ultimate challenge." Rory pushes the giant bowl forward. "Benny's grandma's potato salad."

Ethan sucks in a breath and we all start to chant. "Do it, do it!"

He shoves his face in the potato salad and we all start to cheer.

"Hold up!" Ethan jumps up and runs to the bathroom, clutching his stomach.

"Ew." Erica gags.

"Why did we decide to play fear factor again?" I turn to Benny.

"Because you wouldn't let me play with grandma's machete!"

15 minutes later...

"I see a dinosaur!" Rory exclaims pointing up at the sky.

"No way, dude. That's a shark!" Benny retorts back.

We are lying on our backs in Benny's backyard, staring at the night sky. Since it's getting darker later, there are still a couple of clouds out.

"You're right! There's the tail, and the fin!" Ethan chats contently.

"Dinosaur!" Rory exclaims.

"Shark!" Benny frowns.




"You're full of baloney! IT'S A SHARK!"

"I see a cloud." Erica rolls her eyes.

"Ahem." Benny coughs, "Lame."

"I see Sarah!" I open my eyes to find Rory hovering over me and I jump up.

"Been there." Ethan sympathizes, patting my back.

1 hour later...

It's pitch black outside as all of us jump into the pool in Benny's backyard.

"Gotta say, Benny, I think the pool in the backyard spell is my new favorite!" I grin.

Suddenly, Benny whips out three water guns and passes them around.

"Who's up for a battle to the death?" He smirks.

"Hunger Games in the pool?" I ask excitedly.

Benny turns to Ethan.

"You be Clove and I'll be Cato."

"Why am I always the girl?" Ethan frowns.

"No matter! Let's go!" Benny charges at me and Erica with his gun.

"Here, Erica! Take the torpedo!" I get out before I'm pushed underwater.

She grabs it from my hand and chucks it at the boys from underwater.

Benny grabs me from behind and I struggle.

"Haha! Whatcha gonna do now? Newsflash, Sarah. Careers ALWAYS win!" He smirks.

"Not today!" I shout and kick him from behind.

"Ouch!" He yells. "Not fair! Vampire strength is against the rules!"

"Newsflash," Erica starts, coming forward with the three guns that she stole from every boy, "That wasn't in your regulations."

"And presenting your newest victors from District Whitechapel, Erica and Sarah!" I smirk triumphantly, as Erica nails the three boys with the water guns and they raise their puny arms in defeat.

3 hours later...

We're all laying in Benny's living room, tangled up on the floor. It's not you think, we're actually all tied up in silly string... Benny's idea. But half of us are asleep, and Rory's snoring up a storm.

I look around the room and let out a contented sigh.

"Oh, how I love my nerds." I whisper before falling into a silly-string, awkward moment filled sleep.

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