Austin's Ears

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Chapter 1: Ear infection

One morning Austin woke up, and his left ear was killing him. It hurt and was itchy. He got dressed and went down to the kitchen for breakfast.

"Morning honey, sleep well?" asked his mom, Sherri. "I slept fine, Mom." said Austin, still rubbing his ear.

"Well here's a nice breakfast, your favorite, chocolate chip pancakes. Is something wrong with your ear?" said Sherri, putting Austin's plate on the table.

"It's fine Mom. Just itchy." answered Austin. "Another ear infection?" asked Sherri. Austin had had at least 5 ear infections this year.

Then Austin's dad, Horris walked into the kitchen with his briefcase in hand. He worked as an accountant. "Morning, son, honey." he said.

"Dear, Austin might have another ear infection." said Sherri. "Another one, maybe he should see Dr. Raccoon." said Horris.

"No, no. I don't need to see the doctor. Maybe it's just a morning thing, I'm sure it'll feel better later on." said Austin.

His mom and dad looked at each other. "It could be." said Horris. "Okay, Austin we'll see, but if that ear isn't better by the time you go to bed, we're going to the doctor." said Sherri.

"Okay, I'll see you guys later." said Austin as he ran outside. When he got outside, he talked quietly to himself.

"Whew, that was a close one." said Austin. Austin was terrified of the doctor's, and would do anything to prevent himself from going.

Austin thought if he just left his ear alone, it'll get better, and went on to Tyrone's house to hang out with his friends.

When he got there he rang the doorbell. Tyrone's mom opened the door. "Hello, Mrs. Moose." said Austin. "Oh, hello Austin, Tyrone and the others are waiting for you in his room." she said inviting him in.

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