Lightning Bolt Zolt glared up from his desk at the four men who entered his office. Three of him were his men, and one was being dragged in between Two Toed Ping and one nameless earthbender. Shady Shin strutted, leading the unwelcome parade.

"Found him lurking around the East dock. Would have killed him, but he says he's got information on who took down the Red Monsoon's big boss and will only talk to you."

"Oh really. Ballsy of him. Get him a seat."

The two shoved the man in a chair. His clothes were singed, torn, and dirty. Zolt tried to look the defeated man in the eyes and met a porcelain mask.

"All right, pal. What do you know about Bruzi? Who got to him?"

The white face tilted, blue eyes glittering behind the slats. "I did."

Zolt laughed.

"That right? I'm of the belief that kind of ambition should be rewarded. That put me in such a mood, not only am I gonna let you live, boy, I'll pay you. Name your price."

"Your bending will do."

"Would you listen at this guy? My bending? What does that even mean?"


His boys moved then froze, grimacing against invisible bonds. Zolt flashed through the movements of to make lightning, but his arms locked up mid-arc. The man stood, tall and straight. He walked toward Zolt who seethed fire out of his mouth. The man lifted his hand, pressing a thumb to the mobster's forehead and a hand on his neck.

"What…what are –you doing?"

"Collecting payment."


Once again, the masked vigilante known only as Amon has struck again. The notorious 'Lightning Bolt' Zolt was found just last night, tied up with just short of a bow outside the police station. With the disappearance of the Red Monsoon's top leaders, Bruzi at the top of the list, Zolt had monopolized the criminal underground of the city. The respective gangs are now in chaotic disarray without their leaders guiding hand.

While the metalbender forces have vowed to stop this mysterious man, it can be argued that he is doing more to stop the bending triads than our sanctioned protectors. Despite his helpfulness, Chief Beifong has promised that vigilantism will not be tolerated in her city. But this is one reporter who can say that she feels more protected knowing that there is someone out there, looking out for the normal folk of this city.