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Warnings include: Mentions of rape, Adult suggestions, crude language, maybe future lemons, and mentions of death.

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"Warden, the new arrival is here" A woman with short black hair said bowing to another woman. The woman behind the desk narrowed her eyes and said, "Alright Shizune, I'll be down in the court yard in a second". The woman now identified as Shizune bowed once again and left the office, quickly making her way to the court yard.

Shizune watched as the four humongous men dropped the huge metal box on the ground in satisfaction. She walked forward pulling a small key from her pocket and slipped it into the latch causing the lock pad to fall.

The four men all jumped back and once yelled, "ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY, YOUR GONNA GET US ALL KILLED!" Shizune ignored the men as she looked at the metal door thinking. The men's shouting seemed to of reached the inmates who were now watching with caution.

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT" A blonde woman shouted while making her way towards the commotion. The woman had long blonde hair tied in two ponytails, brown eyes and was light skinned. She had a slender yet curvaceous frame. One of the most noticeable things about the woman though was her humongous chest that had just about every male inmate staring.

She looked at the clipboard that was always by her side and read, "Prisoner 536: Naruto Uzumaki. Imprisoned for destroying the village of Twilight at the age of 17, killing over 400 men, woman, and children alike" she stopped reading to look up at the giant box and ordered, "Take the seals off!"

The men did what she asked reluctantly performing the correct hand signs and simultaneously placing their hands on each side of the box. Some of the inmates shook with fear at what they had just heard, while some of the more dangerous ones smiled dangerously upon a new challenge. To say the inmates were shocked seeing what came out was an understatement.

The blonde woman opened the metal door without fear and took a step back allowing the person inside to come out. She literally dropped her jaw when she saw what stepped from the box reluctantly.

A teenage boy that looked to be about 17 stepped from the box with fear evident in his eyes. He looked around in fright, turning his head looking at the giant stone walls keeping prisoners from escaping. Although his body won't disagree, he looked like a scared child.

The boy had an angular face with the bluest eyes any of the prisoners or staff had ever seen. He stood at about 6'1 and had a much toned body as everyone could tell. His sun kissed, spiked hair stood wildly, while his bangs hung in his eyes. He wore a black tight shirt giving everyone a look at the hard muscles he bared, but that wasn't what made everyone's attention turn towards him.

Everyone's attention was on his face, looking at the six whiskers like marks, three going across each cheek giving him the appearance of an animal.

"Yo-You're Naruto Uzumaki?" The blonde woman asked shocked as the boy stepped forward now with a grin. "YUP" he answered proudly and loudly, "The one and only!" he finished with a big thumbs up causing her to sweat drop. She turned towards the four still cowering men and asked, "Are you guys sure you got the right person?"

"T-trust me Tsunade, this kid is legit. He single handedly brought down the entire village of Twilight in a matter of seconds!" one of the men said as the all grabbed the box and began making their way towards the exit, leaving Shizune and Tsunade looking at the blonde mysteriously.

"Well then…Naruto Uzumaki you have been sentenced to ten years in Konohagekure Penitentiary on account of what you have done. It would be more but your records show that you're a 'Special case' so a longer punishment is not required. You will address me by Tsunade-sama or just warden and you will address my assistant as Shizune-sama. Is that clear?" Tsunade said looking at the boy calmly.

Naruto put a finger to his chin and tilted his head with a questionable look and nodded making most of the woman inmates smile deviously. Tsunade was trying to figure out the boy in front of her before she said, "Alright, please remove your shirt so we can administer your seal". Naruto took a step back with a blush and yelled, "WHAT?"

Tsunade stared at the boy hard as he looked around and he whispered, "But there are girls around!" This caused Tsunade and Shizune to giggle before the blonde woman asked, "You do realize you'll be showering and you might even have to share a cell with a female inmate right?"

Naruto's eyes widened as he looked around seeing the smirking woman and he suddenly felt like he was the only guy in the whole prison yard. "Now" Tsunade said bringing his attention back, "Please remove your shirt".

Naruto reluctantly did so and hung the black T over his shoulder, causing many reactions but the most surprising one coming from Tsunade. She blushed seeing the ripped blond remove his shirt in one go and turned away thinking, "What the hell? I have a fucking husband for god's sake!"

Shizune who also let out a blush said, "Please turn around so we can place your seal". Naruto did as he was told while a blushing Tsunade stepped forward and began making hand signs. She placed her hands on his hard back and watched as the seal spread across his back, along with his prison number.

"While you are a guest you are not allowed to use any form of chakra, even trying simple chakra control methods will end in pain. Fighting with staff will end with a week in the hole; we don't really care what you animals do to each other as long as you don't involve us". She turned him around and gave him a sharp look, "Any form of you sexual harassing towards female inmate will end in immediate death. As for guys" she chuckled darkly, "I don't give a fuck".

Naruto's eyes popped out at this and he looked around fearfully at some of the laughing men and gulped scarily. Tsunade felt a little sorry for the kid considering it wasn't abnormal for some of the younger prisoners to be taken advantage of. Still, she didn't really care.

"Alright Naruto" Tsunade said as she walked in front of a hand cuffed Naruto who was looking around curiously. Tsunade stopped abruptly in front of a cell and opened the door pushing Naruto in. She gave the boy a sad look and said, "I'm sorry you have to be stuck with her. but it's the only spot we could place you for now. Just try to survive for a while".

Naruto looked at her suspiciously and asked, "What do you mean?" Tsunade just sighed as she walked away and Naruto looked through the bars seeing her leaving.

"Wonder what she meant" he said to himself jumping on the top bed of the bunk bed, "So this is my new home eh, I guess it's better than being chased by villagers".

He was brought out of his musing when he heard loud footsteps and the cell door was slid open. He was surprised to see a dark skinned woman with shoulder length green hair practically thrown into the cell by a woman with Black hair and red eyes.

"Yeah, Fuck you Kurenai" he guessed the girl who would be his cell mate screamed trying to claw the guard through the bars. Once the woman identified as Kurenai was out of sight the girl stopped and started muttering to herself. She suddenly turned around and glared at the blonde, "You're sitting in my bunk".

Naruto looked at the bed and quickly jumped down before sputtering apologies, which were ignored by the woman who jumped onto her bed and made herself comfy.

Naruto looked around awkwardly and extended his hand with a smile, "Hi I'm Naruto Uzumaki, what's your name?" The girl ignored him as she picked up a magazine and began reading. Naruto took his hand back slowly and turned towards the bars of the cell.

With a sigh he sat down on the bottom bunk and bounced for a second before hearing the cells open and a guy with spiked silver announced, "Fu and Naruto; it's your turns outside".

Naruto followed behind Fu, who was behind the guard identified as Kakashi. He ignored the many catcalls coming from both women and men and gulped once again. Just the thought of being raped terrified the blonde and he didn't want anything to do with it. He kept walking and when Kakashi stopped him he was surprised when the man's hands began feeling him up and down.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" Naruto yelled twisting his way out of the man's grip as Kakashi stood there with a serious face. "I have to check to make sure you have no weapons before you can go into the Thunder Dome". Naruto breathed easily at this and was allowed outside where he quickly smiled.

He looked at the shinning sun and sighed happily walking around. He looked at everyone around him, inspecting curiously. His cellmate Fu was hanging with a group of rough looking girls who all had their uniforms cut short. Naruto decided it would be for the best if he just left her alone and didn't get on her bad side.

He looked over and saw a bunch of 'Larger' inmates working out using weights and punching bags. Naruto's eyes sparkled watching them lift, "Wow! They must be really strong". He began walking towards the men with a childish smile.

He was about five yards away when he was grabbed and rushed behind some bleachers. Naruto looked at the guy who grabbed him crazily shouting, "I'M STRAIGHT!" The man covered his mouth and asked, "Are you fucking crazy? You were about to just waltz right into those meat heads territory. They would've kicked the shit out of you".

Naruto looked at the man before him, he had shaggy brown spiky hair, fang like teeth, and his breath smelled terrible. He stood at about 5'10 and was pretty lean; he looked to be about Naruto's age. "You must be new here if your just gonna walk right up to A's group. Just me man, you don't wanna mess with them". The boy looked at Naruto expectantly, which heavily confused the blonde.

"Oh sorry" The boy said slapping his face and then holding out his hand, "I'm Kiba Inuzuka, and I assume you're the famous Naruto Uzumaki that everyone is talking about". Naruto reluctantly took his hand and said, "Yeah that's me".

"Alright Naruto, seeing as it's your first day I might as well help you" Kiba said walking out from the bleachers followed by Naruto.

"Okay; first things first" Kiba said pointing to the guys working out, "That's A and all his dumbass minions. You never wanna mess with them no matter what. You're gonna try to avoid them at all costs" he pointed to a giant snarling dark skinned man, "Do you see him? That's A the unofficial leader of the idiots. Not only is he the strongest guy in here but he's also the biggest sexual predator this place has" he looked at Naruto, "Make sure not to drop the soap!"

Next Kiba pointed to a small group of people standing by a barbed fence that consisted of eight men and one woman, "See them? They like to call themselves the Akatsuki, a group of religious, peace lovers, but don't let that fool you. You fuck with even one of them and they'll all attack you like no tomorrow. You see that blue haired babe with them? That's Konan, real beauty isn't she? Stay away from her cause she's got something with the orange haired dude Pein and that fucker's crazy!"

Naruto looked at the group seeing them all talking peacefully and smiled turning his attention back to Kiba. Kiba pointed at the group of girls that Fu was in, "They call themselves 'The Killer Kunoichis' and they pretty much run this whole fucking prison. See the woman with the brown spiky hair and fangs?" Naruto looked at her closely before exclaiming, "SHE LOOKS LIKE YOU KIBA!"

Kiba nodded and said, "That's because she's my mom. She's the leader of those crazy bitches and pretty much has them and any man who wants to get laid under complete control. Some of those women are just your average day sluts but some are fucking nuts! Like that green haired bitch Fu, she fucking stabbed someone at lunch two weeks ago just because he said she had a nice ass. There are only three who are willing to actually let men fuck them, but it costs high dollar. I usually avoid them unless I need to talk to my mom".

Naruto looked at the women confused for a second before asking, "What does getting laid mean?" Kiba laughed looking at his new friend before slapping him on the back and saying, "That's fucking funny man, just don't crack jokes to the wrong person. It might get you killed".

Kiba then started explaining all the other groups which seemed small and unimportant. Naruto then looked back at the group of men using the work out equipment, "I'm still gonna ask if I can work out with them" and with that he started walking towards the giant men.

"Ye…WAIT WHAT?" Kiba shouted as he watched his newest friend walked calmly towards his certain death. Kiba quickly began running towards the 'Killer Kunoichi' yelling, "MOM!"

Naruto approached A calmly without a care in the world. The giant man had his back turned towards the blonde so he didn't see him coming. Naruto stopped right behind the giant and looked up in amazement. He tapped him gently on the back while smiling. When A turned around Naruto bowed, "Hello A-san, I was just wondering…" he was quickly made speechless when a huge fist connected with his face causing him to fly back about twenty feet.

Suddenly everyone in the court yards attention was brought to the flying blonde and the smirking A. Kiba stood next to his mother, "Mom we have to help him!" Tsume growled at her son and said, "Shut the hell up and let me see what happens!" "Little brat!" A snarled as he looked at Naruto's downed form.

Naruto slowly pulled himself up rubbing his face, which somehow didn't show any signs of being hit. "Wow" Naruto said standing, "Man you got some right arm, I bet you could stop a train with that thing!" Everyone gasped seeing the blonde stand up perfectly fine, making A growl.

Struggling to pick it up he grasped a 450 hand weight and said, "Oh yeah smartass, TAKE THIS!" screaming the last part while hurling the weight straight at the blonde, who was smiling.

Kiba screamed, "NARUTO, LOOKOUT!" which seemed to be ignored because the blonde just stood there. Once the weight was about three feet away from his face he raised his arm with his hand open.

Everyone was shocked, even The Akatsuki, who usually kept to themselves; seeing the blonde had just caught the weight and didn't seem to be having trouble holding it.

"Wow" Naruto said smiling like a child while lift the weight above his head and holding it there. A stood in total shock looking at the young boy who was easily doing something that even he struggled with, "What are you some kind of freak?" Everyone watched as the blonde's smile dropped and was quickly replaced with a frown as he let his arm hang, swinging the giant weight.

"I don't know how you managed to get up after I hit you, but know this asshole. Next time I see you, I won't hesitate to unleash the boys on you, and we won't hesitate to kill you" A said glaring at the younger man hard.

Naruto looked like he was about to cry as his eyes began to water and he sniffled. He looked at the weight and frowned once again before saying, "I didn't wanna work out with you guys anyway" and with that he tossed the weight back to a laughing A, who was struck hard.

Everyone, inmates and guards alike watched a Naruto walked away from and downed A whose air pipe was being crushed under the massive work out equipment. Everyone watched a Naruto began making his way towards Kiba and the Killer Kunoichi.

Once he was about ten feet away he shouted, "Kiba, you were right. That guy's a freaking jerk". Kiba's mouth dropped as his new friend calmly walked forwards and looked at all the women and politely said, "Hello kunoichi-chans, I'm Naruto Uzumaki and I do not require to be laid right now!"

Kiba quickly ran over to his friend with a sheepish smile and placed his hand over Naruto's mouth, "Hahaha Naruto you big joker you" he then whispered in his ear, "Would you shut the hell up with that already!"

Naruto waited for Kiba to remove his hand and with a big child like smile he said, "Kiba, you really need to wash your hands". Kiba's face turned red as some of the women began laughing and he sputtered out, "S-Shut up!"

Naruto kept his child like smile even when Kiba's mother approached him. "So" she said earning his attention, "You're the great Naruto Uzumaki everyone in here is talking about? Hell, after that little stunt with A, I'm sure everyone in here will know about you tomorrow". Naruto stared at her, tilting his head sideways and giving his best smile; said, "Wow Kiba's mom, you're really pretty".

Naruto was grabbed by a blushing Kiba who threw him behind him protectively, "I'm sorry Kaa-san, he's a bit slow". Naruto pouted angrily and said, "Hey, my Kaa-san said that women liked to be complimented!"

"Not these women" Kiba said turning around, "What the hell's wrong with you? What are you, five". Everyone sweat dropped when Naruto gave a goofy smile and said, "Nope! I'm 17, and I'll 18 in a month, isn't that awesome". Kiba face palmed and said, "What the hell? Dude I'm not actually saying your five. Don't you know when someone's playing with you? It's like you've been living under a bridge or something".

Naruto's smile never once left his face as he said, "Nope, I've been living in a cave"! Everyone looked at him; deciding to put an end to the randomness Tsume said, "Anyway, considering how you just embarrassed A and we don't exactly get along with them; you're ok with me and my girls".

"Tsume-san you can't be serious" a girl with long blonde hair said, "Not to be rude but this kid's gotta have some kind of mental condition" she said looking at Naruto who was laughing with a butterfly calmly rested on his nose.

"Shut up Yugito, just because he's a little…Childish doesn't mean anything" Tsume said turning around and beginning to walk away before turning and getting the blonde's attention once again, "And thank you for the compliment Naruto-kun".

Naruto smiled cheerfully and stuck his tongue out to a surprised Kiba. They both watched as the women followed Tsume, except Fu, who was glaring at the blonde. She stepped forward making Naruto give a huge smile and say, "Hello Fu"!

"Shut the hell up" she snapped, "Just because by some miracle Tsume likes you doesn't mean I do" she then looked at Kiba and glared hatefully, making the boy turn his head a whistle a random tune.

"You remember Uzumaki; if you ever cross me I'll fucking chop off you nuts!" Fu said unleashing all the KI she could. Kiba nearly dropped to the ground sweating while Naruto stood with his child like smile and clapped once saying, "Okay!"

Fu stomped after the group of women angrily while Naruto waved goodbye and Kiba looked at him like he was fucking nuts.

The rest of the time they were out in the court or as the prisoners called it, "The Thunder Dome" the two just talked; at least Kiba did while Naruto politely listened to everything his new friend said.

Once it was time to go back to their cells and prepare for dinner and then their aftermath showers, Naruto was ecstatic. "Finally food" he said jumping up and down excitedly making Kiba frown.

"I wouldn't get your hopes up Naruto" Kiba said standing behind his friend in the cafeteria, "This place has the worst food on earth". Naruto's smile didn't falter as he grabbed a tray and began piling it with food, some of which he'd never even seen.

The two made their way to and isolated table and Kiba picked at his food. Naruto placed his hands together and said, "Thank you Kami for the delicious meal I'm thankful to have". Everyone around the two looked at him suspiciously.

"What are you doing?" Kiba asked taking a bite out the strange meat on his tray. Naruto looked over at his friend and responded while grasping his fork; "My Kaa-san always told me to be thankful for everything I get no matter what the cost" he looked at the tray with a faint smile, "At least we get food".

Kiba looked at the food on his tray and then back at the blonde who was now devouring his food like a vacuum. "I guess that makes sense" Kiba thought to himself taking a bite of his food.

Naruto was eating cheerfully completely oblivious to the group watching him intensely. "Alright" a dead like voice said, "Which one of us will it be?" The group all stared at the only female in the group expectantly.

The blue haired woman sighed and said, "Fine whatever, I'll befriend the kid".

"Is your friend alright" Tsume asked looking at her son who was watching Naruto devour yet another tray of food. Her and a couple of her Kunoichi had sat down, with Tsume sitting protectively by her son like she usually did.

"I honestly don't know" Kiba said looking at his friend as if he'd grown another head. Naruto sighed happily before standing up abruptly and grabbing his tray and looking at everyone else, "Do you guys want me to bring yours up?"

Kiba thanked him before handing him his tray, as did the girls. "Kiba" Tsume said watching Naruto begin to walk away, "Your…friend. Is he all there?" Kiba looked at Naruto's smiling form and shrugged, "He seems nice enough".

Naruto was walking towards the trash can humming to himself without a care in the world. "I don't like him" Fu said abruptly making Kiba and his mother look at her.

"Why is that Fu?" Tsume asked a little shocked at the girl's immediate hatred towards the cheerful blonde. "I'm not quite sure, maybe because he's too cheerful or something. I just like, have a feeling in my stomach about him" Fu answered truthfully turning around.

Tsume turned around and shook her head, "It doesn't matter if you like him or not. He obviously has some major strength, even with these stupid seals. We could use someone like that, just in case things start going downhill" she then looked at Fu with a smirk, "And you share a cell with him don't you? Maybe you two just need to become more…'Acquainted'".

Fu blushed and quickly shook her head saying, "As if".

Naruto was alarmed when a giant bell like noise came out of nowhere just as he was talking to the pretty chef named Ayame. "What's that?" Naruto asked looking confused as everyone walked towards the exits. The female chef moved a stand of hair from her pretty face and said, "I'm sorry Naruto-kun but that alarm signifies that's it time for your Shower…I'm sorry".

Naruto looked at her confused while she made her way to the back of the kitchen shaking her head. Naruto stood there for a second before a loud voice screamed, "UZUMAKI, GET YOUR ASS IN LINE".

He looked over to see the Warden staring at him; not wanting to upset the woman he quickly got to the back of the line and was brought to the showers.

After being 'Thoroughly' inspected for weapons Naruto was dragged into the showers. Still in his boxers he gulped looking at the door hall leading to the showers. He looked at the woman fearfully and asked, "Kurenai-san, can I please wait? There are girls in there and my Kaa-san always told me to respect girls and give them their privacy".

The woman looked at the blonde sadly and said, "I'm sorry Naruto-kun, but you must shower with everyone otherwise we have to force you inside". Naruto nodded with a downcast look, but quickly smiled and looked Kurenai, "its okay Kurenai-san, thanks anyway!"

Naruto nodded to himself while Kurenai let go of his arm and patted him on the back. Every staff member knew what went on in the prison showers but most didn't seem to care.

Naruto walked into the room with his head down respectively giving everyone their attention. "Yo Naruto!" a voice said causing him to look up to see Kiba.

Naruto turned away seeing his friend was naked and said, "Sorry Kiba". Kiba stood there confused before saying, "Dude, you might as well get used to seeing men naked considering you'll be showering with them for the next few years".

Naruto looked up with a nod and apologized, "I'm sorry Kiba, but Kaa-san always…" "Sorry to say this man, but your mom's not here so you gotta learn some shit on your own" Kiba said interrupting the blonde, "You better strip and shower, you don't wanna be here when A and his goons get here".

Naruto nodded and quickly grabbed his boxers, pulling them down in one go. "Oh wow" Tsume said appearing out of nowhere, causing Kiba to cover his eyes and shout, "MOM, YOU SAID YOU'D STAY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SHOWERS!"

Tsume smacked her son and said, "Who gives a fuck, look at that beauty!" she finished pointing to a blushing Naruto.

"W-What?" Naruto asked trying to hide his privates from the smirking older woman. Yugito suddenly popped out from behind Tsume with a huge smile on her face.

"Wow" she said, "Look how big that fucker is" she slowly walked forward giving Naruto who turned away, a good look at her naked body.

She wrapped her arms around his hard body and said with a devious grin, "So tell me kitten, do you wanna play with this tigress?"

Naruto quickly jumped away with a blush and sputtered out, "U-um no thanks". Kiba walked towards his friend and gave him a look, "Lucky bastard, first day here and you're already gonna have women coming after you, but be careful cause you might attract some unwanted attention" he finished pointing at a group of girly looking men who were looking at Naruto.

Tsume stood with the hot water running down her body staring at her son's friend, or more importantly his body.

Yugito stood next to her rubbing her thighs together with a smirk on her face, "Look at that kid. Who would've thought he be so…Delicious looking"?

The blonde was taller than most of the men which Tsume found as a plus. His body rippled with muscle as he washed suds from his body. Tsume was quite surprised when he had pulled down his boxers considering the surprise she and her fellow Kunoichi had seen.

"It has to be at least nine inches long!" a black haired woman said, "Probably eleven when he's hard". Tsume smirked as she turned her back to the boys and began running soap over her body.

Fu stood next to the girls with a look of disgust on her face; she could admit that the blonde was fucking hot, but she still felt something about him.

Naruto was trying his best to not look at the other side of the showers where most of the female inmates where, but he was having a lot of trouble. He looked at his friend who was openly staring at the women.

"Kiba" Naruto whispered, "What are you doing. Do you know you're not supposed to look at women like that?"

Kiba looked over at his friend shocked and laughed, "Are you fucking crazy dude? Who gives a fuck if we look; I mean check it out" he grinned, "Looking can give you some good beating off material".

Naruto looked at him oddly and asked, "What's beating off?" Kiba laughed heartily and washed the soap from his hair and said, "God your funny man, but seriously; just check them out".

Naruto turned his head a bit glancing over at the women showering. Most were simply rubbing the soap from their skin, but even that made Naruto's face turn red. His eyes scanned over the multiply women, some with red hair, some short, and some where even muscular.

Naruto couldn't help but stop once his eyes scanned over one of the older women: Kiba's mother Tsume. He gulped seeing the suds run down her tanned body, going down her smooth back, around her big buttock. She grasped her breasts and began gently rubbing the bar of soap across her skin.

Naruto turned his head to the woman next to Tsume and gasped seeing it was Fu. Her wet hair hung in her face as she rubbed the soap from it. Her dark skin shinned from the wetness as she bent down letting the water run from her hair. Naruto's face turned 10 times redder seeing her huge muscled ass.

He quickly turned around and looked down at his member which now seemed alive. Kiba looked over and laughed, "Woh man, you need to calm down. It's like the first time you've ever seen a girl naked".

Naruto stared at him with a blush and looked at the ground. Kiba's eyes widened and he said, "Are you serious man, so you really don't know what jerking off or even getting laid is?"

Naruto looked at him and put his hands on his hips, "My Kaa-san said I don't need to learn those things until I become married".

Kiba looked around and the whispered, "So you've never…you know…got off?" The question made Naruto look even more confused then he usually was and he asked, "Got off what?"

Kiba shook his head and turned around, "Forget it man, but you might wanna hide that monster".

Once the two had gotten done Naruto had wrapped himself in a towel and they ran out making sure to avoid A, and his gang.

"Well Naruto" Kiba said looking at his friend, "I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Just try to stay out of trouble". Naruto gave him a childish smile and a hug which caused Kiba to look around in fear, "Alright Kiba!"

Kiba quickly pulled away and said, "Woh bro, you can't do that shit in here. People will get the wrong idea about us and I got a reputation to keep up".

Naruto nodded confused as always and waved as his only friend left him standing alone a cell way hall. He placed his hands in his uniform pockets and began making his way to his cell.

"So" a voice said drawing his attention. "Hello Warden" Naruto said with a kind smile at the woman. She walked forward and placed a hand on his shoulder, "I've read up on your file…and I'm terribly sorry for what you've been through" Tsunade couldn't help but look down at this.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked confused by the woman, "Why are you sorry Tsunade-sama?" The woman looked at him before shaking her head, "He really doesn't remember anything". She quickly walked away leaving Naruto more confused than he already was.

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