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Cal was waiting for her, she saw him standing in the waiting room. Emily smiled, so much time has passed. But it was a good time, calm, without stress, just normal teenage life. With chance to making mistakes and learning from them.
She took her luggage and went to the gate. She didn't want to wait any longer.
After a while, Cal was hugging her tightly and pulling her hair fondly.
' I missed you, kiddo. ' His voice was so memorable, she ached for this strong British accent of her father.

' I missed you too, dad. You didn't know how much. ' She was touched, she loved him so much.

Emily reckon it will be easy to come back. Two years were plenty of time to think everything over, to deal with feelings, to make some important decisions.

' How's mum?' Cal asked his daughter and looked at her face with curiousity.

' Fine.' Emily replied fast. Too fast.

' Liar. ' He said merrily and took her lagguage. They were going slowly to his car just like old times.

' She and Roger are having tough time, so they need time to spend together, alone, without me. '

' That's true. So this is the reason of your appearance here.' Cal summed up, but Emily shook her head firmly.

' It's just ONE of the reasons, dad. I wanna spend more time with you, help you with your work. You know, I have natural talent to spying lies like Ria. ' Emily giggled and Cal smiled.

' You've changed, honey. ' He muttered, changing the topic.

' Everybody's changed. ' Emily's smile was illegible, with light sign of sadness. He noticed this expression, but he let it be.
The silence fell between them. They got into the car.

Actually Chicago wasn't a bad place. Big, lively, with millions of people, lots of possibilities. Place, where dreams were coming true. Well, for Emily not at all.

She did like Chicago, but it didn't make her happy in any way. And although Emily loves her mother and she wants good for her, she couldn't sacrifice her own life, her dreams, her desires.

Especially not one of her most hidden urge - somebody, who she had left.

Emily regretted it every day, she can't get rid of thought about what she've done - just ran away, without even say goodbye to him.

She got cold feet, she acted like the worst coward in the world. And her mother helped her to flee in the most unexpected way. She announced that they're moving to Chicago. Now, in this moment.

Emily couldn't be happier. But there was a problem – her father.
It was weird for Emily, being back, with heavy suitcases and fake smile on lips.

It was awkward, seeing Foster, Torres and… Locker, saying hi to them just like the other days.

Emily felt the pressure between her and Eli, but they didn't speak, they didn't even look at each other. She was busy welcoming by Gillian, smiling to Torres and obviously avoiding Locker.

Her dad was truly happy, everything was finally right. At this moment of time.

A few minutes later, Lightman took Foster and Torres to his office, they had new case to solve, so Em and Eli stayed alone.

' Hi Emily, haven't seen you in a long time.' His voice was uncertain. He tried to select appropriate words, but it was really hard.

' Same to you. ' Her smile was quite odd, she didn't know how to react properly.

' How's Chicago? ' Locker tried as he might, he couldn't stop looking at Emily's face. She grew up, she changed to woman. Very attractive woman he must admited.

' Good. Like every town in this country.' Feeling very uncomfortable, she turned away and walked.

It was enough for today.

Emily used to be different person, more brave, open-minded, out-going. She used to be like her father. She used to be. Past tense.

She was ashamed of herself sometimes, didn't want to be like that.

She wants the old herself back. She wants her old life back. She wants Eli.