"Why are you leaving?"

"Tilly..." Jen was showing the pain on her face. Tilly was going to have to push her for an honest answer. "Are you leaving because of me?" Tilly urged. "Tilly, I..." Jen was looking uncomfortable. Her hands were held together protectively in front of her waist and she was trying so desperately to not look at her student. "I need you to tell me the truth Jen" Tilly continued to question her. "I'm not happy here Tilly" Jen stated cryptically. "But you love teaching here" Tilly said in disbelief, "You're passionate about teaching, everyone can see that". "I just need to move on Tilly. I need to move away and find a new placement somewhere else", Jen was still refusing to give Tilly reasons and was turning away from the student, trying her hardest to avoid the confrontation. "But what's changed Jen? You were happy here. Why all of a sudden have you decided that you can't be here anymore? You told me you didn't want to be with me and I've backed off, so why is there a problem? How in the last two weeks have you suddenly decided..."

"Because I can't stand not being with you, ok?" Jen forcefully interrupted Tilly's interrogation, spinning round to face the student, tears of distress forming in her eyes. "I haven't seen you for weeks Tilly and it's driving me crazy. I want to see you, I want to touch you and hold you and be with you and I can't!" Tilly could see Jen getting increasingly upset. She wanted to reach out and comfort her. "I miss you Tilly and I can't cope with it. I need to move away to get away from this all. I can't focus on my work and I need to. I really want my career to work and it won't unless I focus. And I can't do that whilst I'm constantly thinking about you" Jen turned away again, busying herself by aimlessly shuffling papers on her desk. "Jen?..." Tilly edged towards her. "Just leave me alone Tilly. I'll be gone in a couple of weeks, so until then just let me get on with my job" Jen asked, not wanting to turn round and look at the girl. "Jen please?..." Tilly moved closer towards her, placing her hand softly on her shoulder, and turning Jen around to face her. Jen's head was drooped and Tilly placed her hand under her chin, tilting it upwards to look into her eyes. Tears were streaming down Jen's face and Tilly wiped them away gently with her hand, bringing a small smile to Jen's lips. They maintained that position for a while, staring into each other's eyes, ignoring the outside world, just wanting to share one moment. Tilly moved closer towards Jen, her hand on her face softly pulling her into her. Her eyes shut in bliss as her lips touched Jen's, both sets of lips sealing what both had privately been praying for.

The kiss was gentle. Tilly's hand remained on Jen's face, gently stroking her cheek in a caring manner. Jen's hands had moved to Tilly's waist, almost to steady the pair from the giddiness of their kiss. There was no sense of urgency and they poured love rather than lust into the gesture. Tears continued to escape Jen's eyes, but they were no longer of distress, rather of relief and inexplainable joy at finally being united with the girl who had occupied her thoughts since she had met her. There was a definite sense of need, with both of them pressing into each other, having been kept apart for so long, but neither of them felt the desire to rush. They both wanted to cherish this blissful moment. Their lips eventually separated, but their foreheads remained touching and their eyes remained closed. They breathed in each other's scent and paused, both in awe of what they had just shared.

"I missed you too" Tilly whispered and with that Jen threw her arms around the student, pulling her into a tight, loving embrace. "I'm so sorry Tilly. I'm so sorry for what I did". Tilly gently shushed the teacher, nuzzling her face into her neck, placing delicate kisses onto the exposed skin, making Jen moan contentedly and bringing a smile to her face. "Tilly my class will be here in a minute, I need to clean my face up". Tilly reluctantly pulled away from Jen, but could not help but mirror the teacher's smile, placing a cheeky kiss on the teacher's nose and returning to her desk. Jen moved back into the office and the class started to pour into the classroom. Tilly's phone buzzed "I need to see you after college. Meet me at the bench. Jx"