"I really wish you would stop that." Logan said, not looking up at the grinning eyes of the second billionaire playboy (the first being Bruce Wayne) Tony Stark who was currently hovering over her with half of his body comfortably laying between her split legs while the other half, thanks to the chair arms, was hovering over her as he tried to divert her attention to him instead of the book in her hands which was pulled very close to her chest so Tony couldn't snatch it.

"WELL, my dear illusionist. I will stop once you put that book down and give your sugar daddy the attention that he so rightfully deserves." He said nonchalantly before nibbling on her ear lobe as she gave a groan, either from pleasure or annoyance, Tony likes the idea that it is the first. She finally looked up at him; her pierced eyebrow raised as her brown eyes dully stared at him.

"Sugar daddy? My, my, when did you get such a title?" He chuckled; noticing how her usual rough voice was now soft and coy.

"Well that's simple, when I allowed you into my home, let you sleep in my bed, change almost all of the colors in my house including my million dollars cars to ever shade of blue imaginable, spending thousands on those silver heel shoes you like so much, and…." He stopped glancing down to those delicious black shorts she was wearing and lovely started tracing swirls into her thigh as he moved his face closer to her face.

"Giving you the most amazing sex you will ever have with a man." He said letting go of the grin he was holding back when logan pulled her face away from his to let out a loud laugh. She looked at him and smiled before quickly grabbing his hair and pulling his face down and away from hers, his body fully laying down on hers as, tony happily laid in the valley of her chest as she watched him with her usual half-smirk. She was a sadist; tony knew that very well when he woke up with large bruises when he first slept with her, symbols of love she told him. He wasn't a masochist, but a night filled with both pain and pleasure was well worth a few bruises; she was his little sadist bunny. She looked at him for a few seconds before her smirk turned wicked.

"Its true you have the money to back up that little title of yours, and it's also true that you allowed me into your amazing home, let me play with her toys..."

"Among other things." He mumbled into her chest, ignoring the heat on the back of his head from the glare logan was giving him.

"Gave me my oh so pretty shoes and a very warm bed." She purred bringing tony's face away from her chest and to her face to where she looked at his teasing smirk before nibbling on his lower lip. "But it was me who gave you the most amazing sex that ANY men could hope to get."

Tony chuckled, bracing himself over logan, laying his arms on the chair arm's as they kissed and nibbled each others lips, the book laid forgotten on the floor as they continued assaulting each other's faces.

"Oh so true my little sugar bunny."