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Summary: A mysterious school known only by name. A few choice of students could get in, mostly the ones who had 'problems' with themselves. A mash of females and males in the Academy, something unheard of. The young heirs and heiresses of their powerful parents, are brought Shiroki Acadamy. One of the young students and teachers at Shiroki Academy are in great danger when the dangerous Council and even dangerous-er High Council find out about a certain something.

Warnings: Teacher/Student. AU. Slight pedo-ness. Slight yaoi. OOC. Swearing. Extreme sexiness, you have been warned. ;)

"Inuyasha!" A little girl with black hair called from across the clearing. "Come on! It is lunch time!"

"Keh! Race you there, Kagome!" The little boy, Inuyasha, ran with inhuman speed towards the entrance of the house.

"Not fair!" The little girl, Kagome, giggled and ran after him. Inuyasha reached the dining room first laughing soon followed by a panting but giggling Kagome. "Cheater!"

"Feh!" He plopped down on a cushion and jerked his head to her seat across from him and beside his brother. "Hey Sesshomaru. Hey dad."

"Inuyasha. Kagome." The young man known as, Sesshomaru, smiled at them warmly and nodded.

"Inuyasha!" The man at the head of the table grinned. "And the lovely Kagome, how are you dear? I did not get too see you earlier. Inu-papa sowwy!" He started to tear up with a sob.

"Inu-papa! Dun cry!" Kagome jumped on him and hugged him tightly, he returned it with an evil giggle.

"Feh, girls are so mushy," Inuyasha commented with a roll of his eyes.

"Quiet you," Inu-papa growled with a pout, "I seem to recall a certain little dog eared boy who very much enjoys his mothers hugs."

"Dad!" Inuyasha cried, blushing red all the way up to his fluffy ears. Kagome giggled and returned to her seat.

Servants came in carrying fresh hot plates of food. They set them in front of them, bowed and hurried to the wall as to not be in the way. Some others stepped forward and poured them drinks.

"Thank you, sir!" Kagome gave the two male servants who served her a big warm toothy smile. They smiled back at her slightly and left to the other servants.

"Shall we eat?" Inu-papa smiled at them and they nodded. Picking up their wooden chopsticks, they dug into the rice first.


Once they were finished eating, they set their bowls on top of each other and Inu-papa gestured the servants standing against the wall to clear them. They did so quickly and brought them a cold dessert for the hot day.

"Father, where is Izayoi?" Sesshomaru asked, thanking the servant softly as she set the dessert in front of him. Inu-papa's head snapped up from eye-fucking his dessert.

Blushing, he said in an embarrassed tone, "Hmm...?" Sesshomaru chuckled and opened his mouth to ask again. "Hey! Has anyone seen Izayoi?" He looked around curiously before turning back to the laughing Sesshomaru. "Pardon?"

"Father, I just asked you if you had seen her?" He shook his head and took a bite of his dessert as Inu-papa paled slightly and blushed.

"Right... I knew that."

"Of course you did, father." Inu-papa glared at him and angrily took a bite of his dessert. His eyes lit up and he began to devour it. Sesshomaru finished his dessert quickly and had a servant clear his plate.

He stood and bowed, saying, "Please excuse me. I must finish my studies. Inuyasha, Kagome, when you two are done, I shall help you with yours." He bowed again and left the room swiftly after receiving a nod from the two younger ones.

Kagome finished first and jumped up after the servant cleared her plate. "I got to go now, Inu-papa. See you later!" She kissed his cheek and ran from the room with a giggle.


"Sesshomaru-sama, where are you?" Kagome pushed the heavy door to the library back and curiously looked around for Sesshomaru.

"Hmm, Kagome, come here." She followed his voice and looked around for him. "Up hear, 'Gome-chan." He chuckled and waved at her slightly from his seat on the window sill.

"Sesshomaru-sama! What are you doing up there? You could get hurt." Kagome ran over to help and began to climb the wall. As she climbed, her hand slipped and she gasped. Falling backwards only to be caught by Sesshomaru.

"Careful, Kagome." He sighed softly and shook his head as he set her down.

Blushing, she said, "I am sorry," Tears pricked at her eyes and she sniffed softly.

"Shh..." He patted her head gently and winked at her with a smile. Kagome swallowed and blinked away the tears.

"I am sorry, Sesshomaru-sama." She hugged his leg tightly while burying her face in his pants.

"Calm down, Kagome. You were only trying to help." He knelt and kissed her temple, ruffling her hair a little and chuckling. Kagome beamed at him and turned, running over to their study place. She plopped down on a pillow and pointed to his usual seat.

"Sesshomaru, may I join you all today?" Inu-papa's voice asked from the doorway. Inuyasha ran in and sat down on the other side of his brother.

"Why, of course, father. May I ask why?" Sesshomaru smiled at him kindly and gestured to the seat across from him.

"No, no you may not, son." He chuckled when he raised a brow. "I am kidding. I wanted to see how all of your lessons have been coming along." He sat down gracefully with Kagome on his right and Inuyasha on his left and Sesshomaru in front of him.

"Alright then, father. If you have anything to add to the writing and reading lessons today, then please do."

"I shall do that then," Sesshomaru nodded and stood, retrieving a few scrolls and books from the shelf and placing them on the table before sitting once again.

"Shall we start? Today, I would like you to practice your writing, then, when I approve of that we shall start reading. Agreed?" He grinned at their nods and placed a fresh piece of parchment before them as well as an inkwell with two feathery-wooden quills in it.

He selected two of the same books and opened them to a certain page, placing one in front of each child.

"Start when you wish, take as long as you want." He watched them read over the letters before copying them the best they could in the corner of the paper to save room.

He turned to a book in front of him and opened it, taking a piece of larger parchment and a inkwell and quill. He set to work on his writing of Latin and English; for demons and holy beings it was a common practice, but for normal humans they would be like, Lai-ton? Ang-lush? or so.

Demons were highly educated beings and world known travelers, having to go to many places around the world, they knew many languages. But Latin, English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese were the main ones for them. He had already aced the Korean, Chinese and of course, Japanese ones. He had slight problems with the Latin and English but he already knew much more than most his age and it was looked at as nothing.

He was a scholar, one who studied with a teacher or professor. In this case it was his father or the second in command general; as he was the first in commands general. He sighed softly as he began to translate a Latin poem into English and Japanese.

"Sesshomaru-sama..." He looked up and smiled slightly at Kagome with a raised brow. "Uh, h-how do I do t-this one?" She was obviously embarrassed at herself and fidgeted nervously.

He chuckled and stood, kneeling behind her. He took her quill and wrote the letter 'g' for her and watched as she tried. He took her hand in his and guided her into making the letter.

"Thank you!" She smiled at him with a cute little blush. He winked and sat down in his place again, going back to work. Inu-papa smiled at them and glanced at Sesshomaru's work. He was impressed at the near perfect translation.


"Yes, father?"

"You should translate that one as 'At the beginning' not 'From the beginning', alright?" He smiled warmly at his eldest son.

"Ah, yes, thank you, father." He crossed that mistake out and made a small correction above it. He then returned to finishing the Japanese one. He was sure he got that one right and handed them to his father for inspection. At his approval he put his things away and began to re-write the English copy on a new piece of parchment.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing their work and correcting the mistakes as well. Soon it was dinner time and they left to go eat, once finished they ended up in the garden were Inu-papa began to tell a happily ever after story. After that they all went to bed.

Inu-papa carried the half-dead and half-awake Inuyasha up to his room and tucked him in, staying with him until he was fast asleep.

Sesshomaru took Kagome up and helped her bath and dress. He brushed her hair out gently and tucked her in bed. He turned to leave with a soft yawn.

"Please don't leave yet..." He paused as he heard her slightly embarrassed voice and turned around, winking at her teasingly. He sat down beside the futon and patted her head, covering her up once more.

"Shh, sleep. I won't leave yet." He sat there for the next ten minutes, running his hand through her hair gently, lulling her into a deep dreamless sleep. Sesshomaru yawned and fell forward slightly, he sat back up immediately and pushed himself up only to find himself too weak with sleep to even handle something like that. He sighed, and froze as he heard Kagome stir.

"You can sleep with me..." Her sleepy state muttered and she shifted over to make room for him. He sighed and slid in beside her. It was not like he hadn't done this before, it near always happened when he was with her. Her presence was calming and he drifted off into dreamland with her. Neither hearing the door open and a soft chuckle as it was once again closed.

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