AN: Here's my submission for the CCOAC "Challenge Within the Other Challenges" Challenge. Characters: Emily Prentiss & Spencer Reid
Prompt: To stop biting her fingernails

Challenge this originally came from: 17 New Years


Spencer Reid was irritated.

Three weeks ago, on New Year's Eve, his friend and colleague Emily Prentiss had made the resolution that she would stop biting her fingernails. The reason Reid was irritated was that she had already bitten her nails to the quick on her entire left hand, and that was just this morning!


"What, Reid?"

"You're biting your nails again."


"Do you not remember your New Years resolution?"

"Oh, please! No one really follows through with them anymore. The only way you're going to get me to stop biting my nails is if you take drastic action, and that may not even be enough!"

"Fine. And Emily?"


"Don't say I didn't warn you." Reid stated as he went to get more coffee. The look in his eyes made Emily extremely wary.

As Reid got coffee, he planned exactly how he was going to get Emily to stop biting her nails.

Later that week, Reid had all of the supplies he needed. Money well spent, he believed. His plan was put into motion early, thanks to Hotch and Garcia finding a case.

"Ugh. I'm going to need more coffee! And I forgot my go bag!" Emily complained

"Don't worry Emily, I'll get some for you, and I'll bring it on the jet so you have time to get your go bag." Reid said, already formulating what he was going to do.

"Thanks, Reid. You're a lifesaver!" With that, Emily was out the door.

Reid walked into the break room quickly. By his calculations, JJ wouldn't get another cup for five minutes, so time was ticking. He made a fresh pot of coffee and poured it into two travel mugs, one of which was Emily's. He added his customary over indulgence of sugar to his coffee, and made Emily's the way she liked it. Then, he added his secret ingredient – a sleeping pill. He had crushed the pill and only used enough to knock Emily out for an hour or so. The flight was four hours, so that gave enough leeway in-case she slept longer. He checked his bag to make sure his other item was with him. It was, so Reid finally made his way back into the bullpen, just as JJ entered the break room.

AN: So, what do you think? What is Reid up to? I know, because what Reid is going to do is exactly what I did to my younger sister to get her to stop biting her nails *evil smirk*

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