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Soi Fon

His name is Kurosaki Ichigo.

I find Kurosaki to be a man of mindless activity. Countless times, he has been warned by the Soutaichou to stay put and await orders, yet he always insists on going against the word of the Captain-Commander and venturing out towards his reckless exploits, for one, jumping without warning into Hueco Mundo to rescue Inoue Orihime.

Leaping immediately into wide open is one of the greatest downfalls of an Onmitskido member. It is imperative to always have a sense of our surroundings and most importantly, a plan of attack. Where is the best location for a wide-scale ambush? When is the best time to infiltrate a defector's hideout? How should we approach the potential threat amongst the divisions?

But Kurosaki Ichigo is the very quintessence of the antithesis of our principles. Does that bastard not understand what dangers he faces by displaying such heedless actions? Does he not realize the possibility of lost comrades? The possible failure of a mission?

Heed my words, Kurosaki Ichigo. When you go about your escapades, steeped in only your own overconfidence, don't cry out when all comes to a loss. You will charge headfirst into the dungeon of adversaries, wielding your ostentatious sword in broad daylight, making the most noise possible in an attempt to "intimidate" your enemies. You will barrel your way through the grunts that guard each level of the infrastructure, the task seemingly unimportant and effortless at the moment, progressively advancing deeper into enemy territory. You will reach the bowels of the dungeon, where the primary enemy is supposed to dwell, expecting an ultimate battle with the head of the entire scheme.

And then it will all backfire on you. You will realize that you have lost, for while you were so sure of your spontaneous "plan," the enemy already has your companions at their throats. The build-up of your mission will collapse on top of you, and you will have failed. Failed absolutely miserably.

And that, Kurosaki Ichigo, will be your downfall. Crushed by your own arrogance that reeks off your just as much as that overly conspicuous reiatsu of yours. Mark my words, Kurosaki, one bout of underestimating the circumstances, and you have already lost.

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