The Omegas

Hi everyone VickyT36 here, my first Alpha and Omega fanfic, enjoy.

Chapter 1: Being an omega

In Jasper Park, Canada there was a pack of wolves. The pack was split into two different wolves, the alphas and the omegas.

The head alpha was Winston, who was very brave and trustworthy. Winston had a wife named Eve, and two daughters named Kate and Lilly.

Kate was an alpha and Lilly was an omega. Since Kate was an alpha she learned to hunt, and defend territory. But Lilly didn't do much like the other omegas.

Sometimes the omegas felt like they lived in the alpha's shadows, because they were so good at lots of stuff, and all the omegas could do was laugh and make jokes.

One morning Lilly woke up in her den and saw her mother, father and Kate leaving. "Where are you guys going?" she asked. "We're going to check the territory. Have a nice day." said Eve.

"Okay." said Lilly. She walked out and went to be with the other omega wolves. She kept walking until she ran into Humphrey and his friends. "Oh, hey Lilly. What's up?" asked Mooch.

"Oh, nothing mom and dad went to the territory with Kate. So I just decided to come out here." explained Lilly. "Well, do you want to play with us?" asked Humphrey.

"Sure." said Lilly. So Lilly played with Humphrey and his friends for the rest of the morning.

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