"You found it!" Dr. Chang crossed his arms and smiled brightly at his student.

Jane blinked at him. "Found what?" She scowled. "I didn't lose my sheet music, if that's what you mean."

"No, not that," he batted at her. "You found your passion. Good! Took you long enough." He nodded his approval. "How long you date?"

"Date what?" The detective shook her head. "Dr. Chang, we've talked about this. You have to make sense if you want me to answer your questions."

He smirked at her. "How long you date Maura?"

"How did you know that?" Jane shot up from the piano bench, turning completely around to look down at the small man. "How could you possibly know that?"

He chuckled. "I say, 'Play and tell me why you make your friend mad.' You play and, when you talk about her, you play with passion. Now, you play with passion when you not talk about her, which means you carry her with you here." He pointed to her chest. "You play from heart. You think about her, yes?"

"What are you? Some kind of mind reader or something? I mean, really?" She sat back down on the bench, facing away from the piano. "Three months."

Dr. Chang's smirk grew into a smile. "Angela know?"

"Not officially, but I'm pretty sure she knows. We just haven't talked about it." Jane ran a hand through her hair, flipping the part to the other side. "Yes, I was thinking about Maura while I was playing, but that's all you're getting."

"I'm not some kind of perv!" He winked. "Glad you found it and her. Now, when you play for her?"

"I've been thinking about that." Jane flexed her hands. "Would you mind if I brought her here next Saturday? If you don't have any lessons that night, would that be okay?"

"Yes, that fine, but no sex in the studio." Dr. Chang laughed at Jane's horrified reaction as he pointed to a corner of the room. "Cameras."

"Oh my God," she shook her head, "I can't even…"

"When am I allowed to remove the blindfold?" Maura allowed Jane to hold her hand and led her, trusting Jane completely.

"When I say you can. Now, don't move. I have to unlock a door." Jane dropped Maura's hand to open the studio door. Taking the smaller hands back in her own, she pulled Maura inside, closed and locked the door behind them, and then pulled the blindfold off. "We're here."

Maura blinked. "Where is here?" She glanced around the darkened room.

"Dr. Chang's studio." With a grin on her face, Jane flipped the lights on, revealing the small studio with its piano against one wall. Next to the piano was a single chair and sheet music sat, waiting, on the music stand. "You keep asking me where I go every Sunday morning. Well, this is it."

"You've been coming here? To see Dr. Chang?" Maura's face flickered from intrigued to confused. "Why?"

"To learn to play again. Come on," wrapping an arm around Maura's waist, Jane led them to the piano. She allowed the small woman to sit before taking her own seat at the piano bench. "Dr. Chang told me when I was a kid that I was too technical. He said I didn't play with soul, with passion. I started thinking about it about a year ago, and it ticked me off. So I decided to come back here and show him I could play with passion. Come to find out, I had to find my passion before I could play like I had it."

"You job?" Maura asked, remembering the passion behind anything Jane said when she spoke about being a detective.

"At one time, sure," Jane said as she turned to the piano. "Not so much now, though," she said before placing her hands and playing.

The music was soft and flowing. The familiar tune of Bach's Air in D Major floated through the air.

Jane played effortlessly, her face calm and her fingers confident. As the notes tinkled and echoed through the room in light waves of lovely sound, Jane closed her eyes and played on while Maura watched. When the song was over and the last note had stopped, the detective took in a deep breath, opened her eyes, and turned to the other woman. "Now," she whispered, "my passion is with you."

"Jane," Maura whispered, "Am I the first?"

"Besides Dr. Chang and since," Jane glanced down at her hands, not finishing the thought. "Yes, but, it's like I told you once before, I trust you Maura."

"I… I…" the honey brunette shook her head, holding in her emotions to try to find the right words to show how much she appreciated the gift Jane had just given her. When she opened her mouth to say thank you, the words that tumbled out were much greater than she expected, "I love you, too."

Jane's smile beamed. "Let me take you home?"

"Okay," Maura nodded, her voice hoarse with surprise at her own words. "What then?"

"Then?" Jane shook her head as she glanced toward the camera in the room and winked before opening the door for Maura to step out. "Then I show you how much passion you make me feel on a daily basis."

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