When Stealing from the Wrong Target…

In the slums of West Gate, was a silver haired, grey skinned Drow. She was huddling under a crappy excuse of a shelter and cursed every second. The silver rings in her ears reflected the moon light and flawless face looked angelic in the silver light. The blue-grey eyes searched the whole alley in front of her for movement before shivering again. Her breeches and tight green shirt stained in mud and filth.

Rith shivered as a gust of cold air hit her body. She pulled the tattered wool blanket up higher and shivered again. As if it would help! Her once-white-but-now-a-dirty-brown wool blanket had several holes in it that let the cold air just blow right through. She cursed under her breath. She needed gold and fast. Rith stood up and decided that she would be better to spend the night at Randy's… even if Randy himself was a pervert.

Randy's was a tavern just down the alley. It was always full but no one who was a woman and enjoyed her privacy ever stayed there for a night, he had the habit to peek through holes in the walls and watch them bathe, not counting the part where he would try to touch you in your sleep. Rith almost killed that man.

She remembered when her parents left her, at age 13 on the streets. Claimed they couldn't support her. My ass… Rith thought, they were rich, and the head of the city! When they said we can't support you any more, they meant that they hated her for being born and never wanted to see her face again. At first Rith wasn't trusted and starved for days on end. They didn't trust her because she was a drow, both parents half-drow. Rith was 'lucky', she got both drow parts of her parent while her bloody sister, Silvia, got the human parts! But after a while of running a now infamous street gang, they respected her. But she left the street gang leader life, she worked alone and her parents attempted to slaughter her gang just because Rith was the head and threatened their power over politics, just another way of saying 'I love you, Rith'!

She shoveled miserably into the tavern, her silver hair dangling over her face by the cold wind blowing it all around. She walked in, shouts of greeting from all the thieves she knew.

Rith herself was a rogue, with a petty level of magic from her elven heritage, and an arcane archer. She learned how to street fight, without, or with knives or her expansive silver bow and arrows. Rith smiled at all those who would part her in the back or nod at her. She shuffled and looked back at her boot prints upon the dusty floor.

"What can I get you, Silver Bow?" The rat face Randy asked.

Silver Bow. She hadn't heard that name since she left. It was her trade mark and name when she was with her gang, the Night Masks. Had she not been here for that long?

"It's just Rith now, Randy." She said coolly, flicking her bangs to the side. "One tankered of ale, please."

Randy nodded. "The first one's on me." Randy winked.

Rith smiled, he always did that to get women. Then she frowned realizing he was trying to get her.

Rith looked around at the merry customers, noticing them all… except one. A man was sitting down the bar from her. He must be new… Rith thought. He was a ranger, no doubt about that. He had brown, ruffled hair, and a poorly shaved beard. He looked in his late twenties and Rith spotted a faint tattoo of some sort on his neck. Right now, there was Betty the Wench on him; Betty was some blonde that was a little on the chubby side. She was an idiot and had been a whore since she was 14. Rith couldn't catch his face cause it was buried in Betty's huge breast and kissing her. Betty giggled and wiggled in his arms.

Rith then spotted it. It was a red, wore leather pouch and it looked to be full of gold, hanging out of the man's pocket. Just what she needed, an easy target. Rith felt the cold tankered of ale being shoved in her hand and Randy giving her his best, 'you know you want me' wink. Rith gave him a threating look, making him look like he was about to melt, remembering her rep'. Rith then got up and walked over to a group of old friends, and walked by the ranger, quickly stealing the gold. She was a master at it and could tell that the ranger was too busy.

Rith quickly shoved it in her own pocket and sat with her old friends. They greeted her and she sat with them listening to their stories. Rith quickly poured the gold into her own pouch but left a little gold for Randy, knowing that he'll charge her for the soup she was just about to order.

When her friends left, and her tankered and bowl were empty, she got up, throwing the red pouch to Randy, since the ranger was now in his room that he must've rented, and left. Rith smiled, knowing that the ranger wouldn't be able to pay poor Betty and Randy would be the first to blame…


Bishop walked out with the taste of Betty's tongue still fresh in his mouth. He didn't care though because he lost his pouch. He was angry and had to find it quick before Betty did something stupid for not paying him. Bishop decided if he didn't find it, then he would just tell her he would be right back and leave. He smiled wickedly, she never asked for his name.

As Bishop walked by the rat faced tavern keeper he spotted his pouch and quickly grabbed Randy and pulled him close. Every one stopped and stared at him.

"Where did you get that?" He asked menacingly.

"W-what t-this?" Randy asked nervously, holding up the red pouch.

"Yes, my pouch, why do you have it?"

"I-I-I didn't steal it i-if that's what you're thinking." Randy answered nervously. He knew that he was in trouble. "Sil-Rith gave it to me, yes, Rith. She paid for her soup with this just now, and left."


Randy nodded, practically shaking himself. "Yes, she's a thief, one of the best!" Bishop glared at him hard. "She has a hideout down the alley, can't miss her!"

Bishop released his grip, taking his pouch while Randy fell on his behind and walked out the door, grabbing his cloak, bag, and bow. Bishop spotted her tracks immediately and followed them…


Rith kept her head down and kept walking, her new gold in her hand so she wouldn't be stolen from. Stupid ass ranger! Rith cheered in her mind. You clearly should stay to the woods! Rith smiled faintly to herself then realized. Oh gods! He's a ranger! Rith panicked. He could track me down in minutes! Rith quickly went to the nearest building and climbed it like it was a tree. Rith had several different hideouts in the city and could easily become invisible. Rith went to the nearest hideout, which was right next to an old bridge and a river that everyone took a piss or dump in, well… except Rith. She smiled to herself; she would be fine here for a bit.

She walked into the shack. It was a little dusty but still good. Rith wondered why she hadn't come back sooner, there was an actual blanket in it, with no holes! She sighed at the sight of her old bedroll. Then she remembered why she never came back… This was where she lived when she was head of the Night Masks. She doubted that any one was still hunting her, her family had given up the hunt. Claimed they wanted her back, bah! They wanted her dead and good riddance to them!

Rith sat snugly on her bedroll, the only furniture there, be sides the chair, which looked like it was ready to collapse if a feather fell on it. Rith sat snuggly in her bedroll and fell asleep instantly.


Bishop cursed himself as he slipped and fell. He caught himself with his hand, but who knows who took a crap there or not. Bishop looked at his scraped palm and wiped it on his pants in disgust. He followed the footsteps and stopped when he almost hit his head against a building. He didn't get it, how could she just walk through a wall? He then realized she climbed it and looked up. Her boot prints were on the walls. Bishop followed her own moves to climb it and actually learned something new about trying to climb a building. He looked over the flat scene to spot a small shack, on a building across from the one he was standing on. He quickly jumped across and walked up to the shack. He thought for a moment, how would he do this… the nice way or bad way… The bitch stole his gold, bad way it was.

Bishop walked in and grabbed the cuff of Rith's shirt, close to the breast. He dragged the fighting figure out in the cold moonlight and held her up to the light, danging her over the egde. She looked down at him, an evil glare out from her grey eyes.

"Let me go, I did nothing to you!" She struggled.

Bishop pulled her closer, their faces inches apart. "You stole my gold." Bishop said mincingly. "You did the worst thing you could possibly do."

He saw a gleam of recognition in her eyes that was quickly covered by calmness. He felt her reach into her pocket and pull out a black pouch of gold. As he went to reach for it with his free hand, she quickly jerked it away.

"You want it." Rith held it up. "Go get it." She chucked it into the streets and he watched in anger as it exploded gold and the crowd below tackled each other to pick it up for themselves.