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A boy sat on a battered swing staring off on the horizon. Although the sun was setting quickly and the air was getting chillier, the boy made no moves to home like the other boys. His messy raven hair got tousled by the wind, yet the boy didn't seem to mind the slightest as his striking emerald eyes continued to watch the horizon. He seemed mesmerized by the sunset and unaware, if not uncaring, of the stares he was getting.

Soon, the kids in the park left one-by-one and only the raven haired boy was left. The boy continued staring at the horizon for a few moments before getting up. He was about to leave the silent park when he heard a hiss in the over carefully trimmed bushes near the swings. He paused before ignoring it and was about to continue on his way when a pitch-black snake slithered out of the bush and flopped down in the grass. Its black scales sparkled and glittered in the fading light like black diamonds.

The unusual color of scales caught the boys' attention and he kneeled down to look at the snake.

"Stop staring at me, human!" the snake hissed. "If I was fully grown, those muggles would be dead already and so will you!"

"The muggles yes, but not me" the boy hissed at the snake. "It's just a minor wound, it'll heal by next week." The boy informed the angry snake after he examined its wound.

"Y-You understand what I'm saying?!" the snake hissed, surprised.

"Indeed" the boy calmly replied. He carefully picked up the snake, making sure not to touch its wounds.

"W-what are you doing?" the snake yelped.

"I'm taking you home" the boy informed the confused snake. "Unless you'll rather stay here?"

"Fine" the snake grumbled, not having much of a choice.

"By the way, what is your name?" the boy asked offhandedly. The snake was silent for a few moments.

"I don't have one." it finally replied.

"Can I give you one then?" the amused boy asked.

"Very well." the excited snake replied, trying to sound uncaring.

"You are a male right?" the boy questioned the snake.

"Of course!" the snake replied indignantly.

"I shall call you Nox then, after the color of your scales which is like the darkness of the unending night and because you shall send all those who are unfortunate enough to oppose us to an unending sleep!" the boy declared dramatically.

"A fitting name for one as special as me." the snake said, pleased.

"Yes," the boy agreed, chuckling Noxs' remark.

"So what is your name?" Nox, curious of the name of its new master.

The boy replied in his usual calm, bored tone:

"Harry Potter"

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