Every story that involves bandits of some sort always involves them getting in the way and the hero kicking the crap out of them; usually killing them. And normally young girls would be kidnapped by this roving bands of errr... bandits and held for ransom until the hero saves her and they fall in love.
What would happen if the story were changed up in a major way; one where the young girl isn't so young and innocent...

"Here's a good target, you guys ready?" A low-grungy voice told his cohorts, 5 of them.
"As good as we can be Fier, I'm just pumped that we can go back to taking stuff from rich idiots again." A different calm and sleek voice hawked back at Fier, the low voice, and their leader.
"I love a challenge, better than doing random thefts in small towns. Where's the fun in that?" A very energetic voice piped.
"There's always fun in it, we just had to lay low for a month after the last time. Who knew that we beat the crap out of a magistrate? And it gave us time to train up the rookie." A quiet but dangerous voice responded.
"I'm no rookie Heka! I can do just as much as you guys can, and with me, I can make sure that the guards don't interfere." A last voice, this one young and full of pep, rebutted.
"At least leave one for Tyn, he's itching to beat up something."
"Yeah! Actually, leave me two Myna!" Tyn said in agreement.
"Can do. Will do, just watch. Tell me when to hit Fier." Fier nodded and simply said, "Now."

That's when Myna strode out of the dark thicket and into the daylight showing what she was. She was a normal Minun, and a young one at that, holding a blow dart in one hand and in her other hand, which had a leather glove on, was two darts with the essence of pure Sleeping Powder. She aimed and fired at the driver of a carriage that was passing by, quickly making him doze off and fall off the carriage. She then fired at one of the two guards sitting on the back, knocking him out as well. This is when Tyn jumped out to take out the other, and the one remaining inside.
Tyn was a normal Monferno, brimmed with the joules of fire within him, he quickly ran up to the other guard who barely had time to react about the other and sucker punched him straight off.

At this point the carriage has stopped because no one was controlling the Ponyta, who stopped because they had no driver. The guard inside grabbed his sword and stepped out, only to be hit by a Fire Blast from the side, immediately knocking him out. This is when the rest of the team of bandits came out.

Fier was a normal Mawile, with a gauntlet on his right arm to concentrate energy to create Flash Cannons if needed. He had a scar on his left eye, and his second jaw, named Lady, had razor sharp teeth, perfect for opening anything that had a lock or was behind bars.
Another was the source of the second voice, a Kirlia named Everace. She was a just a cute as the rest of her kind but they hide a very masterful bandit inside her beautiful body, which deceives many and cause them everything they own.

Last out was Heka, a Nuzleaf, holding a short katana made of sharp grass that somehow stays together no matter what she does with it, besides using fire on it. She was quick like her kind and using leaf whistle, can lull anyone they target into a controlled state, one where she can make them quickly give up anything they own.

Once they all assembled at the door of the carriage, Fier went in and dragged out a whimpering Raichu.
He calmly put him down, which is when everyone surrounded him. Fier then popped a question no one likes hearing.
"Give us everything that is worth more than ten Poke and you live or if you don't, we'll kill you and take everything." The Raichu did as he told.

Later in the Evening

"Good work everyone. We got a haul of at least twelve-thousand Poke!" Fier exclaimed to the group, which was currently in their secret hideout somewhere inside the massive Diglett Cave.
"Awesome! We should go on and buy lots and lots of-" Tyn stopped when Heka pointed to Myna, who was making more darts. "-of uhh... food...?" Myna turned to them and surprised them with what she said, "You don't have to stop drinking with me around, I know that I can't have it, and that you guys love it. You all deserve it at the least! But don't get too drunk or we can't strike tomorrow!" They all smiled, knowing Myna could grow up into a prosperous bandit if she had her mindset like this.
"Okay, Myna stay here and guard our haul, I know you can do it." Fier said while everyone walked, Tyn holding a large bag of gold.
"Okie-dokey! I'll just be makin' my darts in the meantime, I don't just pop them out of thin air!" Fier laughed at her enthusiasm.
As they were walking out of the complex cave system dug by Diglett's, Fier thought back on how it felt being with Myna.
Once all of them left, Myna went back to making her darts, a specialty she attributes to the team helping her get other substances besides Poison Powder; and it showed, her darts were powerful enough to knock-out even the burliest of Machamp.
I love this life; it's better than my old one and I have more fun and freedom! And now I'm accepted by the others' as well. Myna thought to herself, happy with how it's been up to this point. She decided that she made enough, about twenty, so she put her tools away and settled into a makeshift cot, picking a book up to read and relax after a job well done.

There's always tomorrow though... She thought to herself before she lost herself in her book.