'Another boring day... when will something interesting happen?' Thought a small light cream colored rabbit-like creature with red highlights on his ears, on his cheek to form a plus and on his tail, forming another plus. A Plusle.

He was Prince Pion and he wasn't really excited by many a thing, but the main thing he loved was adventure.

The rush of the battle and fun of running from dangerous monsters, to the wonder of seeing mystical and enchanting locales. He was all up for it, but his parents weren't.

An adopted child, his parents were sure to keep him in check, out of trouble and being properly trained the many things he needs to learn to become a proper heir the throne. As such he wasn't really into it all and wanted nothing but to leave and explore but his parents had made it impossible to leave for various reasons, one being that he might be killed as he's the heir to a throne marred by blood.

The current King and Queen were very ruthless to there people, taxing high, slaughtering denizens, taking over foreign land, enslaving other kingdoms and abusing their powers' to get what they want; only those given power by them like them. Even their adopted son secretly hates them for prying him out of his real family and forcing him to be their son when he was a child, slaughtering his real parents in the process; the only reminder of his peasantry were the shabby clothes he wore when he first came into the castle, hidden deep inside his closet.

He was currently sitting outside in the rear courtyard, which was surrounded by the massive perimeter wall that ringed the castle grounds.

It was a decorated to the teeth with flowers, shrubs and in the center, a large ornate fountain, of which he was sitting on the lip of the edge.

'I want to do something... but what? Obviously leaving isn't an option and I have no classes or training today. Maybe I should try and see if I can sneak out somehow.'

Pion has tried to slip out of the castle before in multiple guises but all have failed due to one key element; he was a mere child and most times, he portrayed himself as a worker only for the guards to recognize the young prince, ruining his efforts and getting him in trouble.

'There isn't much I can make myself look like as I have no clothing of the sort and... wait... I do have my old clothes... and portraying as a peasant might get me out of here. Pion, you're a genius!' He got up and ran off to his room, which was in the west tower.

A lengthy climb later, and Pion was in his large closet looking for the clothing he had hid so long ago. Picking up and throwing away clothing like it was nothing, something that most nobles would certainly not do in the manner Pion did.

'Where is it!? It has to be here, I know it! Where did I hide it!?' His answer was in the form of a small burlap sack that fell on him when he threw a coat into the shelving above, knocking down the contents above and falling on his head.

'Ow... Wait... is this... yes it is!' He made a small jump for joy as he saw his old clothing in the sack but now to he had to figure a way to get out without getting stabbed.

'First order of business is figuring a way out of here that'll just get me kicked out not split in half... maybe if I hide within a crowd or something... but even if I get out... if someone recognizes me, they'll kill me for the throne thinking I'd keep up what my 'father' is doing.' As he was thinking everything over, he was trying on the old clothing to see that they fit still, which they do.

The clothes were a tattered and patched pare of old-fashioned pants, a dusty placid old shirt with a random patch here and there and a tattered cloak that was ripped at the ends and had a holes in places.

'Wow, they still fit. And for some reason, I feel more comfortable in this than my "regal" clothing.'

Once finished putting on the old clothes, he finally thought of a good plan.

'I got it! I should act like a child laundry servant and go out acting as if I have an errand. This place has a couple of servants that have tattered clothes, they won't notice one more... though they will notice the ears, hands and tail... maybe...' He looked over to see an old costume that had accessories that went over his Plusle ears and tail and made them look like Pichu ears and tail. 'This is good but for my hands...' He looked at a pair of leather gloves, 'Perfect. Now no one will ever know.'

As he was finished putting on his disguise, his 'father' knocked on the door. Pion grabbed the burlap sack, filled it with random clothing and walked out of the closet as if he were a launderer. As he did, his 'father' walked in, and looked over to him.

"You there laundry boy, where is Pion?"

Trying the best to disguise his voice, he answered, "He umm... he said he was going to the garden."

"Ahh.. thank you. Now run along and do your job, you will grow up to be a respectable and reliable one for the future king."

"Th-thank you sir." He walked past the King, and went downstairs, amazed at the perfect disguise.

'I can't believe it worked! I can finally leave this stupid palace!' Once he got to the main hall, he walked out the front doors, then the through the front courtyard and finally out the front gate into town.

The Castle Town was a very high-strung place in the foothills of the palace but once your past the elegant mansions of the nobility, the town gets very dark, dank and depressing. The populace hate their royalty but have no choice but to follow along; though there is the occasional riot, they get put down rather fast.

'I didn't realize how run down everything is.' As he walked through town, a couple of Poke's looked upon his sack of clothing and saw some of it hanging out, one of which had the royal emblem on it.

As he reached the center of town, a hand grabbed his shoulder. He looked over to see a Zangoose looking down on him.

"Hey kid, I bet you work at the palace. Would be a shame to lose those clothes." Pion knew what he wanted and decided to play in his favor.

"Oh no, I would never let anything happen to these clothes; they're the princes'... though I'm sure he won't miss them." He said, smirking at the truth he told.

"I like the way you think. tell you what, I'll buy the sack of clothes for two gold, how's that? I want to burn them; make the king go nuts." Pion nodded to this, handing over the sack while receiving the two gold coins. 'Money to be used later' he thought. He then walked away as the Zangoose started to yell for everyone to gather around. As Pion walked, he neared the East Gate out of town. This was the moment of truth.

'Either now, or never.' He thought before calmly walking through, guards unaware that high royalty was walking past them, escaping his old life.

'Time to explore.' He though once more, walking down the road out of town, into the wilderness, ready for adventure.

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- Silver the Flygon