October 15, 1992

Dear Tom, I have a question.

- Yes?

What is it like to have a crush on someone?

- You're asking me?

You're the diary spirit.

- I don't know from personal experience, but I have heard it said that a crush is when you really like someone and can't stop thinking about them.

Oh. Tom?

- Yes?

I think a might have a crush on you. Which is weird, because you are not real, you're just a diary. And I also still have a crush on Harry.

- Harry?

- Harry Potter. He's brilliant. He defeated Voldemort last year.

- Is that so?

Everybody thinks he's practically a hero. So I guess I don't stand a change.

- So then you thought you could have a crush on me instead?

It's not like that! It's… complicated.

- Things like that usually are.