Bella Luna

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"I'll find you Bella I always do."

He hears her snickering. She never could keep quiet during hide and seek. He sees her light baby blue dress blowing around next to the tree she's hiding behind. The boy laughs as he can picture it now. Her covering her mouth trying her hardest not to giggle… he approaches the tree slowly and tug at her dress. "JAKE!" She hollers and takes off chasing him. Jacob trips and falls scrapping his knee he wants to cry because it hurts but he don't ever cry in front of girls especially Bella Swan. "Oh Jake are you ok?" She leans over him moving the rocks and dirt out away from the cut with her tiny fingers. Her hair flapping in the breeze as she tries to keep it off her face while she exams his wound. "Let me go get my mom!" She says rising back up and running towards the house. Jacob leans back on the ground feeling the crisp wind hit against my cut making it sting a bit more. Bella screams in a way he's never heard her scream before.

He runs entering the house and Bella's standing in the middle of the floor looking at him. He looks down on the ground and sees her mom and dad laying there covered in blood. "Bella!", He says running towards her. The boy takes her hand and we run out the backdoor. I run home and my uncle comes to the door. "What is it?" he asks as he sees our faces. Both can't talk through the shock and Bella's squeeze becomes tighter around his hand. He points his uncle towards the house. Billy gets in his truck and calls out for Sam the older boy to watch over them. "What's happened Jacob?" Sam asks looking over at Bella. "Her parents something or someone killed them." Sam's mouth drops as he too takes Bella's hand and they sit with her on the couch waiting for his uncle to come home.

His uncle comes in the door tears in his eyes. "The police are on their way hun." Billy picks Bella up holding her crying. Charlie and Billy were inseparable. The boy try's to be brave like Sam and not cry but it hits as he thinks about Charlie and Renee' and never seeing them again. Sam wraps his arm around the young boy. The police arrive and Billy sets Bella back down between Sam and Jacob. Sam lays Bella in his lap as she cries herself to sleep. "Yes she'll stay with us. That poor girl has no family left we're the closest thing to any sort of family she has." Sam and Jake watch the police peering over at them sadly. They all worked with Charlie he was a cop in Forks. "This whole town will be affected by the loss of the Swans." Another cop says. "What do you make of the bite marks?" Jacob hears his uncle ask. Jacob straightens up on the couch as he hears this. Apparently he's the only one that heard as Sam and Bella don't react. "Not sure maybe an animal?"

"No animal could do that." He hears Billy say.

"Not sure but there are other cases of this but this is the first for our small town these sorts of cases usually come up in much bigger cities."

"Look we got it from here you take care of Bella. Poor kid you got enough to worry about Billy. If you need anything holler." One of the cops says. "Will do.", Billy says and shuts the door locking it as they leave. Billy just looks to Bella as she sleeps in Sam's lap. He motions for his nephew to come towards him. "Get yourself ready for bed Jacob." He says scooping him up for a bear hug then he nuzzles his hair putting me back down. The young boy glances once more upon Bella and heads off to bed.

Chapter 1

Leah walks behind Bella in the hall as they line up for another class. Making it a point to step on the heels of Bella's shoes every step she takes. Bella ignores it walking on. Leah's friends giggle. They enter the class and Leah rushes in bumping arms with Bella as Bella drops all her books. Bella closes her eyes and sighs as she leans over to pick them up. "Why do you do that to her?", Jacob asks Leah. Leah giggles and shrugs. Jacob takes a seat beside Bella instead of Leah this time. Leah's feelings are hurt and she reacts by starting to kick the back of Bella's chair and flicks Bella's ear from time to time. Bella finally turns around. "Please just stop."

"Awww, don't be such a cry baby."

Bella turns back around warm tears flow down her pale cheeks. Jacob turns to Leah. "If you don't stop I'm not going to be your friend anymore!" Leah's mouth drops at Jacob's comment. She's starting to notice that ever since Bella moved to the reservation Jacob's spending less and less time with her. Now he's sitting by her during class and in lunch. "Hello class. It seems we have a new student. Come here hun and introduce yourself." Giggles are heard around the room. "She's so pale." A student says and Leah starts laughing. "What's your name hun?"

"Bella Swan." Bella says trying to rid of the tears from earlier by wiping them off with the back of her hand. "How old are you Bella?"


"Do you have a favorite color?"

"White.", Leah snickers and Jacob cuts her a look.

"Leah Clearwater! We don't tolerate that kind of behavior at this school. One more outburst from you and you can go visit the principal."

Leah frowns and sinks down in her chair she's getting me in trouble now? She gives Bella's chair another kick when Bella sits down. Bella closes her eyes she doesn't understand why Leah is so mean. She's never done anything to her. She's always hated me now it seems worse. Bella does her best to ignore it. That's what mommy always said to do when other kids give you a hard time. But this girl sure makes it hard. Jacob decides to try to make Bella laugh by making funny faces and drawing silly pictures. Bella smiles only further antagonizing Leah. The other boys that are Jacob's best friends join in on the fun of making Bella laugh. Leah is fuming and starts to cry. The teacher let's out for recess and the boys don't play with Leah like they use to but no they all want to play with Bella. Jacob takes Bella's hand as they are running around playing. Leah out of a jealous fit runs up but this time pushes Jacob down. Bella's mouth drops and she starts to help Jacob up. "Leave him alone he's not your friend he's mine!" Leah shouts at Bella. Jacob gets up dusting himself off. "My uncle told me not to hurt girls! So I can't push you back! But I'm not your friend no more Leah Clearwater. You're too mean! No one likes you!" Leah runs off crying as her friends try to console her.

"She's crying." Bella says to Jacob actually concerned about the girl that's been giving her a hard time since day one.

Jacob shrugs and takes Bella's hand to play again. "Maybe I shouldn't play with you." Bella let's go of Jacob's hand. "If it makes her cry…" Bella says looking over to the girl. "I don't want to play with her." Jacob stomps his foot. "Besides she's always telling me what to do. You're nice to me." Jacob tells Bella. Bella smiles but walks up to Leah. "You want to play with us?" Bella offers. "Jacob can be both our friend." Leah nods and gets up to join wiping her tears. Bella takes her hand leading her towards where she and Jacob were playing with Paul, Embry and Quill. Jacob rolls his eyes at Leah and takes Bella's hand as they start running from Quill again in a game of tag. Paul reaches for her hand to play but Leah pulls away from him watching Jacob and Bella. "I'll play with you let's go chase them!" Paul said grabbing her hand again. "NO! Leave me alone!" She stomps her foot and walks away. Paul looks sad and sits down watching Leah walk away. "What's wrong?" Jacob asks as him and Bella circle back around. Paul sighs. "Nothing let's go play."

"Where'd Leah go?" Bella ask.

"Back to her friends.", Paul says bitterly.

"Eat Bella hun." Billy says as Bella just stares at her food.

"Bella…" He says in a warning voice.

"I'm not hungry!" She kicks her feet under the table.

"Mommy's food was way better!" She picks at a pork chop.

"Mommy cuts my food for me and she always made corn and macaroni with pork chops." Bella says as her eyes start to get teary looking. She folds her arms.

"Bella you got to eat you haven't eaten in."

"Three days." Sam says.

Billy looks at Sam worriedly.

"Does she eat anything at school Jake?" Billy asks his nephew. Jacob shakes his head devouring his plate and grabbing another pork chop.

"I'm sorry it's not what you're use to Bella and I know your mom was a great cook. I'm not so much." Billy says swallowing his tea.

"I want to go home." Bella says kicking the table again.

"Stop that." Sam says banging his hand against the table where she's kicking.

"I WAAAAAANT TO GO HOME!", Bella yells at Billy.

Billy gets a lump in his throat eyeing this poor girl that looks just like her mother. She's got Charlie's eyes and cheeks though he thinks to himself and his temper. "Why don't you just go take a bath and get ready for bed?" Billy says not knowing what else to say and he's not use to little girls. He's raised Jacob all his life but never been around little girls. Bella's lips begin to quiver and she jumps down from the table. She heads towards the stairs as if she's about to but Sam sees her run out the front door. "UM Billy?", Billy sighs and closes his eyes. "I'm on it. Just stay here." Billy trudges through the woods thinking about what a fast little booger she is as he tries to catch her. "Bella Swan! Come on! I'm not playing games." Something in him tells him to slow down. That maybe this is what she needs as horrible as it maybe. She finally makes it to her old house. She frantically bangs on the door. "MOMMY, DADDY!"

Billy stands back watching. "Please mommy, daddy, open the door!" Her tiny hands begin to hit on it repeatedly. "It's time for you to read to me daddy." She pleads. Billy covers his face with his hands and falls to his knees. "Oh my dear child.", He wipes his eyes and looks to the sky. "Tell me how do to do this my friend." He sighs and walks up to Bella as she lays her head against the door crying and still slapping her hand on it. Billy picks her up cradling her like an infant and rocks her. He starts carrying her home humming one of their tribal songs. When he walks in the door he sees Jacob's worried face as he runs towards them. "She'll be alright son. She's going to be alright." He keeps softly saying while rocking her. Billy tucks her in once she's out. "Billy?" Jacob tugs on his shirt. Billy turns around. "What is it son?"

"Is she going to die to?" Jacob's lip quivers as he looks upon Billy. Billy smiles and grabs Jacob walking him out of the room. "No what made you think that may I ask?" Billy asks in wonder. "Well my mom and dad died and her mom and dad died. Aren't Bella and I going to die too?"

"Not for quite some time Jacob. You and Bella will live to be old."

"How do you know that?"

"I just do Jacob." He hugs him again I just do.

"Now off to bed."

The sound of thunder causes Bella to wake. She sees the shadows around her room that the lightning causes and they look like monsters to her. She hides under the covers but the thunder makes her bed shake and the windows rattle. Bella runs to Jacob's room and shakes him awake. "What is it Bella?" He asks tiredly. "Can I sleep with you?" Jacob sighs and stretches tiredly. Another tumble goes across the sky and the lightning scares her as she jumps. She screams in crawls in bed with Jacob hiding under the covers. Jacob falls back asleep and she watches him under the covers as the lightning reveals his face. She misses crawling in bed with her parents when she was scared. But as she watches Jacob sleep something in her feels safe now. She finally closes her eyes and sleeps.

Billy's mouth drops as Bella actually sits down and eats her pancakes for breakfast. She eats every last drop and looks to Billy holding out her plate. "Could I have some more please." Billy smiles ear to ear. "Of course you can you can have as many as you want!" He says starting up the stove again. He rejoices on the inside as he watches her eat another batch. "Ah! Bella you ate them all!" Jacob whines as he comes in. "Hush Jacob there is plenty more." Jacob sits on the table. "Get down Jacob."

"Fine." He slides down.

"Sam will be babysitting you again today I got to go to work soon."

"No school?" Bella says smiling.

"It's Saturday dummy!"

Bella frowns and Billy smacks him in the back of the head. "BOY!" That makes Bella laugh apart from school no one has seen Bella laugh. She breaks into a smile every now and then but never laughter. Jacob and Billy look upon one another. Billy winks at Jacob and smacks him lightly again. Bella starts giggling so hard her body is shaking and her cheeks turn rosy red. Billy's heart is lifted and see's that maybe there is hope for Bella Swan after all.