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Chapter 17


"Ugh Jake how can you look at me and still say I'm sexy."
She says as she looks in the mirror after showering. I get behind her and kiss along her neck and shoulders and then look in the mirror putting my hands along her preggy belly. "Because you are Bella, you're just as freaking sexy pregnant as you were when you weren't. You being pregnant is hot!" She laughs, "You're so full of it Jake." I start rubbing against her suggestively. "Oh really? Well, let me take you to the bed and show you how full of it I am." I run my hands along her breast and take her hand as I'm leading her out of the bathroom.

"Um Jake," she freezes as I'm still trying to tug at her.

"Come on Bella." I say and turn to look down and see what she's looking at as she leaks fluids onto the floor. She grabs at her belly. "Jake!"

"On it babe," I say almost high pitchy. I hurry and lead her to the bed. "Just breathe." I say as I rush to get my clothes on. She lays on her side as the contractions start. "I'm hurrying Bella." I grab her a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. I help her dress and grab her bags as I rush her to the truck. I get her inside and rush to mine. "Um Jake," she points to her door and I realize I didn't close it. "Right babe, on it." I rush out my hands shaking beyond control. I shut the door and rush back in. I start the truck. "Damn it what's wrong with this!" I yell as Bella laughs between her pain. "Jake it's in neutral." I look down. "Right." I put it in drive and head to the Cullens. "Jake!"

"What's wrong?" I say.

"You passed the house."

I swallow and look back.


"Are you ok Jake?"

Bella laughs so hard she snorts but then cries out as another contraction hits. I park the truck and get Bella out. Carlisle's already rushing out of the house ready to help. Alice is practically skipping and hangs on my arm. "You're about to be a daddy!" I try to focus on not passing out like a girl. Carlisle gets Bella on the hospital bed he had for her last time. "Everyone out but Jake…" He says "Alice you can stay I know you won't leave but you're going to help me." She claps her hands. "Alice get me a bowl of water, alcohol and my medical bag. Bella I want you to breathe when a contraction comes I want you to let out little breaths like this." He showed her an example. She nodded. "Jake you take her hand and be her coach." He winks. "It'll be ok." He pats me on the back. I never dreamed a vampire would be delivering my child. As I'm looking at Bella I start to see what Alice was talking about. All this is because of Bella. The only time in history as far as I know where vampires and wolves have worked together and more or less have become friends. "You're amazing." I say out loud. Bella forces a smile between breaths. I look upon my wife in true amazement knowing there really isn't anyone like her.

"Everyone is outside waiting." Alice says as she comes back in with the stuff. "Everyone?"

She nods. "Yep even your pack. We're all eager to meet the newest member!" Bella smiles I run my hand along her forehead and smile back even though my knees are still shaking. Bella cries out and starts to fold over. "Hmmm. They are pretty close." Carlisle says as he's been counting them. I better see how much she's dilated. "She's certainly ready!" Carlisle says taking off his glove and throwing it away as he puts on a clean pair. Suddenly my throat feels tight and like I'm having trouble breathing. I look at Bella as Carlisle's putting her foot in the stir ups and shifting her down.

"Wait! Something's wrong." I say grabbing the handle to her bed as I gasp for air.

Carlisle looks at me alarmed. "The baby Carlisle something's wrong!" He nods and rushes to get the sonogram machine going. He lifts up Bella's shirt and uses the gel again. He looks at the sonogram then to me. "You're right." He pushes it out of the way. "Bella hun, we got to get this baby out now you understand? I need you to push." Bella starts to panic. "Bella look at me the baby is going to be fine we just got to work a bit faster ok." Carlisle assures. "Alice, I need you right here next to me." Jake remind her to breathe and take her hand.

"Okay Bella when you feel the contraction come I want you to push as hard as you can, understand?"

Bella nods and sobs I see the fear in her eyes.

"Okay PUSH Bella!"


"I can't I can't push anymore Carlisle."

"You're doing great though Bella I need one more good push. You can do this let's get this baby out now!" The contraction comes and I squeeze Jake's hand. "You can do it baby push." He says.

"It's out!" Carlisle says.

I raise my head up to see it. "Why's it blue Jake? Why is our baby blue?" Jake looks over at the baby and kisses my hand as he holds it. "Bella baby…" I shake my head and try to get up. "Stay down Bella Carlisle's taking care of it."

"Why isn't it crying? JAKE PLEASE!"

Jake has tears streaming from his face. "NO JAKE, NO NO!" I turn to see Carlisle putting something in my IV. "Carli…"



"Hey baby." I look up to see Jake looking down at me.

It starts to come back. I rise up and look around. "Jake where's our baby?" Jake wipes his face as my heart sinks. He breaks into a smile and sticks his hands out and places the baby in my arms. "It's a girl Bella. She looks just like you."

I stare upon her she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. She's got Jake's skin only with a lighter tone. Her hair is dark brown almost black and thick. "She's got your eyes Bella. I thought you might want to call her Renee'." Jake says running his hand though my hair. "Dakota Renee' Black." I say. "I love it Bells. No one else but Carlisle and I have held her. I didn't want your thunder stolen."

I pull Jake in by the collar and kiss his lips. "I love you Jacob Black." He kisses me and Dakota. "I love you too Bella, I love you Dakota." He sighs as we hear them all rustling by the door. I kiss Dakota's cheek. "Shall we let them in?" Jake says.

"Yes but first tell me what was wrong?"

Jake sighs looking at Dakota. You were low on amniotic fluid and the cord wrapped around her neck she was suffocating. Carlisle saved her.

"You knew…. how?"

"Just did not sure how I felt it though it was almost like a pack thing with the reading of thoughts but more like she was crying for help and it just hit me the only way she could communicate was to make me feel it."

I smile. That's my girl.


I let everyone in as they all hover around Bella eyeing the baby. I smile proudly as they all talk about how beautiful she is.

"What's her name?" Seth asks pushing past.

"So you were right buddy she was a girl after all."

He smiles " I knew she was!"

"Her name is Dakota Renee' Black."

"Cool can I hold her!"

Bella smiles and hands her over to me. "Be careful with her Seth." Seth looks upon Dakota he smiles hugely and snuggles her close. I sense something and look at Seth as he stares upon her. "Jesus." I say. Seth looks at me wide eyed and gasp. "Jake I'm sorry I."

"What happened?" Bella asks look at us.
I break into a smile as Seth looks scared shitless.

"It seems our daughter already has a future mate."

"Bella I'm sorry I didn't know I didn't mean to!" Seth says handing Dakota back to me.
We both laugh. I put a hand on his shoulder. "Seth I couldn't think of anyone better to imprint on our daughter. We think of you as family anyhow." Seth starts to breathe again and smiles. "I thought you both were going to kill me." He says his hands still shaking. "Oh if you hurt her I will. No doubt about that." I hear Edward laugh.

Carlisle laughs. "We'll it seems we have two things to celebrate now." I rub Seth's head messing up his hair. "Crazy kid, I suppose that explains why you were so close to Bella. Or was it just her stomach?"

Everyone laughs and has their turn holding our daughter. The room starts to clear out. Edward stays behind in a corner. "May I?" He says as everyone leaves. He holds out his arms I look at Bella and she nods with a smile. I nod in return and hand Dakota to Edward.


This is truly where it all hits for me I know I will never play a bigger role in Bella's life. I look upon this beautiful child, Bella and Jake I laugh in spite myself as I take in the child. Though it pains me greatly a wave of happiness for Bella hits and I can't stop smiling. I could have never given Bella what Jake has. I walk over to Bella and hand her Dakota. "She's beautiful, like her mother." I swallow back the pain and shake Jacob's hand. "You did good Jacob."

He looks genuinely shocked and I laugh as I leave the room.

The talk….

"Seth we called you here to talk to you about this imprint." Embry, Quill and I sit around the fire at La Push as Seth walks up looking concerned. Bella is at home taking care of Dakota. "You do realize you will be stuck as a 13 year old until Dakota catches up?"

"Yes I already thought of that."

"Is that really what you want Seth?" I ask looking him in the eyes.

"I'm sure the spirits would allow another alternative."

"No I don't want another alternative. I will wait. I want what you and Bella have. I want to spend my youth as her best friend first and grow together. I wouldn't have it any other way. I know I might sound crazy but this is what I want. It's funny I was always in such a hurry to grow up and be like you Jake but now all I can think about is being there for Dakota and protecting her I will be whatever she needs." I can't help but smile knowing that feeling.

It is hard for someone that doesn't understand it. Once the imprint takes place your only desire is to be whatever that person needs you to be at that moment. You both grow from there.

"Very well Seth so be it."

2 years later….

"JAKE!" I hear Bella holler.

I run into Dakotas's room where she sleeps in her new toddler bed. I stare in disbelief as her legs are shot past the bed and her arms hanging off. "Dakota," I say walking up to her. She rolls over she's aged another 2 years. "What's wrong daddy?" She asks blinking her eyes. "Um, nothing darling." Bella grabs me by the arm. "What is happening?" I let out a nervous laugh. "It seems her body is trying to catch up to Seth's imprint. If this happens every 2 years or so she'll hit 13 before we know it. "So I we just missed out on her toddler years!" Bella snaps. "Mommy what's wrong." Bella gives a watery smile. "Nothing hun I'm about to make some pancakes." Bella looks as though she's about to cry but heads to the kitchen.

I smile at Dakota and kiss her forehead. "Get dressed for breakfast." She stretches out her arms. "Okay daddy."

I walk up behind Bella as she's flipping the pancakes. "You know Bella…" I kiss along her neck and shoulder. "We could have a lot of fun making Dakota a little brother or sister." She laughs. "Oh really?" I nod kissing her again and running my hands along her waist. She turns and looks at our daughter as she sits at the table. I see pride in Bella's eyes even through the sudden shock of seeing that our daughter is now 4 years of age rather than 2. "I'd love that Jake."


I've never been so happy even through the shock I witnessed about our daughter this morning. Truth be told I'd been wanting another child, I was happy to hear Jake did too. We drop Dakota off at Seth and Emily's. I feel awkward about that but Jake says that it's important they bond. Seth was just as shocked as us to see how she'd grown. Seth is like her big brother for now he play's hide and seek with her and takes her fishing then they'll watch cartoons. Jake says it reminds him of us when we were little.

We go to visit the Cullens. Not much has changed there except Edward is dating Angela the girl we use to go to school with. I wonder if she knows their secret? She's really blossomed since high school she's very pretty. Jake made the joke about how Edward likes to play with his food forgetting he could read his mind and hear very sharply. I swallow nervously as he looks our way but he laughs and kisses Angela's hand. Emmett is back to his old self but will never be with anyone as far as we know. Rose literally was his soul mate. He has eyes for no one else. Which saddens me to know it, yet romantic as hell, Jake says he understands that if something ever happened to me there's no way another woman could fill my shoes. I feel the same about Jake. There's not a man on this planet that could do for me what Jake does. As for Emily she has just started dating again not only that but she did finally get in touch with her long lost friend about a year ago. She's very nice. Edward said he knew her already but never knew the history between her and Emily, her name is Maggie from the Irish Coven. Her abilities are knowing when someone is lying.

I look around thinking of the past a few years back. I can't help but smile now at how things turned out. The Cullen's are our best friends. My daughter and I couldn't be healthier. Embry's gotten married and they expect a child soon as well. Quill is dating hmmm well he's always dating. Jake calls him a man-whore. He seems to go through a lot of girlfriends. Jake sees Paul from time to time during other pack meets. It seems he's made his own pack in which he's the alpha in. Over the years I've become stronger, more confident and a better fighter. We've made great friends with the Forest family and pack.

More than anything though as I look around me I feel at peace, happy and full of love. I know now if something tries to get in our way again we are ready we will stand and fight together. I know within the depths of my heart I chose the right path as I look upon my daughter and husband. I am thankful because I know what I have is rare and to be cherished and I do each and every day I thank my lucky stars I have them and all our wonderful friends that we consider family.


P.S- I will be working on my continuation of Lion and Lamb story of Bella and Jasper's marriage the focus also being on Bree and Nahuel now as new additions to the Cullens. I've not decided a title yet but I will put in the summary that it is the continuation. Thank you for reading and the great heartwarming reviews to Bella Luna I had a lot of fun writing this one.

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