Pre-Green shadows

Takes place between 1-3 months before BB meets other Titans, a what if story of how BB may of reacted when Doom P. Kicked him off the team for saving their lives.

Garfield M. Logan, green shapeshifter, and newly ex-member of the famous Doom Patrol, walked trough the forests that surround Doom Patrol's HQ, lost in his thoughts as the words of his second family played through his mind. Mento seemed the most outgoing in ripping him a new one, the past event repeating in his head.


"Do you have any idea what you've done!" Mento practically screamed in his face, they had just returned from the sight of "The Brotherhood of evil's" latest failure to take over the world, and almost capture. You see, all the members of DP had been captured, with the exception of Garfield, and he had been the one to stop the Black hole emitter from firing. He did this by sneaking into it as a fly and then rapidly changing into a T-Rex, thus destroying the delicate insides.

Now this would of been something worth praise, but the whole team decided to overlook that for what happened next. The Brotherhood had set off a self-destruct, and Garfield had been left with a choice, save his teammates and live to fight another day, or try to grab the head of the Brotherhood and more then likely die in the blast. He chose to save his teammates, something that Mento saw as a bad choice.

Mento's next statement shocked Garfield to the core, "That was your last chance Garfield, you off the team!" Garfield's eyes went wide and he took a look at the other members. Negative Man just shrugged his shoulders, Robot Man shock his head, and Elasti-Girl wouldn't even look at him. "You can collect your belongings and will be out of the base before dark." Mento then turned and walked to his room.

Flashback end.

That had only been his public dismissal from the team, Mento had cornered him as he was about to leave and proceeded to attack him, physically and mentally, thus leading to his current state. His mask was gone, the black sleeve to his right arm torn at the seam from Mento trying to grab him, but besides an assortment of fist and boot shaped marks over his body there was nothing that wont heal in a few days unlike Mento. You see along with the sleeve went his glove, exposing his claw like nails, that in a wild swing had carved into Mento's face leaving four deep trench like marks starting at his lower jaw and extended over his eye, something else he had cut into, and over his forehead.

Garfeild still made his way through the empty forest, the duffle bag dragging behind him. Mento's blood, having dried quickly over his hand in the cool night air, began to make the skin on his fingers feel tight. His thoughts were along the lines of 'How can this get worse' and mother nature decided it was time for both Lady Fate and Lady Luck to become the monthly bitches.

A flash of light crossed the sky fallowed by a crack of thunder, thus unleashing gallons of rain that seemed to drill into his skin with each hit. But that wasn't all. A low sound reached Garfield's sensitive ears, one that could be mistaken for that of an animal, but Garfield almost instantly recognized it; for it was the sound of the base's defense system coming to life.

Garfield paled slightly before memories of Roboman's warning to Mento came to him '...the only problem is that there's a foot of clearance between the scanner edge and the ground...' And giving an almost lazy smile Garfield shifted into a large green mole. Taking his time Garfield dug a trench large enough for his bag it slip into and started pulling it in, and not a moment to soon. A turret that had been hidden away in a fake tree sparked to life with a quick -Pop-Pop-Pop- as the bullets raked the air above the bag.

'Mom always said life was a test' Garfield thought as he dug his rapidly filling trench and pulled his bag along. 'I better get an A+ for this.' But even so, as rain and mud stuck to his body Garfield pressed on, moving the softening earth, and heading to his next destination in life.