Green shadow (Pt:1)

It has been four Months since the young hero Garfield left Doom Patrol HQ., and surprisingly so it had been good the first few weeks. Save a cat here, stop a bus from hitting a kid there, and 'bam' it was known that he left D.P.. Now on the other hand Mento had twisted the true story of what had happened that got him off the team, and the media ate it up.

Mento's story went something alone the lines of "Garfield had been a good member," -Yada-Yada-Yoda- "But being the first captured had cut a deal with the head of 'The Brotherhood'," -Some story about abusing their trust to get them to enter the traps- -and finally "Due to his own lack of intelligence Garfield destroyed the Lock's consul thus releasing us." -and then it was some cheap ass story of how he lead the weakened team to defeat 'The Brotherhood' and how Garfield had let them get away.-

But Garfield did as he did best, and let the lies role off as if it was water on a duck's back. Sure at first when he arrived in towns he would be met with police forces that had been called by passerby's who would recognize him; and only twice he'd been shot at! It would usually take the head of the Police forces to check their on board computers to see that he wasn't actualy a wanted man, and then Garfield would explain himself to them. Hell, he had most the west cost believing him over Mento.

At the moment Garfeild was resting atop a low flying jet. The reason for this was because it was heading the same place he had been going, and it would take forever for him to fly there. Garfield didn't pay the Jet much mind besides the direction it was going, but that didn't stop him from noticing the large logo printed on the side, which read "STARK Industries" in bold blue letters. A brief memory had reminded him of where he had heard the name from.

Stark Industries was a weapons company, or they had been. The C.E.O. Was a red haired woman if he remembered correctly, a Mis. Pepper Pots, 'Or was it now Stark?' Garfield asked himself before dropping the matter all together, it wasn't really any of his business. 'It could of given me somthing to do...' he grumbled in his head, the wind had torn his last Suduku Book from his hands half way through a puzzle.

Garfield heard a soft wine of hydraulics lowering and the jet give a shift, but really didn't think much of it as he slid some beats on and prayed his player didn't die out soon and leaned back onto the tail. 'Probably testing the landing gears' and that was as much thought as he gave it until something tapped him on the shoulder. First thinking it was a bird trying to grab his Beats wire he just tried to shoo it away without even thinking, but the second set of taps on his shoulder was with a lot more force making him turn to look at what it was bothering him...

...And nearly fell off the side of the Jet. Floating not even two feet from him was Iron Man, fully decked out in his red and gold armor, not even looking strained by the speed they were moving, honestly he looked quit comfy doing fake back-stokes. Iron Man stopped when he saw he had Garfield's full attention and gave a wave that made him think of a special needs child he had saved just a week ago. Slowly lifting his hand Garfield gave a slow wave back, not knowing if he should jump off the jet and make a run/fly for it, or just sit there looking at the Red and Gold hero.

A grinding noise was heard, even through his music, Garfield looked to the front of the plain to see a hatch had open and noriced Iron Man fly over to it. The man stopped right over it turned to Garfield and motioned for him to fallow.

this is it for now.