Attere here, writing Starfy fanfiction because I'm stupid and have writers block. Just a quick little oneshot/drabble, no sure which one since it's so short. I love SnipsXRonk. c: I have no idea. XD Review if you want, I don't really care. CX

On with the story!

If there was one thing Snips was afraid of, it was thunderstorms. Her brother was out and the only one left was Ronk. She crept down the hall and opened his door. She tentativley poked her head in. "Ronk?" She said, a slight asking edge to her voice. He was playing a video game on his 3DS. "Yeah?" He asked, not looking up. Snips jumped and squeaked as a large thunderclap shook their home. "C-Can I sit with you?" She asked, hoping feverishly the answer was yes. He looked up. His fearless leader? Afraid of a little thunder? The thought of that made him want to laugh! He nodded nonetheless and continued playing his game as he felt her sit on his bed as if she thought spikes were going to come up and stab her at any moment. "My bed is safe, leader." He said, still not taking his eyes off the bright little screen in front of him.

She sat down beside him more comfortably. Just then another huge clap of lightning illuminated the room followed by a boom of thunder. She found herself grabbing onto Ronk's arm. She pulled away, blushing a bit. Ronk smiled slightly to himself. This happened several more times until Ronk just put his game aside, took his arm out of her grasp, and put it around her. "Now you don't have to grab at me every 5 seconds." He said. Snips found herself to be both frustrated and joyful at these actions. She blushed with a bit of a scowl that turned into eyes squished shut when there was more thunder. Ronk pulled her closer. Eventually the 2 fell asleep like this.

Papes came back in the morning to find them sleeping. He smilde deviously. "Typical sis. Leave her alone in a thunderstorm and she becomes a totally different person. I wonder how things'll work out when they wake up..." And, still smiling, retired to his bedroom.

But of course not without placing a camera in the bedroom, he needed recorded footage so he wouldn't miss anything.

See, was that so bad? Anyway, thanks for reading this stupid writer's block un-blocker! *Kicks writers block*