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Author's Note

Tsukune Aono gazed morosely out the window of the small school bus carrying him to his new school. The general area was completely barren. The only sign of life from the desolation was mossy covered scraggly trees. The sky was also quite foreboding, a murky orange color with the background littered with tombstones.

The sign for the bus stop was a black-caped scarecrow with a jack-o-lantern perched on its shoulders in place of a head.

Tsukune slid his bag on his right shoulder. The curious teen looked around and continued down a rather worn path. The geography and vegetation was unfamiliar. Was this really a location within Japan he wondered as he picked at his green blazer. He sighed, wishing the coloring was blue. He liked blue better, at least the pants were a tolerable color.

"Watch out!" he heard and he turned to see a girl coming towards him on a bicycle. He was frozen in fear and unable to move out of the way.


"Itai…" the girl groaned and then she found herself lying on top of the young man. Shaking the stars out of her head, she managed to get back up onto her knees. Looking to see who she hit, she saw the young man who she hit. ''Sorry! So sorry!'' she profusely apologized.

''I-Its oka...'' Tsukune trailed off as he paused, a dark blush forming on his face as he looked at the girl. She was beautiful, with a long pink mane of hair, soft green eyes, and all around gorgeous. She was wearing the same colors of the academy, but with a skirt instead of pants. She also had an intricate Rosario of sorts on her chest. That drew in Tsukune's attention as Rosarios were the current chapter of the book he was reading.

Tsukune stood up and went over to help the girl. ''Are you okay? My name is Aono Tsukune.'' She's really cute.

Suddenly, he felt her hands on his face and he blushed at the contact. 'What is she doing?'

"You smell nice," she said huskily. She slowly leaned in to…

Bite him!

Tsukune let out a cry and tried to jerk away, but the girl's grip on him with inhuman. Not even Daichi-sempai was that strong, and he was a martial artist. His breathing grew shallow and his body began feeling weak. Finally the girl let go, a faint blush on her face.

"Gomen. I was just so hungry. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Moka Akashiya.''

''N-Nice to meet you Moka-san,'' Tsukune replied, rubbing his neck. 'Jeesh. The first cute girl I meet and she has some sort of blood fetish. What does she think she is? A vampire or something?' Tsukune thought as he began gathering his things. He finished and looked up, noticing Moka had picked up her bike and gathered her things. ''Are you a first year as well?'' he asked as Moka smiled and nodded. ''Maybe we mind end up in the same class.'' he suggested with a shrug. He wasn't really all that good with interacting with girls his age. It was always Daichi-sempai who did most of the talking whenever they hung out, so Tsukune thought of following his example.

"Do you want to be friends? I really don't know anyone here and it's a little intimidating to be by myself."

"I…well...'' Tsukune began stammering. Girls never really showed an interest in him. He was always the straggly or strange boy into the occult. ''I have no problem with that.'' he once more mirrored his sempai, something he did when he was nervous or self conscious.

"Yay!" Moka cheered as she hugged Tsukune's arm causing him to blush. ''I've always wanted a friend. Kyaah! Why did I say that? You must think I'm crazy or something?'' the girl yammered on. A faint blush appeared on her cheeks as she timidly asked. ''Y-You don't have anything against vampires do you?'' she asked, as Tsukune looked at her with surprise.

''No...I think they're pretty cool. Well, not the really evil, psychopathic, and selfish ones like some of the villains on True Blood or the really bad ones on Twilight. I do like Anne Rice's novels, and Bram Stroker's Dracula is a classic.'' Tsukune paused, suddenly starting to feel alarmed. 'Way to go Tsukune. Now she's going to think you're some vampire nerd or something.' he chastised himself.

''I...I'm really glad.'' she replied with a bright smile and hugged his arm tighter resulting in the brown haired boy blushing. Unfortunately the two were separated during the entrance ceremony. Tsukune was able to finally find his home room class after being rebuffed or ignored by several students for being weak. Even when he was made fun of or ignored in his previous school, it never felt so...vicious.

He entered and at the front of the class was a woman who looked to be in her twenties. She was rather cute, with creamy looking skin and short blonde hair. She had cat-like ears with a little furred tail, a green and black striped top that showed her cleavage with a black mini-skirt that came to her knees. Tsukune was so stupefied he almost didn't hear the sensei direct him to his seat.

"Welcome, everyone, to Yokai Academy!" she cheered, bringing equal cheers from the students on the classroom. "I'll be your homeroom teacher, Miss Shizuka Nekonome!"

Tsukune couldn't help but smile. It was always nice to have a teacher who was enthusiastic and cared about teaching.

''Now as I'm sure you're all aware," Ms. Nekonome continued, drawing a pointer. "This school is a school for monsters!"

Tsukune froze at this proclamation. His eyes widened and his heart nearly stopped. Did he hear right?

"So, like it or not, humans run the world!" Ms. Nekonome continued. "That means we monsters have to learn to co-exist with them. That is the mission of this school! Peaceful co-existence with the humans!"

A cold sweat broke out as he repressed the urge to panic. One false move and he was going to be dead. A school of monsters? On one hand he was rather fearful, knowing a lot of monsters were violent and hated people. On the other hand the other part of him, the other who studied such things and was a huge monster junkie was excited. Real live monsters.

Shizuka walked, more like skipped, over to the words on the board and pointed at them with her pointer.

''In order for us monsters to continue to survive, we have no choice but to continue to peacefully coexist with the humans. The Earth has already come under the control of the humans! At this academy, you will be studying 'How to coexist with humans! So for that reason, as a school rule you will all live your lives at this academy in human form! Do you understand? It's a matter of being able to disguise yourself well as a human! This is the foundation of coexistence. You are never to allow any of your fellow students to know your 'true form' understand!''

Relief washed over Tsukune with that announcement. That increased his chances of survival.

''Hey Teacher, would it not be better for us to eat those puny humans and in the case of beautiful girls, better to molest them.'' Some scruffy looking guy with lips piercing asked.''Humans are nothing more than trash for us monster. If you're weak then you're life means nothing more than being playthings for the strong.''

Tsukune repressed his urge of nausea and outraged. As somehow who respected women very much, he didn't like vile types, monster or not; such thoughts were unforgivable.

"That's just silly!" Ms. Nekonome sighed. "You don't have to worry about humans here though. All the faculty and fellow students are monsters just like you. This school exists behind a special barrier so no humans have ever seen it. Well, seen it and lived."

A sudden sliding sound that went with the opening of the door suddenly sounded off. It cut off the rather grim conversation.

''Scuse me!'' A familiar voice said from the hallway. ''Sorry I'm late…'' Moka said as she entered the doorway. The tensions that was filling the room earlier had come to a stop as everyone began focusing on the pretty newcomer.

"That's okay," Ms. Nekonome smiled reassuringly. "Just take an empty seat anywhere."

''Oh that's fine just take a seat,'' Nekonome said. 'Well, what a cute one.'

''Ok!'' Moka replied with a friendly smile as she stepped in and looked around for a place she could sit.

Of course when she entered the class the guys starting drooling like idiots and commented on her beauty.

"That girl is hot..." one boy gasped.

"She's totally cute..." added another.

"I agree..." a third gasped. "She's too…too,"

"BEAUTIFUL!" the general male populous of the room cheered.

Moka seemed to be a little surprised at how the entire classroom seemed to be reacting to her entry. It didn't even occur to her that she was rally that beautiful. Still, she continued down the aisle toward an empty desk. As she got closer, she noticed a familiar face

"Tsukune-kun!" Moka cheered happily. Lunging forward, she wrapped her arms around the young man, making him blush an atomic red. "We're in the same classroom! Isn't it great?"

By the looks Tsukune was receiving from the male populous, he realized that a huge bulls eye will be pointed on his back.


Chapter End


So we'll have some changes. One, Tsukune is going to have to fight some students on his own without the girls. He's going to make strives on surviving and learning a bit more about the world around him. His interests in monsters and stuff will play a key role in survival. Too many stories just give Tsukune monster heritage or super powers. I don't want to follow that route, at least as far as the canon is concerned.

Also Tsukune will act more like an actual teenage boy, with hormones and such. He's going to be less of a stereotypical shounen character and certain vulnerabilities will be shown. More prejudices and stuff will also be introduced and whatever other elements will come to mind. Also, another thing, he will have friend characters outside the harem of both sexes. We'll get to that as well, you have an original character you want to submit, feel free to do so.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the first of my brand new, main character of other series things I'm doing. If Naruto x crossover pairings of a certain brand are overplayed, I'm sure it occurs more in any fandom with less than 2,000 fanfics and such. So yeah, if its crossover I've done for my series or such, expect that I will do Harem and Single pairing stories with those main characters as well.