Tsukune Aono
Tsukune x Harem

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''Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''

Author's Note


The latter half of the story was completely redone. Add me on Twitter for more details.

Story Start


Seeing students sprouting things like wings, claws, or fangs as a result of having trouble to maintain their disguise completely shattered any futile hope that the whole thing was just a sick joke. He did meditative breathing, or what he thought was meditative from what he recalled from movie or books in hopes of calming himself. He knew that some dark creatures could sense fear, while others feed on emotions. Though how much he knew was accurate he had no idea. After all, what kind of vampire was a pretty young girl that can go into sunlight and had pink hair? It was the fact that Moka wasn't trying to eat him not only helped kept him calm, but it put him at ease that he wasn't along.

''Whoa? Who's that babe?''

''Man I'd love to hook up with her!''

"Who's the guy with her?"

"Who cares?"

"If he gets in my way, he's dinner!"

''What that girl with the pink hair?''

''Uugh, she looks rather human and do you sense her aura. It's rather weak.''

Tsukune couldn't help but be a bit surprise at some of the latter remarks. He found Moka incredibly beautiful and thought that was the genuine conclusion. The fact that were a few guys that thought she was unattractive was surprising. Maybe it was a monster thing? Maybe it was that sort of thing where in some cultures being skinny was unattractive? It kind of made sense.

''This is going to be fun. I wonder what they're going to teach us?'' Moka asked as they stopped by a vending machine. She got herself a can of tomato juice while he got some lemonade.

''Yeah, same here,'' he shyly replied. Smiling, the two of them went out to explore the school more.

Moka took a sip of her drink and smiled, "It's delicious, isn't it?" she asked. Tsukune looked to the side, "Um, yeah," when he looked back at her, she was giving him a sad look. Not wanting to make her cry or anything, he took a gulp. Tsukune looked upon the now smiling face of his friend, 'Even with a different face and personality…She's still Moka.'

"You're Akashiya Moka, correct?" Tsukune turned abruptly to the sound of the same smug voice from that morning. The same bastard who talked about molesting girls and looked down at the weak.

''I'm your classmate Saizou Komiya! Salutations!" he arrogantly introduced himself as if he was important. ''Please tell me why a beautiful woman like yourself is hanging out with this loser?" he asked, grabbing Tsukune by the scruff of his neck, holding him off the ground. Tsukune grimaced, trying to break out of the grip. 'This guy...he's...' he soon realized it was that same monster who didn't have much respect for humans.

Students began whispering and making comments. ''Its Saizou! That guy is Saizou Kamiya!''

''He seems like he's probably one of those ill mannered suspicious rogue monsters.'' another student, a rather short one stated. ''He sounds like quite a ladies man, from all the human women he's raped. They say he caused too many problems out there in human society and was forced into this academy against his will.''

Saizou tossed Tsukune to the ground. ''Why don't we go off somewhere just the two of us and have some fun?'' he smugly suggested as he began invading Moka's personal space. ''Well? Why don't we go out for a bit?'' he continued to press, flustering Moka.

''I'm sorry! I'm having fun with Tsukune now!'' she exclaimed in a panic, yanking the boy up and dragging him away.

A sneer formed on Saizou's face. 'No woman and I mean no woman escapes me.'

By the time Moka finally stopped, Tsukune was out of breath. It felt like his arm was about to fall out of its socket. ''That was surprising wasn't it? I got a little scared. Are you okay Tsukune?''

''Uum...yeah, I'm fine.'' he let out with a pant. He was hunched over, clutching his knees. ''Moka-san, I'm curious? Why are you so friendly with a guy like me? I'm just average, some people would call me mediocre.'' he shamefully admitted. 'I've never been that concise with a girl before.'

''Don't say that!'' she exclaimed, the intensity in her eyes caused Tsukune to snap up and bump into the wall behind him. ''To me you're not mediocre or anything Tsukune!'' she then turned away, a blush formed on her face. ''B-Besides...'' her voice suddenly became soft spoken as she cupped her cheeks. ''We're on blood sucking terms.'' she said affectionately as Tsukune nearly fell back in disbelief. ''Be proud of yourself! You have Grade A blood Tsukune. It's way better than any of the blood I've drank before from the blood transfusion packs! It's full bodied, and the sweetness and mineral balance are all perfect!'' she went on until Tsukune finally exploded in disbelief.

''What am I food or something!''

Moka somewhat changed the focus of the discussion. ''Of course not, but, th-that was my first time Tsukune.'' she admitted, causing the boy to blush furiously. ''Y-You're the first person whose body I have ever fed from Tsukune. My first time. That feeling...I'll never forget it.'' she earnestly replied as she looked down.

''M-Moka-san!'' Tsukune simply said.

Moka clasped her right cheek, blushing furiously, ''Oh...I'm so embarrassed!'' she admitted, pushing Tsukune into the wall using more strength then she attented to. ''Let's have some more fun, let's out check out the academy!'' she suggested with a wave as Tsukune pulled himself from a wall.

''S-So strong.'' he mumbled as he clutched his head. His head was slightly bruised and his shoulder slightly scraped. Despite that it didn't change his opinion of Moka. The two of them continued to explore the school, seeing the structure and decorations such as gargoyles and other creatures. Finally they arrived to the school dorm. Between the gravestones, crosses, and run down condition of the dorm it looked more like a modern haunted hose then a dorm room.

'So this is where we'll be staying?' he thought with a slight grimace. 'I hope that the place has plumbing and other such things.'the one thing that really began to factor into Tsukune was, would he really be able to survive in this place? Was there some sort of illness he could contract within being in close proximity of other monsters? How reliable was his knowledge.

''So cool.'' Moka swooned. ''Such a building, full of dignity and character.''

''I'm still going to withhold my judgement.'' Tsukune replied.

''Oh, you don't like it Tsukune? I guess not all monsters like the same thing. Oh, speaking of, which kind of monster are you?'' she suddenly recollected something. ''Oh right, I forgot that letting your true form out is against the school rules right? Forget I even asked.'' she hastily changed, missing the vibe of Tsukune relaxing.

''S-So. Are you really a vampire?'' he was still trying to wrap his head around her. If Moka was a vampire, she was really the most unvampire vampire he had ever heard of. Well, except for the Twilight Vampires.

''Yeah,'' she answered with a nod. ''Right now I look pretty human, but, you see this Rosary on my chest,'' she began explaining as she brought the attention to the cross with her hands. ''If I take this Rosary off, I become the real thing, an evil and scaaaaary vampire.'' she emphasized the word scary. ''Rosaries have the effect of sealing off a vampire's power since in my original form I was hated and caused conflict. As long as I have this on my vampire powers are sealed.'' she then switched gears. ''Oh, but even if our power is sealed, we do still end up craving blood.'' she walked over to the flustering boy as the distance between them became nonexistent. ''My weakness.'' once more she sunk her fangs into Tsukune who began to panic. 'Virgin' and 'being converted' formed in his mind. Thankfully though he didn't end up turning into a Vampire after all.

Despite his growing infatuation with Moka, that didn't stop Tsukune from writing up a withdrawal notice. Now it was a matter of giving up or staying. He didn't want to be separated from Moka, but at the same time was it worth risking his life. The latter of course found itself being called into question. ''Hey, wait up loverboy!''


Tsukune suddenly found himself slammed into one of the concrete wall. ''It looks like you had a lot of fun with Moka Akashiya yesterday and you're gonna pay for it today. Your true form, what is your true form!''

'T-This is bad, if it gets out that I'm human I'll be killed.' Tsukune thought as he decided to bluff. "I'm a vampire!"

Saizou promptly dropped Tsukune and rammed his fist into the concrete wall above his head. Several students gasped and began talking about what they just witnessed.

"Vampire you say!?" Saizou questioned as he partially transformed his arm. Tsukune's throat and his body shook from fer. Vampires were known as immortal creatures heralded from the west, championed as the monsters best at using their super natural power. "I'll only tell you once. Talk to Akashiya Moka again and you're a dead boy." he threatened as he walked away, leaving Tsukune amongst the rubble.

'Bulging muscles, great deal of power, height and weight advantage, rather thugish with sub-par intelligence. Without a doubt an ogre. I highly doubt I can do something without setting him off. I have to find some sort of way to...' Tsukune's thoughts were interrupted as he massaged his shoulder. That brute had rammed him against the wall pretty hard. He winched as he reached his right arm around to rub his back but a sharp pain shot through him when he tried to reach too far.

There was no way he could go and see a nurse, if they were as half as attentive as any professional he was more than sure they would discover his species. "Morning Tsukune!" he was greeted by none other then Moka. Tsukune had to force himself not to yelp from the contact.


"We're going to be late if we don't hurry up!" the perky Vampire stated.

"Go on ahead without me...I need to stop by the washroom first. I'll meet you in class." he was hoping she wouldn't pick up on his uncertainty. Thankfully Moka had continued on ahead. 'How can I do this? How can I survive?' he was human. He was no match for these monsters. All it takes is one accident. What if his ribcage punctured one of his organs because one monster was a little too careless? For the rest of the day Tsukune wrestled with the decision.

Later that afternoon he found himself mulling over it in the forest. Moka had excused herself to do something she didn't want to give a name to, the bathroom most likely as Tsukune cradled the resignation letter in his hand. It was funny how something so small and light could have so a heavy, life altering impact in his future. He was holding a possibility, a course of life in his hand.

"Didn't I warn you to stay away from Moka? Now I'm going to grind you to dust boy." any courage Tsukune might have gathered withered away upon seeing Saizou's true form. A ghoulish creature with massive hands and a bulky form.

Tsukune did the only thing he could do in that situation. He ran. He ran as fast and as hard as he could. Ignoring the taunts of 'coward' and 'wannabe vampire'. If Aono Tsukune had a flaw, then Pride was definitely not one of them.

"You can't run from me forever coward. I wouldn't have to do this if you weren't trying to move on my girl. You're only drawing out ya fate."

'I can't fight someone like him. He's too big! Too strong!' Tsukune thought as he ducked behind a tree and hid in its hollow center.

"Come out and face me coward!"

Tsukune clasped both hands over his mouth. Praying that the lumox wouldn't be able to hear him. 'I can run away! Maybe he'll get up and then I can take the bus and forget this whole thing ever happened.' he thought. 'What was I thinking? In a school full of monsters, they'll tear me apart without a thought.' but then suddenly a voice came to mind.

''Right now I look pretty human, but, you see this Rosary on my chest. If I take this Rosary off, I become the real thing, an evil and scaaaaary vampire.'


'To me you're not mediocre or anything Tsukune!''

Could he really just run away? Would what happen to Moka if he let scum like Saizou had his way? All his life he had been different. He had just been another nameless face, nothing special, a no one.

"Do you want to be friends? I really don't know anyone here and it's a little intimidating to be by myself."

He couldn't...he wouldn't be a coward. He wanted to stand on his own two feet. This was a chance to take his life into his own hands. With renewed courage he left the hiding spot. He wouldn't be able to fight Saizou, so maybe he could outsmart him? With the geography of the school surely they were located near an ocean, and since there was a lack of beach front or anything like that, that meant their were cliffs nearby. It was only a matter of finding a place and timing. The former was the easy part, it took him little time at all. The latter on the other hand would depend on fate and a lot of luck. "Hey you moronic Lummox! Over here!" it didn't take Tsukune long to find Saizou. He was as loud as he was ugly and huge.

Thankfully Saizou didn't move as fast as his size would dictate. Most people equated to being really large to being really slow when quite the contrary, the mass given to beings in certain forms would dictate covering more because of the size. That and Tsukune had a lot of experience running from bullies when he was younger. Saizou proved quite predictable and followed him to the side of the cliff.

''I-I'll give you a free shot!" he stammered slightly, but Tsukune did his best to feel it with bravado. "A stupid beast like yourself understands that right!" he said, stumping his chest and hoping Saizou's anger would get the best of him. Saizou charged him and it was like time slowed down. Tsukune's had froze, as a result of having that much weight on the edge it gave a way. Tsukune yelped and he dropped down, grabbing onto the edge. That stroke of dumb luck saved him as Saizou's attempt to snag him by the neck threw the ogre off balance and over the side.

The sound of the roaring water below and following splash camouflaged any other following sound Tsukune could have heard. Pulling himself up he looked over the edge and didn't see any sign of Saizou's body. Whether or not that was a good thing Tsukune wasn't sure. He was shivering, his body had began to clam up. His breathing began deep and rapid and he simply stared at the spot where Saizou had toppled over. The last thing Tsukune heard before passing out was something calling out his name.

Chapter End

There, hope this satisfies the complaints I was given. Since I had to go back and redo my entire outline and plans don't expect as many updates as I originally planned.