I took a deep breath, grinning, and knocked on the familiar door. It was spring, definitively not the time I usually visited. The door opened. I froze. My father did as well, but quickly snapped out of it and picked me up. "Oh, my baby! Did you miss me? Is that why you came home? I missed you so much! Your bed is still set up, you can move in right away!" My father cried, spinning me around with stars in his eyes, his long red hair fanning out.

I laughed, my tote bag having fallen to the ground earlier. "Yes, no, I don't know if I'm moving in or not." I said, replying to his earlier ramble. He set me down on the ground.

"Well, come in, come in! Why are you here, it's not Christmas!" I picked up my tote bag grinning.

"Well, I wanted to surprise you. Allison's family moved back to Japan. In fact, we're living just down the street." I said, slipping off my converse as I walked in and placing my bag next to them. I looked up to see someone I would recognize anywhere standing in the doorway.

"Haru!" I cried, running up to her and jumping on her, wrapping my legs around her tummy and my arms around her neck. She stumbled backwards in shock, wrapping her arms around me so I didn't fall.

"Hinata?" Haruhi asked in shock. I grinned at her shock.

"At your service, sissy!" I then noticed the 6 guys standing behind Haruhi. I jumped down. I glanced over my shoulder, seeing my dad dancing around and daydreaming. "Who are they?" I asked uncertainly. The blonde one standing in the front rushed forward, leaning down to my –short- level, and pulled a rose out, holding it in front of me.

"We are the Host Club, princess."

AN; Woaaah, my first fanfiction! X3 No flames, please! I just kinda threw it out onto Word in about 15 minutes. My inspiration? My cat nuzzling my foot. ^-^ Late disclaimer?

Hinata; Meep.
Me; Hinata -.-
Hinata; No.
Haruhi; Emma does not own Ouran Host Club.
Me; But I wish I did…