Before we start, this is a remake of journal #1, so do not panic if a couple chapters randomly pop up out of nowhere. Have a good day. Oh and...

I do not on the Pokemon franchise, I am one though.

Entry 1 - May 5, 2012

Hi to whoever reads this, after prodding from friends and relatives, I've made a blog and will now write whatever I think is good enough to write or topics I wish to write about.

One of those topics is my gender.

First off, I'm Azelf of the not-so famous Lake Trio, or Lake Guardians, or Spirit Trio or... whatever other name humans gave me and my siblings. My siblings are Uxie and Mesprit, both female by choice. Me... well, my gender is also female by choice though everyone seems to think I'm male... is it because I'm the Being of Willpower? That's very sexist to think Willpower makes me an automatic male. In past lives (the universe resets on Arceus' orders'.), I've been either gender but I prefer female. Same for just about every legend. We're all genderless because we usually hop back and forth between genders every time we become reborn, though usually we stick to one or the other, which is why I say by choice.

Back to the sexist thing, that's like saying Mesprit is always female because she is pink but in the past, she has been a he; so has Uxie as well. For me, blue equals male for just about everyone, even the other legends who know better than that. Because of this, they also refer to me as he. I'm going along with it... maybe next time I should just be male...

Next topic, who like flight? Obviously I do as I naturally can fly/float/levitate, but that doesn't mean I don't like the mechanical flight; truthfully, I love jets, my favorites being the B777 for passenger airliners and the F-22 for fighters. Tell me which one you like via comment.

Lastly... I know I don't want to write this but... who... who do you think I match perfectly with; and don't you dare say one of my siblings because I will find you. I just want to know your opinion on who I should... mate with.

That is it for now. Hope you have a good day.

- Azelf, Being of Willpower.