Zekrom's awesome blog! Entry 209

Hey everyone! It's your favorite sparking dragon, here on a great day.

Now, first off, wanna hear/read something good?

Well it all started with Kyogre and Groudon fighting over something once more... a cake I think? Anyways, I was standing there in the large archway into the atrium where they were fighting and the oddest thing could've possibly happened. Before Rayquaza could come and break up the fight, the two stared into each others' eyes and started to blush, which I might add, looks weird contrasting to the dull red body of Groudon. But the point is, I smell romance.

Then again, the only other romance I want is the one where me and Resi get together but Kyurem has his hands on her at the moment so I kinda out on a loss here.

Anyways, I'm gonna answer some questions that you guys asked, only two though:

Utroa1 asks: Who, out of every legend, is your best friend?

Mu best friend? That would be Zapdos. Electricity is a shared bond but the two of us actually became friends via training/sparing with each other. That was around one-hundred years ago. We're still best buds as of now and tomorrow, we're going to see a concert by Roxie and her band. Isn't that awesome! I know some of you reading this are jealous.

Next question: Kicker21 asks: Out of all the legends, whose the most annoying?

That one is really simple. Mew.

Little guy is precious but crazy. He's high of sugar 90% of the time and all he ever does is horse around, be it toys, pranks or plain off doing dumb things. He never sits still. It's a good thing Celebi can keep a good leash on him or everyone would've murdered him at least twice by now.

That's all the time I have, I'm off to try and bequeath my true love. Peace!

- Zekrom, the ever awesome electric dragon.

I'm sorry for not updating, I've been quite busy lately and truth be told, I have a small case of writer's block. I hope I can rectify this soon.

- Silver the Flygon