Chapter 1

Summer break had just begun and every girl and boy was joyous, their was one particular kid that was at her happiest feeling.

Kayla was 11 years old, her family had planned many events for summer break and this made her happy. Until the school bully came along and said "Hey toothpick! for now on I'm going to make your summer break the worst days of your life! got that?" the girl that was happy was now an unhappy.

"What gives! Kayla's summer holidays is none of your business!" shouted a little girl.

The bully came up to the little one "Oh look, you have to stand up for your big sister! how sad!" shouted the nasty boy and then he lifted the little girl and the older girl immediately went into action.

"You let her down now!" Kayla shoved at the bully untill he tripped over, she grabbed her little sister away from him and ran home.

"You coward!" the boy shook his fist. The girl and her sister just ran not even caring about what the nasty boy said.

"Thanks for standing up for me, but you should really watch what your doing Kaitlin." Kayla said to her little sister.

"I dont't care, I just want him to stop picking on you." The little girl said with a tone of anger.

All that Kayla did was smile, she loved Kaitlin dearly.

The new chronicler (Ignitus) was searching through his books in a worried look. "Where is it!" he exclaimed, at that moment a book floated to him. "Oh my..." he read the book at its current page in disbelief.

Kayla and Kaitlin were getting ready for bed at 8:30 (MNT time) because they had to wake up early so they could go on their vacation to Hawaii. They shared the same rooms and slept in bunk beds, Kayla had the top bunk and Kaitlin had the bottom bunk.

"Goodnight Kaitlin." Kayla says as she climbs to the top bunk.

"Goodnight Kayla." Kaitlin replied as she crawls into the bottom bunk.

*Kayla's dream*

I felt myself motion around the dark room, where was I? I knew it was only a dream but it seemed odd. "Hello, is your name Kayla?" a voice said. I just said "Yes, why are you in my dream?" the voice laughed "Clever young dragon, I will explain. I have read a prophecy about when the Night Pryer returned to Avalar, and it seems that you and your sister are involved. You are the Night Pryer, and your sister is the Day Pryer." I suddenly heard my name being called "Kayla! Kayla! Where are you?" it was Kaitlin. "I'm right here! Can you see me?" I shouted, I got no reply. "You and your sister are in the same dream, I had just allowed her to talk to you. I have to go now, think about what I am about to say. You and your sister are involved in an important prophecy, you may be the Hero of the story or both of you could. Anyway, you will return to Avalar the next time you fall asleep." I was amazed of what he said, I didn't know to believe him or if it was just a strange dream.

Kayla woke up red hot sweating gasping for air. It seemed that Kaitlin heard her and woke up to. "Kayla, I had a strange dream about a place called Avalar and a prophecy." Kaitlin whined, she seemed spooked. "I had a dream like that too, the voice said that I'm a Night Pryer and that your a Day Pryer." Kayla said in spooked voice, maybe she should believe her dream? "It also said we will return to Avalar the next time we fall asleep." This all seemed suspicious to her, maybe if she didn't sleep she wouldn't find out?