Just like a page out of a fairy tale

the storybook romance comes true…

Isabella Marie Swan


Jacob Ephraim Black

request the honor of your presence

October sixteenth two thousand and ten

at 2:30 in the afternoon

Rialto Beach

Forks, Washington

Between her fingers, Bella held the cream cardstock invitation with frayed edges and glistening orange calligraphy. The poetic saying both she and Jacob agreed upon mocked her heavy heart. At the time, the words never seemed truer. Their love was like a fairytale, and they lived a storybook romance.

They had been high school sweethearts. Love bloomed quickly. It was the definite kind of love. The kind that doesn't stop for anything – not even when Bella moved four hours away to college while Jacob stayed behind to become a certified mechanic. Their love didn't teeter when she trekked across Europe with a few friends from college. Their love didn't falter when Jacob traveled Canada with his best friends. In fact, the time away from the other only seemed to draw them closer.

Jacob and Bella's love was what most adults dreamed of having. Their consistent infatuation with the other, even after five years of dating, triggered jealous stares and curious whispers. People in their small town rarely caught glimpses of survivable love, and yet they were witnessing the truest and purest of loves.

Bella could still feel that pure, true love in her soul, but it was different now. Marriage changed them. At first the transformation was barely noticeable. Small gestures of adoration were left undone. Small words of affection were left unsaid. Presences were taken for granted. Time was wasted.

All those things, Bella handled fairly well. She took them in stride and understanding that perhaps life was getting in the way. It happened to everyone. Didn't it? Things would get better. Wouldn't they?

Jacob sensed the change as well. And so, in agreement, they put forth effort that they'd never had to exude before. It was tiring, hard, and not as easy as everyone had promised them it would be; however, the results were promising.

Their hands naturally drifted together. Their smiles brightened widely. Their words of adoration were freely spoken with tender tones. Their bodies joined in rituals of love making, closing the small gap that had grown between them. The remaining small crevice was filled early on a Monday morning as Bella and Jacob impatiently sat for the longest three minutes they'd experienced yet.

Two minutes and fifty-four seconds later, Bella and Jacob rejoiced as the tiny white stick held a pretty pink plus sign in the results window. They were pregnant, happily pregnant. And just as quickly as they'd found out their family was growing they were presented with one of the hardest tribulations even the most experienced of married couples could not overcome.


Suddenly, life needed to be busy. To keep their minds away from their loss, Jacob and Bella all but avoided each other. What little words spoken were adorned with caution. Gestures of love and compassion were reduced to nodding heads and diverting eyes. Kisses on the cheek replaced those long passionate nights that had brought them to the present.

Bella blamed herself for the loss of their child. Her pregnancy hadn't lasted long, but in the few weeks she had been with child, Bell grew used to the idea of one half of her and one half of Jacob forming a complete little being. There was nothing in life grander than that thought.

The blame that blazed in Bella's heart amplified tenfold when Jacob was around. The usual glisten in his stare was gone. Every so often, Bella swore she could see a bit of disappointment flutter across his face.

Somewhere between the disappointment in Jacob and the guilt in Bella slipped a love of the ages. Laughter and rejoice no longer echoed from the walls of their once comfortable home. Instead anger and guilt flooded the home, filling it until the foundation began to buckle.

The cracks in their marriage grew with passing days. Bella often found herself perusing their photo albums and keepsake boxes, desperately trying to hold onto something, anything that could keep their marriage alive. And just as she had many days before this one, Bella reminisced with a keepsake between her fingers. This time, this session, Bella held onto the one thing that should have made her heart explode with love.

But it hadn't. It didn't. It wouldn't.

She wasn't happy. Jacob wasn't happy. Their life together wasn't a happy one any longer.

Heaviness dawned on the rapidly beating, cracked heart in Bella's chest. They'd stopped trying. Love wasn't enough to bandage the destruction she and Jacob imposed. It was over. They were over.

Their marriage was over.