No Ordinary Boy

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Genre: Tragedy, Family, Drama, Friendship, Romance.

Characters: Jim Powell, Daphne Powell, J.j. Powell, Stephanie Powell, Jarred Nile/The new guy, Adeline Rose-Nile (Jarred's mom)


I walk away from the stage carrying my guitar case, exhausted from performing, grab my duffle

bag and head down the stairs out of the auditorium to meet mom.

Would it be cool if I joined a band instead of going solo..? Hmmm.. I'd be making more friends.. I don't have that many anyway. Mom'll probably like that. Being home-schooled since birth really does have its disadvantages.

I open the door and smile as i see mom standing near the exit and start to walk down the long

hallway towards her, when i hear two gunshots. Mom's falling as if in slow motion, onto her face, I

see bloodstains on her shirt. I immediately drop my duffle-bag and start to run to her. All I could

hear as I ran to mom was my frantic screams calling her. I get to her and look around for the

shooter. But they must of ran once I started screaming mom, because there was no one here

besides me and mom. I carefully turn her over onto her side, so I don't hurt her anymore than she

already is.

"Mom! Mom can you hear me? Please keep your eyes open and focus on my voice! I'm gonna call

911, they're gonna come and you're gonna be fine. Just stay awake, please!" I tell her, trying my

best to keep the panic out of my voice but fail, as I dial 911. As I wait, I put my phone on speaker

and quickly take off my sweater, rip fabric from it, and wad a long strip into a ball. I rip off another

strip and wrap it tightly onto her arm. I then gently press the wad to the bullet wound at her right

lung, to stop anymore blood from leaving her body. The operator picked up just before the third


"Hello what's your emergency?" the operator asks.

"My moms been shot! She-there's a lot of blood! I'm at the Rec., Please hurry!" I practically yell

into my phone.

"Okay calm down we're on our way. Keep the line open." she says.

"Ok." I say, then put my phone on speaker and place it on the floor. I look down at mom and see

her eyes are closed and her breathing in slow. I check her pulse, its extremely slow. That's when I

realize moms not gonna make it, I did my best to save her. I drop my hands to my side and start


Yeah, yeah, I know, guys aren't supposed to cry, but I don't care. I just lost the only person who I truly loved and cared about. Now she's gone and I'm all alone..

[10 minutes later]

By the time the ambulance and police arrive, mom's long gone.

As the paramedics run toward me, I say to them, "You're too late.. She's gone. You couldn't save

her." my voice hoarse from crying.

They stop in the their tracks as the words leave my lips. They had a stunned look on their faces

probably at the fact that they didn't make it in time to save my mom.

One of them comes up to me and puts his hand on my shoulder and tells me, "I'm so sorry son..

You did the best you could.. In this situation some people would panic and forget what's

important." he says obviously trying to comfort me, but I'm too sad to even listen to his words.

"Did you get a look of the shooters' face?" a police man asks me.

"No, whoever it was left before I could get a look.." I say warily.

"Do you have an idea of anyone would want your mom.. you know, dead?" he asks carefully.

"No, I have no idea who would do this to her. Who could hate her? She was the kind hearted

person I've ever known, she always put others before herself." I reply.

"Where's your dad, son? Call him and see if he can take you home." the officer asked.

"Sir, my dad's dead too." I respond gloomily lowering my head.


-End of Prologue

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