~Hello everyone and welcome to the first fanfiction I've ever written! I must warn you, it probably isn't very good, but I've gotten some pretty good feedback so far..(I know that because I'm rewriting this chapter. ^.^) Enjoy my lovelies!~

A small girl, the age of twelve, jumped onto her bed, smiling down at her favorite book.

"I've read you five times and you never get old," She whispered to the thick hard back. "Ready for the sixth?"

She laughed softly as she opened up the old book, turning to the first page.

A Long-Expected Party.

She grinned as she read through the book, same as always, with funny Bilbo Baggins and his eleventy-first birthday party.

Soon it came to Frodo having to leave the Shire. He and Sam set off for Bree.

Then something strange happened.

"Two hobbits and a woman!" Sam exclaimed.

What? This wasn't in the book before...

Tolkien described three girls.

One with a mess of jet black curly hair that contrasted her ocean blue eyes as she awoke.

The only woman that wasn't a hobbit was described to look quite a lot like the first girl, Lily, though her hair was not as curly, and a layer of blond was over the black. Her eyes, also blue, were a lighter shade and seemed much more mature and strict then the other. This girl was Katherine, though she was later nicknamed as Katt.

The other hobbit was not very hobbit-ish at all. On the outside, all looked well, with golden-brown curls and bright blue eyes, but the girl soon came to realize this girl was quick to anger and very straight-forward.

The little girl turned to look at the cover of the book to make sure this was indeed Lord of the Rings before she curiously started to read again.

It wasn't long before she was laughing, deciding these girls that somehow appeared in the story just made this book better.

In about a months time, the girl was nearing the end to the book.

Tears filled her eyes as she continued to read.

She clung to the hope that they would return.

They had to come back.

~Well, there you are! The prologue! This little girl is a completely random person, by the way. She doesn't come into the story at all. ^.^ At least I don't think I will, though you never know. I haven't finished yet! Haha.~

~I hope you like it. I tried to add in some of the stuff to explain what the girls look like without making a character introduction and you can find out more about their personalities as you read!~

~Oh, and yes, I have come up with an ending to this fanfic, so that's what the last bit of this chapter is about. No spoilers, though!~