SO, after a long time I couldn´t write anything because my computer kind of broke, but know I´m here again for sure. I really hope you´re enjoying reading the fic as much as I enjoy to write it.


When I woke up I wasn´t in that cliff anymore, but in some kind of cell; it was completely closed. No windows, no points of reference, only a gigantic metallic door. This place was like some kind of storage or a bank safe box. My head hurt terribly and I was out of tears. I hugged my knees in the floor trying to get some warm. With some effort I stood up, my legs were trembling. I walked around the metal chamber trying to find a way out; there was none. I sat in the cold floor again, and suddenly an idea stroke into my head, I put my hand inside all the compartments and pockets of my suit, the guns and the bullets were gone, but my cell phone was still there, despite I was out of signal, it hadn´t discharged yet. How was that possible? How long had it been since I was kidnapped? This was definitely some sort of a trap


Once when I was four, I woke up in a hospital, I had passed out in school and woke up surround by a bright light and big fuzz in my head. When I opened my eyes I had the same sensation although there was no bright light, in fact there was no light at all, and anyone was sat next to me waiting for me to wake up. It took me some seconds to recognize the place where I was; my house. I stood up shaking because of the cold and my weakness and started to call Nelly

"Mom?" Nothing "Nelly?"

There was no answer, I continue calling until I had registered the whole place and discovered that no one was in there. Why had they let me in my home? What had happened to Nelly, was she okay? Was I okay?


When I heard the door opening I froze, gazing at it. A hooded figure appeared carrying a plate with some food with it, I arrowed an eyebrow

"Oh, so now you're feeding me"

The figure didn´t answer, it just kept walking towards me and placed the plate in front of me in the floor. That person was about my high, but that was the only thing I could tell, I didn´t even see if it was a he or she. The plate had meat, an apple and a bottle of water also a knife and a fork. While the dark hooded figure turned around walking slowly towards the door, I took the knife and walked silently behind the person. I raised my arm ready to stab the person in its back, it was my only chance to escape so I couldn´t screw it.

But just when the knife was going to stab the mysterious person, it turned around and grabbed my wrist in such a quick and smooth move that I stood shock for a second. When I recovered from the surprise I tried to make a hook punch with my free fist, but the person grabbed this wrist as well, with its right hand. Desperate, I thought of kicking her or him, I swung my right leg but when it approached to the hooded person´s body it did something really strange and quickly with its leg and soon I was in the floor with my arms extended my by sides. The person approached to me and just before its hand grabbed my shoulder I rolled to the left through the floor.

I stood up willing to strike again, but again the person was extremely faster than me and in seconds I was forced to stay static with my chest in the floor, my head turned to my left , and my arms imprisoned in a weird position.

"You just don´t give up, do you?" She asked before she freed me, I didn´t have to see her face to see who she was.


How long had I been in the kitchen, minutes? Hours? I didn´t know. All I knew was that I was lost, hungry, confused and even when I was in my house I had never felt so far away from home. I started to climb the stair without any rush and just when I arrived the hallway I heard the sound of an opening door, and without hesitation I started to run. I didn´t stop until I reached my bedroom and hide inside my closet. I could hear steps directing to my bedroom. I hugged my knees hoping and begging whoever was didn´t find me. When I heard the door of the closet open I felt like my heart stopped and then it just started pounding.

"Hayley" He said

I lift my head; Loki was standing right in front of me.

"Loki!" I jumped and hugged him feeling safe, but then it all came back to me. He was one of them. I pulled myself away frightened, but he held my arms

"It´s okay" I decided to believe him. Stark appeared in the frame door.

"What. No hug for me?" I just rolled my eyes, for some reason I didn´t like Tony. He yelled "Guys I found her!"

"Excuse me?" Loki asked insulted and I couldn´t help but giggle to his reaction

"Nelly´s not here" I said informing them

"We know" Loki said and more people entered to the room. Fury, Thor, Loki and Stark they were all looking just for me?

"I don´t understand"

"Jarvis tracked her phone and a chip that´s in her suit so we know exactly where she is"

I nodded though I had no idea who Jarvis was.

"We are going to rescue her?"

"Correction, we" Stark said while he pointed everyone including himself but excluding me "are going to rescue her"

"She´s my mother! Or kind of" I reproached

"Hayley, you are six years old there´s no way we are letting you join us is this fight is too dangerous for you" Fury replied


"You heard the boss" Tony said. I looked at Loki with hope but he just said

"They are right" I felt bleak

"I'm with them" Thor added

"No one asked you" I said rudely, sick of being treated like a baby. I could see Loki smirk, maybe because of what I said to Thor.