Ch.1: A girl with powers.

When a young girl named Tailee travels the world on her own and hears trouble coming up back in the states (in Nevada specifically) she decides to venture there to see what kind of danger could be lurking when she arrives. The moment she gets there she keeps hearing that there are these giant mechanical creatures that travel in disguise. Her curiosity gets the best of her and she goes on a search for them.

She believed that they would not be anywhere near humans or civilization, but they can't allow themselves to be seen and exposed. So they must be somewhere outside of the city and in the desert part of Nevada.

On her way she crosses a bridge that leads to the rocky desert, but soon notices that a gang of people that hang out bellow the bridge were watching her every move. She keeps herself focused on the task she gave herself and ignored them. Only to be stopped at the end of the bridge by two cars in her path.

Two boys walked out of both of the cars, one was tall and had dark brown hair. He wore a white short-sleeve shirt a pair of blue jeans and black cowboy boots with spars on the heel. The other boy was a little shorter than he was with sandy hair color. He wore a black T-shirt with a long sleeved white shirt under neath it. A pair of dark blue jeans and blue and white tennis shoes.

Two more boys came up behind her and weren't dressed any different than the two in front of her. She was being surrounded by them, she knew that the boys that hanged around here don't take kindly to trespassers, esp. when their girls. Right when they were fixing to try something Tailee used her fighting skills she picked up from her travels.

She knew kung-fu, karate, 18 forms of martial arts, and a few boxing skills while she was still in America, and learned how to block some ones chi in China.

She used her boxing skills on the two guys behind her. She gave one a right cross in the face then a left cross, and then an upper cut to the chin.

She gave the other one a fist to the stomach and then a fist to the nose, thus knocking him unconscious as well as the other one. She used a few kung-fu skills on one of the guys in front her and hit the other boy in various spots which made his body go numb and made it so that he couldn't move. Once they were all taken care of, little did she realize that someone watched the entire fight and became interested in her strength and power and noticed that her eyes were a shade of bright red that changed when the fight stopped. She then continued her journey into the desert.

The sun began to set and continued to get darker; she stopped in the middle of her journey and decided to rest on the ground. She made herself a cup of green leaf tea that she made with the help of a bond fire she started with branches from a nearby tree and spark rocks that she used to start the fire.

She got the tea from her travel in china; it was given to her by a friend she made there.

She felt so peaceful as she watched the moon rise into the sky; she had never felt like she was now one the earth. The moment she finished her tea she put out the fire, put her stuff away and then slept in the nearby tree. She fell asleep with ease as she laid on the biggest branch in the tree. She used her back pack that she carried with her as pillow and drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly after only 5 hours of sleep she began to wake up at the sound of humming in the air, like a plane was about land. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and was shocked at what she was looking at. A gigantic menacing looking ship floating in mid air. She began to wonder if this was what the people in the city of Nevada were talking about.

Suddenly she saw two figures leaving the craft, one was a silver and purple looking craft that did not belong on earth the other one looked like a military jet plane, both were flying towards her position. She hid herself in the branches of the tree, hoping it would conceal her from whoever it was coming her way.

When they landed she saw them transform into giant metal men. One was a really big silver one with a purple colored gun on his on his left arm and pitch red eyes. The other one was a little more shorter than the silver one and skinnier too. He had the wings of the jet plane from his previous form on his back and had the same colored eyes as the silver one, only darker. She heard one of their voices speak out disturbing the silence in the air, which made her become nervous.

"Are you certain that this is where you saw the human, Starscream" asked the giant silver robot.

"Yes my lord, the last I saw her she was continuing down this path. I guarantee you will be impressed with her fighting skills. From what I observed of her performance while in a fight with four other humans, she is by all means like a human weapon. And apparently has a bit of a dark side to her." Starscream said

She then began to realize that he must of watched her fight off the four boys that tried to jump her on the bridge. She became terrified and she felt her heart pump 7 times per second. However the two of them had tracking devices and could track people down by heart rate and life force. The smaller one started to pick up a human heart beat and looked around for any possible hiding places for the human. His attention was drawn towards a small tree, but one that was big enough for a human to hide in. Both were drawn to the tree by curiosity and were sure that if this is where they last saw the human, she would have to find a place to hide and somewhere close.

As the two approached the tree their trackers about the heart rate they found, not minutes ago, started to go faster and higher the closer they got to the tree. The girl felt heart beat against her chest as she heard the sound of giant footsteps coming towards her. The moment was gone when the leaves in the tree began to move violently.

It was then she came face to face with the giant robot known as "Startscream" lost in the gaze of his red eyes. The gaze was over when felt five mechanical fingers rap around her waist and soon realized that she picked up by the giant robot. She came to meet the one that was her capture and the one she believed to be his leader.

The giant silver robot took a good look at the young female human as Starscream allowed her to stand up in his hand. She had dark blue eyes that matched the earth's color of the ocean. She had long black hair that came down to the middle of her back. She had on a blue jean jacket with a black T-Shirt on, she had on blue jeans and a pair of white tennis shoes and the small white back pack on her back. She looked about the age of 18 or 19 given her height.

"Alright who are you and what do you want?" Tailee asked in anger

"Calm yourself human. We mean you no harm, unless provoked. We only wish to talk to you." Said the giant silver robot

"And exactly what do I have to talk about with you? Um I think nothing." She replied

"You would be wise to listen to Lord Megatron human." Said Starscream

"Who says you have the right to tell me what to do?" Tailee asked

You could easily tell that Megatron and Starscream were becoming irritataited by her back talk and trying to a smart alex. Just before they could continue with their interesting conversation, a pair of head lights appeared on the road. They saw a red and blue transfer truck, a very large green SUV and a yellow Chevy coming their way very fast. The moment they arrived on the scene they too transformed into giant robots.

One impaticular was taller than the other two, but just an few inches shorter than Megatron. The green one looked like he was stronger than other ones and his hands turned into wrecking balls. The yellow one looked a bit buff and had door wings on his back and strangely no mouth. They had sky blue optics (eyes) that were more comforting than the piercing red optics of a decepticon.

They stood posed for battle as the autobots prepared their weapons. Yet they were curious as to why Megatron would stand so still and remain perfectly calm. The silence was broken by the red and blue robot as he locked eyes with Megatron.

"Megatron, whatever you plan to do you will stop now." The large red and blue autobot said

"Unless you really want start a fight" The green autobots said as he cut in on the conversation

"I would put down your weapons if I were you Optimus. Unless you want to endanger the life of a human." Megatron said with an evil grin on his face

"What's he talking about? There isn't a human around here for miles." The green autobot said.

"Ah, but that's where your wrong Bulkhead. For you there is only one among us." He said darkly

Megatron moved to the side for the autobots to see that Starscream was now clutching Tailee in his hand to prove he was right. Starscream tightened his grip on her to insure that she couldn't get away. The autobots were shocked to see that they actually had a human captive. Their leader Optimus sealed away his weapons, showing that he will do what it takes to have no harm come to her.

Only he couldn't help but notice that there was something very strange about the young girl. Her eyes quickly changed back to the bright red color they were before on the night she fought off the four boys. To everyone's complete surprise and shock Tailee actually bit Starscream's hand forcing him to let go! She fell and landed on her feet.

The moment she landed on the ground they could tell she underwent a few changes. Her nails turned into long black claws, she grew a black tail behind her, her ears became pointed, and her teeth became pointed and sharp.

They were shocked at her sudden change; she then came into a state that closely resembled animal behavior, specifically wolf behavior. She growled at her previous captures and made a run for Starscream. She leaped right in front of him and used her claws to tear apart his chest plates, but was thrown off of him by Megatron.

Megatron knew that the girl was strong, but he didn't expect her to turn into a animal. He was in a very bad position. The autobots were ready to fight once more, and the young girl now had the strength to tear apart solid steel. He then decided to make a hastily retreat.

As they flew off back to the airship the autobots felt a strange mixture of the feeling of victory and pity. Thought they were glad that the decepticons did not get their hands on the young girl, but the moment they left they noticed that the girl's strength was dropping and fast. Mostly because her transformation takes up her energy and strength and just as much when she changes back.

Her vision became blurry and could hardly stand on her feet; she fell to the ground and passed out because of all the energy she used up to escape from Starscream.