Ch.10 their time Together.

The autobots had made their plan to save Tailee and break the Cons' hold over her. The only problem would be a matter of waiting and watching, until she's out in the open. Now all they can do is pray that she can survive what Megatron does.

(On the Nemesis)

Since Tailee was confined to the ship she had decided to walk around the ship just to past the time. Learning more about the ship could be useful to her in some way. She had seen every part of that ship from the engine room to the bridge of the ship. The only place she hadn't been was outside on the very top.

While on the way up there she had to hide from a few drones so she couldn't get caught and sent to Lord Megatron. The only problem was right when she was about to make it to the door that led out she was stopped by Soundwave!

"Soundwave? What is it?" Tailee asked acting nervous.

Soundwave pointed in the direction from where she came from in the hall. Which probably meant for her to go back.

"Soundwave please the top of the ship is the only place I haven't been. I promise that I'll be careful."Tailee said putting her hands together.

Soundwave kneeled down to her and on his screen was the ship with a red dot in front of the ship showing Megatron's position.

"Yes I know Megatron wants me to stay on this ship where I'm safe, but… I need to do something to keep myself occupied. Please Soundwave just this once."

Soundwave didn't respond to the girls begging. However in the coiner just down the hall way Knockout was listening to her dispirit plea. At that moment he had decided to intervene.

"Excuse me, parten the interruption, but I believe that I have a solution to this." Knockout said walking towards the two.

Tailee was both curious and surprised by him trying to help her, but for some reason the moment he showed his self her heart started to beat harder and faster. She couldn't explain why she felt this way, but on the inside she was glad that Knockout was at least trying to helping her. Soundwave on the other hand just kept his stare on the red mech waiting for his solution.

"It's true that she is not allowed to leave the ship, but what's the difference if she goes to the top of the ship? Technically she's not leaving, just getting some air."

"Yes, exactly, I can't stand being in the same place for very long, and if I do I'm going to lose it."Tailee said

"Also if you truly want to be on the safe side, I'll go with her to be sure she is safe."

Tailee was trying her absolute hardest not to blush when she heard him offer to go with her. All of a sudden she felt as if her heart was floating in mid air. The thought of being with him made her feel something she never felt before, and to top it off it was a feeling from the heart. She started to think that her feelings for Knockout were different, but she didn't know how to put them into words.

Soundwave thought it would be best to have someone watch after her, and Knockout seemed like he was going to do just that. So nodded his head yes and let her go.

She was then thrilled that Soundwave let her out for the first time since their battle with the Autobots.

Knockout lowered his hand for her to climb onto, so she got on without hesitation. The moment they stepped out she could feel the sunlight touch her skin as it was a beautiful sunny day. As the ship moved forward she could feel the breeze go through her hair. She jumped off of Knockouts hand and looked over the edge of the ship to see a view of the mountain tops and a huge lake down bellow.

As Knockout watched over the small girl he couldn't help but gaze at how she looked. The sunlight lit up her bright white hair and reflected off her emerald green eyes. The air blew against her hair making it dance in the wind. He was completely transfixed by her beauty. However he started to notice that the smile she had on her face was beginning to fade and she was looking up to the sky.

"Tailee."Knockout said

"Yes?"Tailee said

"Are you feeling alright, you act as if something troubles you."

"I keep seeing images of the Autobots…and I'm there…with them. I not sure but I think… I think that fighting them is the wrong thing to do."

Knockout stiffened at what she just said; that fighting the autobots was wrong. He wasn't going to say anything about it, but began to think that her will is stronger than the Dark Energon. If was still doing or saying things that Megatron would disapprove of, then maybe there was a chance she could break free of its control and rejoin the autobots, but if that happens he would he only be resorted to trying to kill her under Meagatron's orders. He shuddered at the very idea of having to fight her, so he tried to get his mind off of it by directing his attention back to Tailee, who was for some reason sniffing the air.

"What… are you doing?" Knockout asked with a confused look on his face.

"I can smell the animals that surround that lake. I have to get down there." Tailee said

"Look you know you're not allowed to leave the ship for a while, and why do need to be down there anyways?"

"The wolf half of me has to hunt for food. If I don't go out on my hunt soon I'll starve."

Knockout was aware that humans needed to eat if they want to survive, and stay alive, but he couldn't just take her to the lake for a midmorning hunt. If he did Megatron would turn him into scrap metal. Either way he did have to find a way to get down there or she really will starve. He then thought that if she were talk to Megatron then she might have a chance, maybe.

Knockout told Tailee what he thought and she agreed with him, to Knockout's surprise. If she could stand up to Megatron then she really will have a sporting chance.

So at that moment Tailee left the sky deck (and P.S that's what I wanted to call the top of the ship, sorry for not calling it that earlier, hope it doesn't bother you.) and went to the bridge of the ship where Megatron was.

Knockout was going to help anyway he could, but stayed back for fear of Megatron.

"Master, I don't mean to intrude but… it's important for me to head down to that lake for my hunt."Tailee said with her head bowing in respect.

"Tailee… You know too well that you are forbidden to leave this ship. And I thought I made it clear the last time we spoke."Megatron said.

"Lord Megatron, if I may, it is quite crucial for to eat if they are to survive. And since her wolf half has a much larger hunger than an ordinary human, it is important for to go on this hunt."Knockout said

Megatron thought about it for a minute, but was interrupted by Tailee.

"One more thing… If you don't it is very much possible for a human to die of hunger."

With that she gained his full attention, it was true that he needed her alive, her strength gave him the advantage in a battle. Esp. her wolf half, with the dark Energon enhancing her power, she truly was a force to be reckoned with.

"Very well, you may go, but you must have someone to accompany you on the way." Megatron finally said.

Tailee tried to hide it as best she could, Megatron actually let her do something she needed, and secretly wanted to do. The only thing was she had to find someone to come with her.