I don't own Finding Nemo. This is just a few poems in Nemos point of view.


Daddy won't let me go on my own without him.

He says that I have a lucky fin but I don't know why.

All it is a fin that is smaller then the other one.


I asked where mommy was.

Everyone I know has a mommy where is mine.

Maybe she didn't like me I told Daddy this.

He said "No and that she loved me very much.

"Where is she daddy?"I ask everynight

And everynight he replies "I will tell you when your older Nemo.

I hope that I will grow up fast so I can know where my mommy is.


Daddy where are you?

Help me please.I'm scared.

I dont hate you.

Are you looking for me?

Do you know that I really love you.