Chance Encounters

Chapter 1

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A/N: I've been wanted to do something AU for a while and this idea started coming together after the Season 3 premiere. This chapter introduces both Jane and Maura and their first meeting. Jane is a cop in Narcotics. Maura's path is different from the show. I'm not sure how I confident I feel about this. I've got plans for the next couple of chapters but I'm not sure where it's going to go after that, although with me you know that all roads always lead to Rizzles.

It was two o'clock in the morning and Detective Jane Rizzoli was standing on the corner of Harrison and East Berkeley streets. She was wearing a halter top, a leather skirt, and fishnet stockings. She had on way too much blush and way too much blue eye shadow, along with knee-high black boots with four-inch stiletto heels.

Jane was a detective in the Boston Police Department's Narcotics Division, but she had recently accepted a special assignment to the Special Task Force on Underage Prostitution. Rumors had been circulating about a new crime ring that was smuggling underage girls into Boston and forcing them into prostitution. One girl had been found dead at Carson Beach. She had no identification and no one ever came to identify her or claim her. It was suspected that she was a victim of this prostitution ring.

The Boston Police Department had yet to make any progress on tracking down where or how this purported prostitution ring operated. So they recruited female police officers to go undercover as prostitutes to see what information could be gleaned from actual prostitutes and johns.

Normally this wasn't the kind of assignment Jane wanted to take. The small number of female officers on the force meant that all of the women were constantly asked to do undercover operations like this. Ones that involved fishnet stockings and sexual situations. Jane resented having to do it when her male colleagues were rarely if ever put in comparable situations. And it hardly seemed worth it just to get minor drug selling or prostitution busts that didn't make even the smallest dent in overall crime.

But this was different. Young girls brought to Boston, probably against their will, and forced into prostitution, almost definitely against their will. Jane thought that was something worth trying to stop.

Four other female officers volunteered as well. The locations in the city where street corner hooking still happened were mapped out and divided up. The plan was for each undercover officer to spend a few nights at each of their designated locations. Jane wore a wire and her partner Barry Frost was in an unmarked car nearby listening. Men would drive up and solicit her services and she would get in their car and direct them to drive to a parking lot a block and half away where she would reveal that she was actually a cop. For this operation they didn't bust anyone. They were after information and they didn't want to bring any attention to their operation.

The men were easy, pathetic really, Jane thought. Who even picked up hookers on the street anymore when there was the internet and all sorts of safer and more organized options for paying for sex? Once these guys knew Jane was a cop they were willing to do anything to not be arrested. Unfortunately, in the month Jane had been working undercover none of them had provided any useful information.

The women, the actual prostitutes, were another story. Although it wasn't uncommon for new women to show up on a street corner and for others to disappear forever, they had no reason to trust Jane or to talk to her at all. A discerning person would notice that Jane was a little too clean, a little too healthy looking, and even a little too old to be out on the street hooking. And these women certainly weren't going to answer any direct questions so Jane could really only try to listen in on conversations. If Jane thought any of the women could have information she had Frost pick them up on her last night at that location. So far that hadn't yielded any information either.

This was Jane's third night at this location. She watched a blue Prius pull up across the street and muttered, "What the fuck?" as a woman exited from the driver's seat and started walking towards them. The woman was wearing a leather jacket over a t-shirt, skin tight designer jeans, and ridiculously high stilettos.

The mystery woman walked towards the hookers farthest from Jane and started passing something out to each of them. She was speaking too softly for Jane to hear what she was saying until she got to Jane. The woman handed Jane a business card and Jane looked at it quickly. It read Dr. Maura Isles, South Boston Women's Clinic and listed an address in South Boston.

Jane looked up and found the woman staring at her with a curious expression on her face. "We provide free medical care there, no questions asked," the woman Jane now presumed was Dr. Maura Isles said.

Jane held the woman's gaze but could only say, "Uh, thanks."

The woman narrowed her eyes and looked like she wanted to say something else, but instead she turned around, went back to her car, and drove off.

Jane watched the car drive away and then tucked the card inside her bra.

Dr. Maura Isles was the daughter of notorious Boston mobster Patrick Doyle, although Maura realize this until she was in college. Maura should probably have figured things out sooner, but she spent more time with her textbooks and inside her own head than with other people, and Patrick worked hard to shield Maura from the hard realities of his life.

Technically, Patrick owned an auto body shop on Dorchester Street in South Boston, just a few blocks from their house on 3rd Street. He inherited the shop, along with his position in the South Boston mob from his father. But he wasn't a mechanic and he kept odd hours, frequently leaving the house in the late afternoon and not returning until the early hours of the morning. Sometimes in the afternoon other men would come to the house and they would talk in the small backyard.

Maura's mother died when she was a baby. Maura's grandmother, Patrick's mother, lived with them and took care of Maura until she too died when Maura was twelve. After that, Maura was more or less on her own. She had never lacked for anything material, and while she knew she was loved, she lived a fairly solitary existence. From the age of ten Maura attended the Winsor School, a private girls' school across the city in the Fenway neighborhood. She was always happiest alone with a book and alone was how she spent most of her time.

When Maura was in college she finally had to confront the reality of how her father actually made money when he explained the trust he had set up for her and how it was safe from any criminal investigations. Then he disappeared. The FBI showed up with a lot of questions that Maura had no ability to answer. They occasionally came to question her and Maura assumed she was under surveillance, but having no information to offer, she ignored it.

Maura was tempted to walk away from the money, but instead decided on what she thought was a compromise. She continued to pursue her goal to be a doctor but resolved to use the money to help people in some way. She went to medical school and after her residency in internal medicine, she went to Ethiopia with Médecins Sans Frontières.

Maura had returned to Boston six months ago. During medical school Maura had changed her last name to Isles, seeking some distance from the Doyle name. It had been easy to forget about everything while she was in Africa. Now she was again face to face with her father's past, despite not hearing a word from him in almost ten years. She considered running away again, but decided instead to use her money to set up a clinic to serve women in need of medical care.

"Are you sure you wanna go to this thing? You don't have to. You could talk me out of it too," Jane yelled over her shoulder as dug through her closet for the black high heel pumps to wear with her black dress.

"We're going," Casey called back from the bedroom. "You have to go and I want to go with you. I'm here for only two weeks, I'm going to spend as much time as possible with you. And you're being honored."

Jane emerged triumphantly with the shoes and said, "I am not being honored. The Narcotics Division is being honored but it's mostly just public relations bullshit."

"What do you mean?" Casey asked.

Jane sat down on the couch to put on her shoes. "Ah, okay, see the brass likes it when we make arrests for hand to hands, you know individual drug sales. When the brass has to go to the mayor and city council and give a report they get to point to all the drug arrests and say they're doing a great job. But those arrests don't do anything to curb drug sales, or drug use or crime."

"Because it doesn't stop the drugs from getting to the streets to begin with."

"Right, it doesn't affect supply or demand at all. So the District Attorney's office came to us and said they didn't want to prosecute all these small drug arrests anymore. It took too much time and resources for little to no impact. They wanted to concentrate on other crimes and for drugs just mid or high level dealers."

"Sounds reasonable."

"But the brass still wants arrest numbers. So we make still make the arrests but instead of going to jail, they go to one of these community service partners where they go through drug rehab or some other program, or for all we know they leave and go home the next day. I mean, it's probably a step in the right direction, but this ceremony tonight is just PR for all of the organizations involved."

"Well, let's just go and enjoy the free food and booze then," Casey said as he emerged from the bedroom.

"Hey, look at you all dressed up. I don't think I've ever seen you in a suit."

"Ready to go?" Casey asked.

"I guess so. It can't be too painful."

The Boston Community Service Partnership fundraiser was held at the Omni Parker House hotel in downtown Boston. In addition to the detectives from the Narcotics Division, representatives from various community service organizations and City Hall were in attendance. Dinner was served, awards were presented, speeches were made, and then there was entertainment while a silent auction was held and people hobnobbed.

Jane and Casey were looking over the silent auction items when a voice behind them said, "Excuse me."

Jane and Casey both turned around and Jane again found herself face to face with Dr. Maura Isles. "Shit," Jane whispered, but Maura didn't notice because her attention was fixed on Casey.

"Are you a member of the Narcotics Division?" she asked him.

"Uh, no," Casey responded and held out his hand, "Sergeant Major Casey Jones, U.S. Army."

"Dr. Maura Isles, nice to meet you." Maura turned to her attention to Jane and held out her hand.

Jane took it and said, "Detective Jane Rizzoli, narcotics. Nice to meet you Dr. Isles," she added.

"Detective Rizzoli, do you mind if I have a word with you in private?" Maura asked.

Jane raised her eyebrows to Casey and he walked away.

When Casey was out of earshot, Maura leaned closer and said conspiratorially, "I knew you weren't a prostitute."

"Congratulations, maybe you should be a detective," Jane responded.

"Oh, do you really think so? I'm not sure it would be the right fit for me."

Jane shook her head and said, "That was a joke."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not very good at detecting sarcasm."

Jane suppressed another sarcastic comment and instead said, "Was there something you wanted to talk about, Doc?"

"I just wanted you to know that I won't blow your cover, you know with any of the other girls. We see a lot of prostitutes and also women who are addicted to drugs and have other issues at the clinic. And I think the work you're doing that was talked about tonight is fantastic. If there is anything I can help you with let me know."

"Yeah, sure. So, uh, why exactly are you here tonight?" Jane asked.

"Networking I think is the correct term. The clinic has only been open a few months. I want to make sure other organizations know about us. We should all be able to help each other."

"Well, it was nice to meet you, again, Dr. Isles."

"You too, Detective. Maybe we'll run into each other again," Maura said with a smile.

Jane returned to her table and Frost asked, "Who was that?"

"Remember the woman who was passing out cards to all the hookers last week?" Jane said.

"Damn, you didn't tell me she was so hot."

"Yeah," Jane laughed. "But she might be crazy. There's something that's just a little weird about her."

"What did she want?" Frost asked.

"I'm not really sure."

"Did you ever do a background check on her?"

"No, but I still have her card back the office. I think it's time to find out what her deal is," Jane responded.