an Eighth Year fic HP fanfic by canoncansodoff

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Chapter 3

An urgent need and a three-step lead gave Susan first chance to empty her bladder. Hermione and Hannah had an urgent need to discuss the first half of their game, which made for some cramped conditions…the lavatory's square footage having been limited by the both the power of the tent maker's magic and the size of the original owner's purse.

Hannah was patient enough to wait for Hermione to shut the lavatory door before she dead-panned, "Well that was…informative."

"You really think so?" Susan asked sarcastically. Glancing around the room from her porcelain perch, she zeroed in on the glass doors of the shower stall. She then turned her head sharply towards the door, calculated some viewing angles, and gasped.

"Oh, Merlin…Hermione! This is where Harry watched you do it, isn't it?"

The Muggleborn witch leaned her back against the closed door and smiled.

"I ought to force you to waste a turn asking me that question, but…yeah. It is."

Hannah gasped. She reached out towards the door glass and said, "It always seemed a bit odd that it never fogged up…you still have the charms in place, don't you?"

"What would you know about shower fog…oh, right," said Susan. "Do you take turns washing up after the shagging, or do Neville and you share the hot water?"

"Oh, don't be so catty about it," her friend whined.

Hermione snorted derisively. "So what possessed you to ask Harry if he'd spied on me, Hannah?"

"I didn't ask him that," the witch protested. "It was Neville."

"And you two didn't talk about what to ask or what to dare beforehand?"

"Well…we didn't specifically plan on asking him that question," said Hannah. "Neville probably just asked it to settle an argument."

Susan cocked an eyebrow. "Over what?"

"Over whom it was that Hermione fancied and frigged for," said Hannah. "I thought it was Weasley, but Neville was certain that it was Harry."

"Weasley?" asked Hermione. "You mean Ron Weasley?"

"Well, you have to admit the logic of it," Hannah said defensively. "What with Harry and Ginny being together at end of last year, and you flipping out when Won-Won and Brown were going at it…"

The witch's explanation was interrupted by the sight of Susan kicking her knickers off while Hermione muttered about cold days in Hell.

"Just what are you doing, Susan?" Hannah asked.

The strawberry blonde-haired witch shrugged as she pulled a pair of white lace-trimmed knickers from her magically-expanded purse.

"Changing into a dry pair," she explained.

"Couldn't hold your water?"

Susan sighed and shook her head as she pulled the new undergarment into place.

"Couldn't hold my excitement," the witch replied, as she moved towards the sink. "They've been wet since Hermione's dare."

Hannah shook her head in disbelief as she took her turn on the toilet. "You got wet watching Hermione strip down to her bra and knickers?"

"Yeah, right…it couldn't have been when she forced me to rub one off, could it?"

"I don't know Susie…after I gave you a gift-wrapped chance to let Neville or Harry take your titties out for a test-ride…and you asked Hermione instead…"

Hermione couldn't decide which comment deserved to be addressed first, which allowed Susan to shoot back, "I wasn't about to beg either of them to play with my baps, Hannah!"

"But it was the perfect set-up!"

"Wouldn't have said no if they had been dared to play with them," Susan countered. "But otherwise…it seems just too…"

"Slutty?" asked Hannah.

"I was going to say desperate, but that works too."

"Okay, first off, I don't think it would have come off as desperate, since it was just part of the game," Hermione interjected. "And secondly, Susan, I didn't force you to rub one off. You could have faked the rubbing just as easily as you faked getting off."

Hannah shook her head as she reached for the bog roll. "Are your sure she really was faking, Hermione? Seemed pretty realistic to me."

"You have a basis for comparison, then?" Hermione asked.

Hannah shrugged as she finished her business and flushed.

"You'll have to burn a truth or dare question if you're that curious," she replied, as the three witches rotated their positions (i.e. Hannah to the sink, Susan to the side, and Hermione to the toilet).

"But I've already had my turn challenging you two," Hermione noted.

"Oh, well…guess you'll never know, then," Hannah replied. "Unless you can convince Harry to waste his turn by asking me how I know what Susan sounds like when she cums."

"Hannah!" Susan barked. The annoyed witch turned towards Hermione and explained, "A girl forgets one time to cast silencing charms on her bed curtains…you think her best friend would ever let her forget it?"

"Apparently not," Hermione replied. She then turned to Hannah and said, "So…is it just the spanking that gets you off, or the extra humiliation of being spanked while others watch?"

"What do you mean?" the other teen snapped.

"Neville did say that it was your idea, Han," Susan noted.

"Maybe I just don't want to flash my bits to everyone!"

"Yeah, right…you've got a great body, and Harry would be the only guy that sees it besides Neville, who has certainly seen it before," Susan noted.

"And you know that Harry would be too much of a gentleman for his own good," Hermione added.

Hannah glanced towards the spell-silenced door and worried her lower lip with her teeth. Thinking that her friend could use some liquid encouragement, Susan pulled a hip flask of firewhisky from her purse and (after taking a swig right from the bottle) offered it to her friend.

"You know you want to, Hannah."

Susan's friend nodded, and took her own healthy swallow of the steam-producing alcohol.

"Well, maybe you two can make up for your outrageous dares by helping me out a little…"


The three witches emerged from the tent a few minutes later. Harry and Neville were standing by the coffee table, examining the half-filled tote board with full pint glasses in hand.

"Well there you are," Harry said. "We were just about to mount a rescue expedition."

"Oh, we weren't that long," Hermione replied. She gestured back towards the tent and asked, "Do you two need to….?"

"Nah, we took care of business out here."

"What?" asked Hannah. "You mean that you two…where?"

Neville shrugged, a small grin forming on his lips. "In a charmed chamber pot, of course…like normal witches and wizards."

Susan frowned as she glanced around the office. "Normal witches and wizards don't fill pots out in the open."

"I thought Hermione already covered just how private this room was," said Harry. He turned towards his best friend and added, "Figured it would save some time. And yes, Hermione…we used the hand towels that Nerf brought along with the pot."

"Nerf?" asked Hannah.

"He's the house elf that most often answers Harry's calls for help," said Hermione.

"Hope you two had good aim," said Susan, as she glanced around the sitting area.

Harry took a sip from his glass, then chuckled.

"Well, Sue…with the right dare and some more of this ale, I could probably show you just how good my aim is."

Neville nodded. "That is, if we're still playing the game?"

"Oh, yes…we're going to finish this game," Hannah strongly asserted.

As Hannah reclaimed her spot on the couch, Hermione asked, "Harry, can I talk with you for a minute?"

"Erm…sure?" the teen wizard half-asked, half-answered.

Neville shook his head. "You two aren't going to do any colluding, are you?"

"Why of course they are," Susan said sweetly. "How else could Hermione convince Harry to ask Hannah why she recognized the sound of my orgasms?"

Neville shook his head and chuckled as he waved Harry towards Hermione and the tent entrance.

"Well, that's okay, then!" he decided.

The tent flaps closed behind Harry as Hannah launched a stern response to her fiance's send-off.

Harry jokingly asked Hermion, "Should I ask Hannah how she recognized Susan's cries of ecstasy?"

The bushy-haired witch leaned against the back of the tent's sitting room couch and shook her head. "No, you need to ask Hannah why she's playing this game tonight…even though you'll already know."

"How will I already know?"

Hermione smiled as she pulled a hidden piece of parchment out from beneath a seat cushion. She held it out and replied, "I insisted that she spell it out for you in exchange for my help."

Harry nodded as he unfolded the parchment and began to read. The contents of the note were quite surprising.

"Holy shi…is she serious?"

Hermione snorted. "I guess we'll find out as the game unfolds."

"So what does she want me to…what do you need me to do?" Harry asked.

"Leave the room if you're uncomfortable with the scene," Hermione replied. "Otherwise, don't flip out when I start acting out of character, okay?"

Harry glanced back down at the note, then looked up at his best friend and smiled.

"Yes, Mistress Hermione!"

The teen-aged witch scowled as she snatched the parchment out of Harry's hand.

"Oh, I'll Mistress Hermione you, all right!" she growled.


"Let's just go," Hermione muttered, as she dragged Harry back out into her office.

oo00OO 11 OO00oo

Once everyone was back in front of the office fireplace with fresh drinks in hand, Neville asked, "So I get to start the second half too?" He waited for agreement, and then, after a deep breath, turned towards his fiancée.

"Hannah?" he asked in a very quiet voice. "Truth or dare?"

The teen-aged witch gave Neville's hand a reassuring squeeze. "Truth, please."

"Erm…well…what is the naughtiest situation that you've been caught out in?"

"Neville!" Hannah playfully chided. "I thought that we agreed on that other question?"

"And who was worried about collusion?" asked Harry.

Hannah shook her head. "So Neville…you want me to reveal the most embarrassing thing that I've been caught doing by someone else?"

"He said naughtiest, not the most embarrassing," offered Susan. "And I'm sure he also meant to insist on you providing all of the explicit details….right, Neville?"

The teen-aged wizard shifted nervously in his seat and nodded.

"What she said."

Hannah pursed her lips and sighed.

"Well, Neville, I guess the naughtiest thing I've been caught doing was with you last August. Back when your grandmother found us in the garden?"

Neville gasped.



"You're answering the question?"

"Well yeah…that is how you play the game, right?"

"But I thought that…"

Susan gleefully chanted, "Smutty De-tails! Smutty De-tails! Smutty…!"

Hannah broke eye contact with Neville and turned towards the others.

"It was a hot day and we thought we were alone in the gardens. So we found a cozy bench, ditched our robes, and the next thing you know Neville was lying on his back with his shorts down to his ankles, and I was riding his face. He had my knickers pulled to one side and was licking… I was sucking him off while I wiggled a finger up…"

"That's enough!" Neville barked.

"Wow!" Hermione exclaimed. "So what happened when your grandmother showed up, Neville?"

Neville shook his head and muttered, "It's your turn, Hannah."

"But I want to hear…"

"I issued the challenge, so it's up to me to decide if and when the challenge has been completed successfully…right?"

"Oooooh…somebody's in trouble!" Susan teased.

oo00O 12 O00oo

Seeming to ignore her fiance's discomfort, Hannah rubbed her hands together and smiled maniacally.

"It is my turn now, isn't it? Let's see…whom should I pick? Oh, I know…..Hermione!"

"Okay, fair is fair," the Muggleborn replied. "I'll take a dare."

"Coat your entire body in chocolate sauce and offer yourself up for licks."

Harry shook his head. "Groping or grinding with hands, Hannah…not tongues."

"That also violates the no nudity rule," Hermione added.

"But you'd be covered…just in chocolate," Hannah reasoned. "And the licking would only be out of bounds if tongues strayed into the naughty parts."

"Can I get a neutral ruling, here?" Hermione asked.

Susan was quick to give a thumbs-up to the dare. Harry voted no, but figured it wouldn't matter with Neville casting the tie-breaker vote. But it did end up mattering, because the other wizard offered a surprising thumbs-down.

The Boy-Who-Won began to worry about just how angry Neville was with his fiancé when her next two risqué dares were similarly voted down. Hannah chose not to complain about these votes, seeming to understand that she wasn't in a position to expect any favoritism from Neville. So finally, in a fit of frustration, she dared Hermione to strip down to only her dress, then allow herself to be fondled for one full turn as she stretched out across their laps.

The dare was accepted in modified form… Hermione agreed to lie across laps for one complete turn wearing only her dress, but there would only be one ten-second session of over-the-dress groping allowed. The four teens watched silently as Hermione reached back under her dress to unhook her bra. After slipping her arms out of pulled-down straps, she reached down the front of her dress and plucked out her bra.

"Neat trick," Harry said with a smile.

"As if you haven't watched me do that before," Hermione countered.

"Oh, really…how interesting!" Susan declared.

Choosing to continue undressing while sitting down, the Muggleborn braced her feet against the edge of the coffee table, then lifted her bum high enough off the seat cushion to slip off Harry's boxers.

Once she threw the boxers onto the table and pulled down on her hemline, Hermione stood up and said, "There you go, Hannah…just my dress."

"You wouldn't have been sneaky and slipped on an extra pair of knickers, would you?" Hannah asked.

Susan shook her head. "You wouldn't have seen it from the couch, but Hermione just flashed all the proof that I need that she's regimental right now."

Hermione snorted. "And if you need more than her visual proof, Hannah…well, ten seconds of groping should be enough time for you to gather tactile evidence, shouldn't it?"

Hannah's dare didn't detail exactly how Hermione would lie across laps, so there were options…she could either lie on her back or on her belly, and rest her head either in Harry's lap or in Neville's. It wasn't a hard decision, once she wrote off some minor concerns about providing Neville naughty upskirt views.

Hermione conjured an egg-timer with ten second's worth of sand just before she leaned her head back towards Harry's lap. He caught her head in his hands before it could fall all the way.

"Harry?" Hermione asked. "What are you doing?"

"Waiting for the timer to start," he said, flashing a rakish grin. He then leaned forward until his lips were only inches away from hers. That gap disappeared just as soon as Susan flipped over the egg-timer.

Hermione knew that there were at least one or two hands wandering over her body…pressing and prodding through the dress fabric. But she knew this only in a detached sense…all that really mattered to the bushy-haired teen during that time interval was the way that Harry was kissing her, and running his fingers through her hair….

"Time's up!" Neville announced.

Lips parted reluctantly, and Harry gently lowered Hermione's head into his lap.

"Wow!" she whispered. She couldn't keep from turning her face towards Harry's bits… hoping to see some positive reaction…certain that he couldn't have kissed like that without having some emotion behind it. He stopped her chin with his thumb, and once he recaptured her gaze, shook his head with one furtive motion.

"Damn!" Hermione moaned.

The others didn't realize that this had been uttered more in disappointment than in wonder.

Harry gave his best friend a tight-lipped smile, and shrugged.

"So what was that?" Hermione asked.

"Ten seconds of grinding…with my lips," Harry teased.

"Any particular reason why?"

"To give you something to compare against."

"Compare against what?" Hermione asked.

Harry chuckled, and said, "I believe that it is your turn, Professor Granger."

oo00O 13 O00oo

Hermione wiggled and shifted around as she considered her options, trying to find the most comfortable way of distributing her weight. Her head was the one thing that did not move, having found instant comfort balanced in between Harry's thighs. Once the rest of her body came to rest, she looked up and asked, "Truth or Dare, Professor Potter."

Using a tone of voice that was equal parts endearing and flirty, Harry said, "Dare me you worst, darling."

Hermione smiled. "Good… Without adding anything else to your outfit, I dare to ditch your trousers for the rest of the game."

Harry arched an eyebrow. "No nudity rule?"

"You can always slip on my knickers the way that Susan wanted you to."

"Oh, yeah!" Susan exclaimed. "Thanks, Hermione!"

"Always happy to help."

"Especially when your face is that close to his bits!" Hannah snarked.

Harry reached down and ran his fingers through Hermione's hair. "Sit up for a second?"

"But I'm so comfy!"

"Then how do you expect me to put your knickers on?"

"I thought that you were already wearing them?" Susan chimed in.

"Comedians, the lot of you," Harry said, as he helped Hermione sit up.

He disappeared behind the tent, and reappeared a few moments later with bare legs and shirt tails that hung low enough to block any racier views.

"Yes!" Susan shouted in triumph. "Tell me that the shirt is all that you're wearing!"

"Almost," Harry replied, as he walked around the corner of the couch.

"So prove that you're wearing Hermione's thong!" said Hannah.

"The dare wasn't to wear her thong…it was to not wear my trousers," Harry noted. "I left them back behind the tent, if you're looking for proof."

"Maybe you just cut the legs off and turned them into shorts?" asked Susan.

Harry rolled his eyes as he flipped up his shirt tails.

"Happy, now?" he asked, showing off just how poorly the thong covered his bits.

Susan giggled as Harry settled back down onto the couch. "Not as happy as Hermione is about to be!"

Hermione did some giggling on her own as she leaned her head back onto Harry's fidgeting lap.

"Something the matter, Harry?" she asked.

"Oh, no…I just love the way the back of your thong is riding up my arse right now."

"You could have just gotten naked instead."

"Might just do that, if this gets any more uncomfortable."

oo00O 14 O00oo

Harry stopped his fidgeting long enough to ask Susan, "Truth or dare?"

"Oh, why not…dare!"

Harry nodded. "Okay, then…you're looking pretty lonely, sitting over there all by yourself. I dare you to come over here, lie down on top of Hermione, and snog her for a full minute."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Why do I keep getting sucked into Susan's dares?"

"Just lucky, I guess," Harry quipped.

"So if this is your comparison…ten second rule?" she asked.

Harry shook his head. "That's only if you are being groped or ground against…what are you trying to do…hurt Susie's feelings?"

"Oh, Merlin," Hermione muttered. She turned towards Susan and said, "I'm game if you are."

Harry said, "Hmmm….Susie could always take the penalty…I'll have to sit here for a moment and figure out which I'd rather see."

Susan shook her head as she stood and walked over to the couch. "Too bad that you don't get to choose, then."

The strawberry blond-haired teen then proceeded to cover Hermione's body with her own, and snog the hell out of her. Nobody thought to create a sixty-second egg-timer, so the kissing lasted closer to two minutes rather than one. Neville and Hannah lent hands to keep Susan from falling off the couch, while Harry lent a hand to keep Susan's face from falling onto his thong-covered bits.

She appreciated the first kind of help far more than the second.

"I'm guessing that it has been more than a minute then," Hannah finally announced.

Susan reluctantly broke lip contact with Hermione, and scooted down so that she could rest her cheek against Hermione's chest.

"Really?" she whined.

"Yeah," said Harry.

Neville and Hannah thought that Susan was disappointed that time had run out. Harry, however, had noticed that Susan had been staring right at his bits, and figured that she was just disappointed that having two girls snogging on his lap hadn't produced more of a visible reaction.

The slight frown on Susan's lips quickly disappeared when she realized that it was now her turn to torment her friends.

oo00O 15 O00oo

"Okay, it's the moment that we've all been waiting for," Susan announced, bouncing back to her feet. "Neville…truth or dare?"

Hannah's fiancé let out a deep sigh. "I know what you're going to ask me if I choose truth, so it's got to be a dare."

Susan sat back in her chair, crossed her legs, and coyly smiled. "Ok, then, Nev…I dare you to tell us which question Harry should ask Hannah if he wants to force her into paying the avoidance penalty."

"Hey! That's not fair!" Hannah declared.

"Why not?" asked Susan. "The dare doesn't involve groping or grinding and doesn't force him to bare his bits."

"You know bloody well what it's forcing him to do!"

"I'm not forcing him to do anything…up to him if he wants to complete the dare."

Neville looked down the couch towards Hermione's head and cleared his throat.

"Can we get a ruling here?" he asked.

Hermione shook her head. "After all this time working out killer dares and devious truths…she comes up with something that I never considered…very ingenious."

"Thanks," said Susan.

Hannah reached down and squeezed Hermione's thigh to get her attention. "But it goes against at least the spirit of the game!"

"No, it's within the established rules…if you wanted to propose we change the ground rules during the middle of the game, that's fine…but those changes should only take effect after the current challenge is completed."

"Oh, you want to see Neville naked just as much as Susan does, don't you?"

"Ask for a neutral ruling, then," Hermione countered. "I vote it's allowable, we can assume that Neville disagrees, so it's up to Harry."

"Great… thanks for kicking the can in my direction," he whined, reaching down and tousling Hermione's hair. Harry took a deep breath, expelled it, then looked over towards Neville.

"Gryffindors forward, Nev."


Hannah leaned her head onto her fiance's shoulder, and said, "Go on, then…answer the question."


"Who knows…maybe what you think is the one question that I wouldn't want to answer isn't so bad?"

Hermione chuckled. "And even if it is…and Harry asks her that question…doesn't mean that she'd choose to get naked, right?"

"Well, yeah, but if that were the case then she could have…"

Not finding an effective way of completing the sentence, Neville emptied his pint glass.

"I'm not bright enough to figure out all of these intricacies…or sober enough…"

Hannah squeezed Neville's leg and said, "Then do what I asked you to do, Sweetheart, and answer the question."

"Alright, then," the teen-aged wizard said reluctantly. "The question that I think that Harry should ask Hannah if he wants to force her to avoid answering is…what's the real reason why she wanted to play this game tonight."

"Huh… okay then," said Harry.

Susan sighed, her gaze shifting back and forth between Susan and Neville as she too tried to figure out what was going on. "Well," she finally decided, "if Harry is satisfied with the answer, then I guess that I am as well."

oo00O 16 O00oo

Neville looked towards Hermione's white board, and said, "I know that Susan just challenged me, but she's the only person that I have left to challenge, so…"

Harry nodded. "So go for it, then."

"Susan…truth or dare?"

The teen-aged witch sighed. "Oh, at this point, the way things are going...figured I'm screwed either way. I'll take dare, so that you can always get some revenge and ask me a modified truth."

Neville nodded, then calmly glanced towards Hannah, who was sitting next to him. He turned his attention back to Susan and said, "I dare you to tell us the names of the Eighth-Year wizard and Eighth-Year witch that you would most want to shag, and then describe in filthy smutty detail a ménage-a-trois with them."

Susan gasped, then said, "Oh, bugger!"

"So it's a three-way buggering?" Harry teased.

"Oh, no, it's….."

Susan's tone of voice and facial expression had turned far too serious for a game that had mostly been a good-humored naughty romp amongst friends. She bit on her lower lip for a few moments, and then asked, "Can I borrow Hermione away from your laps for a minute?"

Hannah shook her head. "Not unless you want her to fail her dare…she has to stay on our laps for one-full turn, or go naked."

"But I just want to ask her advice…"

"So you're amongst friends, right?" asked Neville.

Hermione looked up at Harry and asked, "Be a Dear and hand me my wand, will you?"


"Thanks….now Suzie, why don't you come back over here and re-do Harry's dare."

"You want to kiss me for another minute?" asked Susan.

"No, I want to get your face close enough to mine so that we can talk under a well-focused Muffliato."

"Under a what?"

"It's a privacy spell," Harry explained.

"I thought that this was a game amongst friends that trusted each other," Hannah whined.

Susan shook her head as walked back towards the couch.

"Yeah, right…there's been absolutely no scheming or keeping secrets tonight."

Harry chuckled. "Ah…so what did you three talk about inside the tent?"

"Never mind," said Hermione. She then added, "Wonder if this will work…never cast this spell lying down before…"

It worked…almost too well.

Hermione's intent had been to create an area of effect for the privacy charm that was just large enough for the two witches' heads to fit inside. But it turned out to be a little smaller than planned (unless you thought there was something else to Hermione's intentions)…Suzie had to press her face against the other witch's in order for them to converse.

"Right, what's wrong, then?" Hermione finally asked, once they were intimately situated.

"I don't want to answer the question."

"Really?" asked Hermione. "Why not?"

"Because…well, if I tell you, then I'd be answering anyway!"

"You think that Neville would have asked that question without clearing it with Hannah first?"

"No…that's the problem," Susan explained. "I just don't want to admit the truth…okay?"

"Alright then...so you can't decide between getting spanked or getting naked?"

Susan shook her head. "No, I don't fancy getting spanked…I just don't know if I'm brave enough to…and my knickers are wet again!"

"Again?" asked Hermione.

"It's your fault, you know," said Susan. "If you weren't such a good kisser…"

"Oh, please…you did know that this was a possibility when we started the game, right?"

"Well, yeah…but it's one thing to imagine flashing my bits, quite another to actually do it."

"You do know that your bits are fabulously flash-worthy, right?"

Susan couldn't help but snicker. "Why Hermione, I never realized that you thought of me that way!"

The Muggleborn giggled. "Would my kisses have been good enough to get you wet if I didn't?"

"What if I went behind the tent to take off my clothes, and stayed there for the rest of the game?"

"That would be against the spirit of the game…and you'd ruin your chance to see what my thong is hiding, wouldn't you?"

"But you're not wearing your thong!"

"Exactly….and who is?"

Susan lifted her face off of Hermione's to better her view of Harry's crotch. She then dropped back down within the privacy spell's area of effect and said, "Good point."

"I suppose that you could always cover your bits with your hands once you're naked," Hermione offered. "I think that doing that actually draws more attention to your body than if you just keep your hands to your side, but…"

"But even if I did that, I'd still have to undress…I could do it facing away from the boys, but then they'd see my fat arse…"

Hermione reached down and squeezed Susan's bum. "Will you quit it? You've got a great arse!"

Susan sighed. "Okay fine…you like my arse…now can you help me?"

"You want me to help you get naked without showing your bits or your knickers…you know I can't get off the couch, right?"

"But you can still use your….Hey!"

Susan glanced back over her shoulder towards the witch who had just squeezed her thigh.

"So make a decision, already!" Hannah whined.

"We're almost…"

"Can't hear you!" Hannah shouted.

"No, we're all set," Hermione announced

"We are?" asked Susan.

The Muggleborn witch nodded, and cancelled the lap-sized privacy charm.

"Go stand in front of the fireplace," Hermione instructed.

Susan slipped off the couch, and walked around the side of the coffee table.

Neville asked, "Does this mean that she's not answering my question?"

"Yes, it does," Susan sighed.

Hermione then proceeded to guide the other witch through a very chaste undressing. With her back to the couch, Susan pushed down the front of her strapless dress, then unhooked her bra. She was instructed to pressed one arm against both breasts, and (after a lot of encouragement) snaked her free hand down the front of her dress and slipped it inside her knickers. The reason for this seemingly odd instruction was made clear once Hermione had Susan sit back down on her chair… the banishing spell spent sent the strapless dress and undergarments sailing towards the far side of the room.

Susan was now naked, but had gotten that way without revealing any of her naughty bits.

Harry and Neville's reactions were surprising…and not unwelcomed. Hermione's prediction had proven true…by covering her bits with her hands Susan only drew more attention to them. And since her nipples and fanny were nominally covered, neither wizard felt compelled to avoid glancing in their general direction once or twice.

Or three times... or four…

oo00O 17 O00oo

Hermione looked down at her white board and said, "So now…I guess that Susan's only option is to challenge me?"

"Hit her hard, Suzie!" said Hannah.

The naked witch giggled gleefully. "Oh, I intend to. Hermione…truth or dare?"

The Muggleborn weighed her options, and worried about the gleam in the former Hufflepuff's eyes.

"You haven't forgotten how I just helped you, right Susan?"

"No I haven't," she replied. "But I also haven't forgotten how you made me fake a screaming orgasm."

"Better go with truth, then," Hermione decided.

"And you call yourself a Gryffindor?" Hannah teased.

"Well, actually, I'm an Ocho."

"It's just as well," said Susan. "So, Hermione, answer me this…if there hadn't been any ground rules set for this game… what would have been the most shocking, sexually explicit dare that you would have willing to complete?"

The reclined witch chewed on her lower lip. "With or without the escape penalties?"

Susan shrugged. "I don't think it matters…without the ground rules, you might be willing…or even anxious…to do things that were more shocking or explicit than going naked or getting spanked, right?"

"I suppose it's possible…"

"What if Harry dared you to suck him off in front of the rest of us?" Hannah asked.


"Just offering an example," the former Hufflepuff said with a sly smile. "Just like Susan daring you to pull her hand away and tickle her clitoris with your tongue would be an example."

"Will you just stop?" Hermione whined.

"What's wrong with that example?" Hannah protested. "She's already gotten you to play with her titties."

Hannah's salty comments would have drawn Hermione's ire, and a sharp retort, had the Muggleborn not been so distracted by nervous shifting and squirming of Neville's lap beneath her bare feet. Susan's poorly-concealed glances from a distance towards Neville's crotch only added to the distraction, and tested Hermione's resolve not to lift her head up off of Harry's lap and check it out for herself.

"I've got a problem with this question," Hermione announced.

"Looks like you might not be the only one," Susan quipped.

"What if I don't want to answer?" Hermione asked. "How could I choose the naked penalty as a worst case scenario if I'm still completing the requirements of Hannah's dare?"

"Well, good thing that getting naked isn't the only option, then… isn't it?" Hannah asked smugly. "All you need to do is flip over onto your belly and flip up the back of your dress so that Susan can deliver the spanking."

"So I get to spank her?" Susan wondered.

"Don't see why not," Hannah replied. "Unless you're worried about not being able to cover yourself with the hand that delivers the spanking."

"This is ridiculous," Hermione whined.

Harry let out a deep breath. "It's also unnecessary…at least in my opinion. Even if Hermione taking off her dress now means that she hasn't completed Hannah's dare…she would still be getting naked. Like she's paying the penalty for Hannah's dare and Susan's truth at the same time."

"Well that doesn't seem fair," said Hannah. "One penalty paid for two different challenges."

"So you want her to get naked and get spanked?" asked Harry.

"Don't you?" Susan quipped.

Neville sighed. "If we're going to argue like this, then maybe it's time to end the game."

"What…and miss my chance to challenge Harry?" Hannah asked. "No, I'm sure we can work out an amicable compromise."

"Hermione isn't answering my question, then?" asked Susan.

"Not necessarily," the Muggleborn replied. "I just want to know what the options are…got a suggestion, Hannah?"

"Well, if you really don't want to get spanked…and you don't want to confess just how far you'd be willing to go…or with whom…then you could avoid all that by getting naked, but you'll also have to stay stretched out on our laps."

Hermione thought for a moment. "Stay here on your laps for as long as I'd need to be naked to serve Susan's penalty?"


The bushy-haired witch thought about this proposal. "I suppose that everyone would have to agree to the idea."

"Erm…I'm okay with it, if you are," said Harry.

"Okay by me," added Neville.

Susan snorted. "Why wouldn't it be…you having a naked witch stretched out on your lap."

"Just her feet!" Neville protested, glancing nervously towards Hannah.

Hermione snorted, and asked, "Do you really want me to flash in front of your fiancé, Hannah?"

The teen-aged witch glanced down at Hermione and dragged a finger along the hem of the little black dress. "Will you just get naked already?"

"Hey, I haven't decided yet," the Muggleborn protested.

"Would you like us to throw out some more kinky dares for you to consider?" asked Hannah.

The Muggleborn took a deep breath, and glanced up from Harry's lap to gauge his reaction to the situation. He smiled.

"Might not be much different than being on that French beach," he reasoned. "You'd be joining Susan…and at the rate things are going we won't be far behind you."

"A bit different lying on laps instead of a beach towel."

"There's always that other option."

Hermione thought for a moment, then shook her head. "I don't get off on pain or submissiveness… not that there's anything wrong with someone who does, of course."

Harry couldn't help by turn his head towards Hannah and Neville. They were both staring straight ahead towards the fireplace, as if they didn't want to make eye contact with the others.

"Nope, nothing at all… so long as it is consensual," he declared.

Hermione nodded her head, then slipped her feet off of Neville's lap and rolled off of the couch. Once on her feet, she walked to the same spot where Susan had stood in front of the fireplace and caught that witch's gaze. The Muggleborn held that eye contact until it was blocked by her little black dress, as it was lifted up over her head.

Harry's gaze followed Hermione's hem as it travelled up the back of her legs, revealing first her bum, and then the full length of her back. Her shoulders shivered a bit as they were bared, and he wondered if this meant that she was nervous, excited, cold…or some combination of the three. Hermione held her stance as the dress pulled free from her mass of bushy-brown hair, limiting the full-frontal views as she slowly and methodically folded the garment.

"Remind me to drag a wardrobe out of the tent the next time we play this game," Hermione joked. "It will cut down on the ironing charms."

Susan smiled, not believing the amount of poise that was on display. "You really don't have any tan lines, do you?"

Hermione sucked in a breath, then turned to face the other witch, and asked, "Satisfied, Sue?"

"Erm…yeah. Very satisfied…so are you going to keep your head in Harry's lap, then?"

The Muggleborn giggled as she looked back over her shoulder and asked, "Hey, Neville…your choice?"

The question caught Neville by surprise. He shrugged, careful to keep his eyes locked with Hermione's.

"Not touching that question with a ten-foot pole," he stated.

Susan asked, "How about touching it with your ten-inch pole?"

"Never mind, then," Hermione decided, as she turned towards the couch, not bothering to cover herself with hands or arms.

The challenge of maintaining eye contact during her full-frontal approach was well met by Neville. Hermione was almost a little disappointed that he didn't glace down.

"Hannah, your fiance is such a gentleman!" she observed.

The former Hufflepuff reached out and grabbed Neville's thigh.

"He is…isn't he?" Hannah replied, as she playfully scratched the inside of Neville's leg with her fingernails. He reached down and covered her hand with his own.

"That's enough, Hannah," he hissed.

His fiancé giggled while Hermione stepped towards the couch. Hannah gave the thigh one more firm squeeze and said (with a fair bit of mock sincerity), "Yes, Dear."

Hermione decided to keep the erotic tension from boiling over by lying on her belly and keeping her head in Harry's lap. The awkward length of the couch and the retention of some amount of modesty led her to carefully arrange her naked body in a way that minimized both intimate views and intimate points of contact. Hermione was conscientious enough not to accidentally on purpose graze a leg or foot against the tent that was now pitched in Neville's trousers. Neville, in turn, was considerate enough not to seek out the kind of views that would raise the tent pole even higher.

oo00O 18 O00oo

"Don't bother getting up to look at who is next, Hermione," said Hannah, as she leaned over the Muggleborn's bare bum and grabbed the white board from the table. She handed it to Harry, who leaned it against the inside of the couch arm, a few inches in front of Hermione's face.

"The only challenge that I have left is for Neville," she noted. She glanced back over her shoulder and asked, "So Nev…truth or dare?"

The teen-aged wizard shook his head. "Is there really a choice now? Because if you are determined to ask me a question, you'll just convert it into a dare."

"Don't take the dare," advised Susan. "She's vicious!"

"No, I think he should," Hannah countered. "Just to prove that she's just as hard on the guys as on us girls."

"You want me to get stuck with a lipstick color kind of dare?" Neville asked with disbelief. "Fine…go on, then."


"Do your worst."

"That's a dare, then?"

Neville closed his eyes, winced, and said, "Yeah."

Hermione giggled.

"Hey, too bad your eyes are closed, Nev," said Susan. "You missed seeing the cute way that her bum cheeks shake when she laughs."

"Susan! Quit perving on my cute bum cheeks!" Hermione playfully admonished.

"Yes, Dear."

"You cheeky….oh, never mind," said Hermione. She glance over her shoulder again, and said, "Neville, I dare you to complete the following sentence, using each of our names and a specific sex act that you haven't done before, but wished you had."

"What's the sentence?" Harry asked.

"I can't help but stroke myself whenever I fantasize about…"

Susan squealed in delight.

"Oh, she's definitely just as hard on the guys with her dares!"

Hannah pouted. "Her dare for Harry was no big deal!"

Hermione turned her face towards the green thong that she'd forced Harry to wear. She licked her lips and joked, "Looks plenty big from my angle."

Neville asked, "So I use the same thing that I've wanted to do four times, just switching out names?"

"Yes," said Hermione.

"Including Harry's name?"

"Oh, yes."

Susan squealed some more, and began to chant, "Naked! Naked! Naked!"

"Don't get your hopes up, Sue," said Neville. He then asked, "Does it have to be the same act, even if it's not possible with another guy?"

"I guess you need some leeway," Hermione decided. "You'd have a hard time trying to shag Harry's pecs."

"But didn't the Weasley twins have a prank potion that grew baps on guys?" asked Susan.

Neville was ignoring this banter as he stared at the fire's glowing embers. He then robotically completed the dare, doing his best to remove every single bit of emotion or inflection from his voice.

"I can't help but stroke myself whenever I fantasize about buggering Hannah in the arse. I can't help but stroke myself whenever I fantasize about buggering Hermione in the arse. I can't help but stroke myself whenever I fantasize about buggering Susan in the arse. And I can't help but stroke myself whenever I fantasize about buggering…Hannah in the arse while Harry watches."

Neville's deft and humorous defusing of Hermione's dare was praised. He shrugged this off, and focused on not brushing his erection against Hermione's feet as he reached for his drink.

oo00O 19 O00oo

Susan glanced at the board and said, "Well, as it works out…the only remaining empty boxes are for Harry to challenge Hannah, and for Hannah to challenge Harry…how do we do that?"

Harry shrugged and offered to let Hannah decide. She thought for a few moments, then asked if he really wouldn't mind if she went next. He didn't mind…until she issued the challenge.

"Truth or dare?"


"I dare you to describe in full detail how you lost your virginity…the who, what, when, where, how, and…"

"Why?" asked Hermione.

"Why not?" asked Hannah. "Oh, and Harry…in the unlikely event that you're still a virgin, describe in full detail how you would like to lose your virginity, and with whom."

Harry let out a deep breath, and snorted.

"Mind sitting up for a moment, Hermione?" he asked, as he began unbuttoning his shirt.

"Really?" she asked.

"Afraid so," said Harry, as he stood up from the couch and pulled his arms free of his shirt sleeves.

Susan smiled as she admired the way that The-Boy-Who-Won filled out Hermione's thong. "Oh, it's so romantic…you willing to put everything you have out on full display just to preserve a girl's honor."

"Maybe it wasn't a girl?" Hannah joked. "Or could it really be that you're too embarrassed to admit that you are still a virgin, Harry?"

"I guess that you'll never know, will you?" Harry asked, as he slipped his thumbs into the thong's waistband and pushed it down over his thighs.

"Bravo!" Susan cheered, exposing her breasts as she clapped her hands together.

A small grin formed on Harry's lips as he stepped out of the thong.

"Almost worth it just to be able to pull that string free from my arse," he stated.

Hermione watched Harry's bits pass by her face as he sat back down onto the couch, and realized that she had a decision to make with regard to how and where she would now rest her head. It wasn't much of a decision, though…caring more about Harry's comfort than Susan's viewing angles, Hermione turned onto her side and leaned her head back until her curls met his.

"You're blocking my view!" Susan whined.

"Hypocrite," Harry teased.

Hannah giggled as she rested a hand on the top of Hermione's hip, and said, "Look at it this way, Susie…she's just giving you the chance to ogle her bits instead of his."

The Muggleborn witch nodded her head as she then announced, "And for our last challenge of the night…"

oo00O 20 O00oo

Harry nodded. "Okay, so…Hannah?"


"Aww…are we really going to end the game on a truth?" Harry teased.

Hermione snorted.

"What?" asked Harry.

"Just ask her the question."

"Right. So, Hannah…what is the biggest, most important reason why you wanted to play Truth or Dare tonight?"

Hannah stared at Harry for a few seconds. Hannah then turned and stared at Neville for a moment. And then she told the witch who was lying across her lap that she needed to get up off of the couch.

Hermione smirked as she rolled off the couch and stood up. "You really don't want to answer, Hannah? Or is this some Hufflepuffian sense of fairness over the fact that the three of us have stripped down too?"

"Almost isn't fair," said Susan. "If the game ends after Hannah gets naked to avoid answering the question, then how long does she have to stay naked?"

"Who said that I've decided?" Hannah asked, as she rose from the couch.

"Why would you ask me to get off of your lap otherwise?" asked Hermione.

"So that I could get my bum within Harry's reach?" Hannah replied.

"You're kidding me."

Instead of answering the question, Hannah glanced longingly towards Neville and said, "I love you." Then she voluntarily bent over Harry's lap (glancing down at his naughty bits along the way) and rested her forearms against the couch arm.

"Ten was the number that we agreed upon, right?" Hannah asked.

"Ten bare-bottom spanks," Susan corrected.

"Right," said Hannah. She reached back to flip her dress hem up, then turned to Harry and asked, "Would you like to be the one to pull down my knickers?"

Harry stared incredulously at Hannah's face for a few moments, then turned towards Neville.

"Go on, then," the teen said stoically.


"This idea was her idea…her alternative to getting naked."

Harry turned towards Hermione and asked, "But…?"

"Just do it, and we'll be done with it," Neville whispered.

Hannah looked over her shoulder, then pushed her dress hem back down and shook her head.

"It's not worth it, Neville," she declared, standing back up. She turned Harry and confessed, "The most important reason why I wanted to play tonight was to prove to Neville that I get off on being spanked and being sexually submissive."

Neville moaned. "Oh, Hannah…"

Harry frowned. "You wanted me to spank you just so Neville could see how much it turned you on?"

"Erm…yeah. More or less."

"Why didn't you just refuse to answer Neville's question, then?" asked Hermione, crossing her arms across her breasts.

"Because…he's never wanted to…doesn't want to do that sort of thing?"

"So your solution was to trick Harry into satisfying your kink?" Hermione asked sharply.

"No…it wasn't..." Hannah protested. "I wanted to show Neville that I found it satisfying…that it turns me on so much…hoping that once he realized that fact that he would take over."

Hermione scowled. "That's pretty fucked up thinking, Hannah."

"Yes, I know, but…"

Hermione cut her off.

"I mean, here we are, playing this game thinking that there was an underlying level of trust between us, and all the while you were just trying to manipulate us…to manipulate Harry…."


"No buts, you little bitch!" Hermione barked.

"I'm sorry."

"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to, you selfish twat!"

If Hermione's foul-mouthed rants weren't shocking enough, then she really flipped some wigs when she reached out, yanked on Hannah's hair and twisted the other witch around to face Neville.

"Tell him that you're sorry!"

"I'm sorry."

Susan gave up on maintaining any modesty when she leapt out of her chair naked and gave Hannah's dress-covered bum a firm smack.


"Tell your fiance that you're sorry that you tried to trick Harry into yanking down your knickers and spanking your bottom bright red!'" Susan ordered.

Hannah stammered through the recitation.

"Now tell him why you tried to trick Harry!"

"Because….because I'm a naughty girl that deserves a spanking?"

"That's right, Hannah," Hermione agreed. "You are a very naughty girl…a naughty girl thinks that she's too good to take off her clothes like the rest of us!"

"No, that's not true!"

"Then why did you come up with this spanking penalty?"

"Because I wanted to get…but Neville didn't want…"

"Prove it!" Susan barked.

"Ask Neville, he'll tell you…"

"Oh, it's not worth the wait," Hermione said snidely. She grabbed her wand from the coffee table and cast a banishing spell that sent all of Hannah's clothing sailing towards Susan's pile of clothing.

"Hey!" Hannah protested, as she tried to cover her nakedness with her hands.

Hermione slapped the hands away.

"What are you doing!" she shrieked. "Naughty girls don't deserve the right to cover themselves."

As Hermione pulled Hannah around to the side of the couch, both Neville and Harry marveled over the fact that all three witches were now naked.

Hannah got a close-up view of Neville's trouser tent when Hermione bent the teen over the arm of the couch and pushed her head down into her fiance's lap.

"So let's show Neville just how naughty his fiancée is," the Muggleborn said. "You will count each stroke, and if you mess that up then Susan will start from scratch. Got it?"



"One?" Hannah winced.

"I haven't started yet, you bint!" Susan said. "That was for forgetting to refer to Hermione as Mistress Hermione."

Hermione snorted. "Don't bother, Susan…she doesn't deserve a spanking."

"Really?" asked Susan.

Hermione shook her head. "No, just look at her…she's already practically dripping down the inside of her thigh…aren't you Hannah?"

"Yes, Mistress Hermione."

"You wanted to be spanked…you set this whole scene up, didn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress Hermione."

"Because you told us that you get off on being submissive."

"Yes, Mistress Hermione."

"Well you are doing a piss-poor job of it!" Hermione snarled. "What kind of submissive tries to direct her own scene?"

"But I…."




"Are you going to keep trying to top from the bottom?"

"No, Mistress Hermione."

"Good," Hermione decided. She glanced towards Hannah's fiancé and asked, "Neville?"

"Yes, Miss…erm, Hermione?"

"Have you told Hannah that you wanted to bugger her in the arse?"

"Erm...are we still playing the game?"

"Never mind," Hermione decided. She yanked Hannah's head off of Neville's crotch and asked, "Did he tell you that he wanted to bugger you in the arse?"


Susan didn't need a prompt.


"Owwww! Yes, Mistress Hermione, he did ask."

"Why didn't you say yes, then?"

"Because he's so big!" Hannah declared. "I was afraid that it would hurt too much!"



Susan said, "So you don't mind the pain if it helps satisfy your pervy needs, but not if it's for your Master's benefit?"

Hermione shook her head dismissively. "Neville!"


"Take your fiancee into the tent and bugger her in the arse."

"No!" Hannah gasped.

"R-r-r-really?" asked Neville. "But she told me…told me that she wouldn't enjoy that?"

Hermione scoffed, "Too bad. Naughty little girls don't deserve to enjoy their punishments, do they Hannah?"

"No, Mistress Hermione," Hannah sobbed.

"So what are you waiting for?" Susan barked. "Run inside the tent and get your arse ready for your Master's use!"

"Yes, Mistress Susan," Hannah cried out, as she dashed off towards the tent.

"And don't you dare touch yourself while you're waiting!" Hermione shouted.

"Yes, Mistress Hermione!"

A thin smile formed on Hermione's lips as she glanced towards Hannah's flustered fiancé.

"Breathe, Neville."


"And don't keep her waiting all night," said Susan, waving Neville towards the tent.

The eighteen-year old wizard stared at the naked (and sweaty) witch for a moment, then shifted his gaze towards the other naked (and sweaty) witch. Then he took a deep breath, and stood up.

Hermione asked, "You do remember Hannah's safe word, right?"

Neville almost winced.

"Erm…pickled parsnips?"

"That's it."

The half-dazed wizard nodded, then started to walk towards the tent. When he reached the front flap, he looked back and asked, "Too weird for me to say thanks for your help?"

Hermione snorted, and shook her head.

"You're welcome, Neville…just remember that I can't let you two spend the night here."

"Got it," the teen replied, just before he disappeared into the tent.

The office was silent for a few moments…dead silent. And then there was boisterous laughter, as Susan pulled Hermione into a hug.

"Holy shite, Mistress Hermione!" she gasped. "Are you sure that you've never done that before?"

Hermione shook her head. "I could ask the same of you, Mistress Susan! Did you see the palm-prints you left on Hannah's bum?"

There were a few more congratulatory remarks about jobs well done before either of them remembered that there was a third person in the room.

Hermione turned towards Harry, and asked, "Erm..everything okay there, Harry?"

The eighteen-year old wizard nodded. "Yup…pretty much how it was laid out in that note. Except for the anal sex, that is."

Susan snorted. "Yeah, Hermione what was that?"

Hermione shrugged. "A bit of improvisation. Seemed like the right thing to do at the time…this way Hannah is happy, and Neville should be happy…and she can always use her safe word. It's also a good reminder about subs trying to direct from the bottom."

"Subs directing from the bottom?" Harry asked. "Safe words and scenes? Care to share with us the source of this knowledge?"

Hermione shrugged. "You know that I read a lot, Harry."

"Not those kinds of books, I didn't."

"Oh, well…now you know."

Harry took a moment to confirm the contents of the message that Hannah had written out and sighed. Susan caught Hermione's eyes and nodded towards the couch. The Muggleborn nodded, and nudged Harry's knee with her own.

"Budge over," she said.

Harry looked up and smiled. "Yes, Mistress Hermione."

The Muggleborn snorted as Susan and she sat down on either side of the teen-aged wizard.

Harry looked over at sexy, naked witch sitting on his left. He then looked over at the sexy naked witch to his right…and then he looked down at his lap.

"Oh second thought, think I'll take a shower and call it a night," he decided, rising to his feet.

"Sounds good," Hermione replied. "Just crash in my bed, if the guest bedroom is still being used when you get out."

"You really think that they made it that…far?" Susan asked, losing focus as she got her first view of Harry's bare bum.

The teen-aged wizard placed an ear against the tent flap.

"Sounds like they made it to a bedroom," he noted.

"Well that's good," Hermione said with a laugh.

Harry caught his friend's attention and asked, "Will you explain things to Susan while I'm washing up?"

Hermione arched an eyebrow.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

Harry gestured towards his flaccid penis and nodded. "The only other reasons why I wouldn't be rock hard right now are that I'm dead or gay…erm, not that there's anything wrong with that…."

Hermione glanced over towards Susan, thought for half-a-second, and then laughed.

"I'll set her straight for you," she said.

Susan couldn't keep herself from reaching out and running a hand across Hermione's bum.

"Do you really want me to act 100% straight?" she asked seductively. "Where's the fun in that?"

Hermione swatted Susan's hand away and said, "Behave!"

Susan dropped her gaze towards the floor and demurely replied, "Yes, Mistress Hermione!"

The reluctant dominatrix closed her eyes, let out a deep breath, and declared, "Hannah owes me big time!"

Once Harry disappeared inside the tent Hermione took Susan's hand and said, "Might as well get comfortable, this might take a while."

The strawberry blond-haired witch noticed that they were heading towards the couch and asked, "Are we going to do that face-to-face lie down privacy charm thing again?"

Hermione chuckled as she shook her head, and then cast a spell that widened the base of the couch into something closer to a twin-sized bed.

"That eager to stretch out against me again?" she asked.


Hermione sat down on the edge of the couch cushion and noted, "Wouldn't have any fabric between us this time...although I suppose that we could get dressed again now that the game is over."

Susan shrugged as she climbed onto the couch and stretched out lengthwise behind Hermione.

"I'm comfortable so long as you're comfortable."

Hermione glanced over her shoulder towards Susan, then glanced over towards the tent. She then rested her hand on Susan's bare hip and said, "No need for a privacy charm as long as they're busy inside."

"You don't want to lie down with me, then?" Susan pouted.

Hermione smiled as she swung her legs up and stretched out face-to-face with Susan.

"So did our kissing really make you wet?" she asked.

Susan frowned. "I thought that you were going to explain about Harry?"

Hermione glanced towards the direction of the tent and sighed.

"Okay, so the short answer is that Harry's plumbing still works, but the antidote to the love potions had a nasty side-effect that completely killed his sex drive. It might take six more months for him to get it back."

"Oh, that's horrible!"

Hermione nodded. "It's the story of his life, unfortunately. So…what's the short answer to your story, Susan?"

The other witch chewed on her lower lip for a moment, then let out a deep breath.

"My short answer is that I want to share a wedding bed with both my husband and my wife, but Hannah doesn't swing that way. Not that it matters because I think of her as a sister and there's another couple that I'm interested in…which was why I wanted to play this game…but I can't open up negotiations until the bloke gets his head of his arse and realizes that they love each other and asks him to marry her?"

Hermione stared at the other witch for a second, then reached out and tenderly placed a hand on her cheek.

"More like he gets his head out of those fucking potions rather than his arse, but…"

And then she couldn't help but giggle.

"What?" Susan whined. "You don't believe me?"

Hermione smiled, and shook her head. "What I don't believe is that you got that story out in one breath!"

"Oh…so…what about your story, then?" Susan asked.

"My story?" Hermione asked. "Still being written…although it does seem like a whole new chapter in that story is opening up."

Susan broke out into her own fit of giggles.


"Merlin, Hermione…that's so corny…did you get that line from one of those smutty books that you love to read so much?"

"Maybe…what's wrong with a little recreational reading?"

"Nothing," Susan replied. "Unless there's something better to do with your time."

"I suppose you've got a suggestion, then?"

"Maybe," said Susan. And then she took a gamble by closing the short distance between their lips. The kiss was short, but sweet and filled with potential.

"Well, okay, then," Hermione whispered, as she leaned back far enough to catch Susan's eyes with her own.

"So Suzie…do you really think you need to wait for this guy to propose to this girl before you open up your negotiations?"

"You don't think I'd need to?"

"That might take some time," Hermione sighed. "He's kind of danced around the topic, but…did you see that kiss? That's the first time he's done that so…intensely…even though he said he didn't want to do more until after he's back up to speed…as it were."

Susan's eyes went wide as she pulled Hermione into a tight embrace. "Really?" she shrieked. "You two have…danced…around that topic?"

"Shush!" Hermione hissed, pushing back from the hug (a smile on her face went a long way towards tempering the admonishment).

"But if you two are…why would you even consider playing naughty party games with Lavender and Parvati?"

"Thought it might jump start his libido," Hermione explained. "Poppy has actually developed a treatment regimen for him…you should see some of the things that she's proposed he use as sexual stimuli!"

Susan reached out and gave Hermione's nipple a playful pinch.

"Am I seeing things that she proposed Harry use as sexual stimuli?"

Hermione pulled Susan's fingers away. "Do you really think that the Hogwarts Matron would ask me to flash my bits as part of a medicinal treatment program?"

Susan giggled. "Oh, so you developed this treatment plan all on your own, then?"


"But I thought that…?"

"No, I hear something."


Hermione popped her head up, and glanced over the back of the couch. That something turned out to be Neville and Hannah quietly exiting the tent. Neville was fully dressed, while Hannah was still starkers…which is probably why she cast an Accio spell towards her clothes, which were still in a pile on the far side of the office.

"A little late for modesty, don't you think?" asked Hermione.

"Oh…we thought that you might be asleep," said Neville.

Hannah nodded in agreement as she caught her dress and undergarments. Then she glanced back at the clothes pile and noticed that Susan's dress was still there on the floor. She smiled, and asked, "Guess you two found something better to do?"

Susan popped her head up too, and said, "Maybe."

Neville stopped Hannah when he spotted her stepping into her knickers.

"Don't bother," he instructed. "Just the dress."

Hannah took in a short breath. "But I've never…all the way back to the dorm?"

Neville nodded and held out his hand.

"I'll take care of those for you."

Hermione snorted as Hannah said, "Yes, Neville," then squatted down to retrieve the knickers, which she then placed in his hand along with the bra.

As Hannah slipped her dress over her head, Neville glanced over towards Hermione and Susan. The two witches gave him encouraging thumbs-up.

He smiled, and rolled his eyes.

"Guess you'll need me to take down the wards on the door," Hermione noted. "Here, I'll just…"

"No, don't get up on our account," Hannah replied. "You can unlock the door from there, right?"

"Sure," Hermione replied. A few strokes of her wand made good on that assertion.

"There, you two are free to go."

"Thanks," said Hannah. She waited a moment, and then said, "Thanks for your help tonight."

"You're welcome."

Hannah paused.

"We'll show ourselves out, you can go back to doing whatever you…"

Susan joked, "Oh, we can wait to get back to that!"

Hannah sighed, knowing that she wasn't going to escape from making a slightly painful walk of shame.

Hermione and Susan resisted the temptation to comment on Hannah's awkward, slightly bow-legged gait as the couple walked across the office to the door. Playful good nights were exchanged along the way without elaborations or explanations being made…by either couple.

Hermione reapplied the security charms once Hannah and Neville left the office, then took Susan by the hand.

"C'mon…we need to continue our conversation inside the tent."

"Why is that?"

"Because now that they've left, Harry's nightmares will start up within the next ten minutes or so."


Hermione grinned as she pulled the tent flap open. "I'll explain inside."

Susan glanced towards her dress and asked, "But what about our clothes?"

"Oh, right," said Hermione. She called for Klewy, who immediately popped in, gathered their clothing, and popped away.

Susan asked, "But now what…?"

Hermione shrugged. "Well, if you really want to throw something on, I could have a house elf pop up to The Ocho for you. Either for some robes, or maybe a nightie…"

Susan sucked in a small breath.

"Are you suggesting…or offering…a sleep-over?"

"Up to you."

Susan thought for a moment, then smiled.

"Well, then…no need to make the house-elves work any harder than they already do," she declared.

Hermione watched the still-naked witch slip into the tent. She looked down at her own naked body, and sucked in a deep breath.

"Gryffindors Forward!" she said to herself.

Susan was waiting for Hermione just inside the flap, wondering where they were going to continue the conversation, and where Harry was presently located. The Muggleborn placed a "be quiet" finger to her lips, then quietly disappeared down the short hallway towards the two bedrooms. A few moments later she returned, and gestured towards the small couch in the tent's sitting area.

"Harry's sleeping in my bed," Hermione stated. "We can wait here."

"Your bed? And wait for what?"

"The nightmares," Hermione replied.


"Have a seat," said Hermione, gesturing towards the tent's small couch.

When Hermione offered Susan the throw blanket that covered the couch's back, she said she was fine. She was a bit more than fine when Hermione then asked if Susan wanted to share the blanket. Once they were covered up, sitting hip-to-hip, Hermione leaned her head onto Susan's shoulder.

"So what's this about wanting both a husband and a wife in your marriage bed, Suzie?"

"Hey, thought you were going to talk about nightmares?"

"We'll get to that…just think of this as part of your opening negotiations."


Hermione squeezed Susan's thigh, and replied, "Really."

Susan sucked in a deep breath, then whistled as she let that breath out slowly between pursed lips.

"Okay, then…you know that I have to become somebody's second wife, just to continue the family name?"

"Erm…yeah. You told me that Fifth Year."

"Yeah, well my mum told me that when I was four," Susan replied. "My father was killed in a Death Eater attack six weeks before Harry's parents died. Mum survived, but since she married into the family, she couldn't continue the line. Same with my Aunt Amelia. I had a couple of distant male cousins, but Dragon Pox wiped out their whole family when I was three. That left me the last with Bones blood."

"Your mum really told you that you'd have to be a second wife when you were only four?"

Susan shrugged. "It wasn't some big secret…my point is, I knew from an early age that it was going to happen, and that influenced how I thought, and dreamed…even how I played. Whenever I played house with my friends, and had pretend weddings, I insisted that I marry both a boy and a girl."

Hermione giggled. "So you dreamed about finding both Mr. Right and Mrs. Right?"

"I didn't know any better," Susan confessed. "Nobody told me that a second wife lives in a separate house, and sleeps in a separate bed, and doesn't share her wedding bed with both her husband and his wife."

Hermione snorted.

"What?" asked Susan.

"Just thinking about nature or nurture," Hermione replied. "So when you got older, and starting thinking about boys…you thought about girls too?"

"I don't know if I was born this way, or if it was just the circumstances, but…well…I guess the answer is yes."

"What was the question again?"

"Do you like both boys and girls that way?"

Hermione smiled. "Now Susan, we're talking about your sexual preferences, not mine."

"You know what I'm…"

"Yes, I do," said Hermione. "So…was that why you got naked during the game?"

"Sort of," said Susan. "I got naked because I didn't want to describe a three-way shag with the witch and wizard I'd most want to do it with."

"Because you love Hannah like a sister? You do know that in certain pureblood families that might not disqualify you?"

"Not mine," Susan said definitively. "Hannah has been talking about me becoming the second Mrs. Longbottom ever since their engagement…pestering both me and Neville…but Hannah doesn't share my twisted ideas of what a shared marriage would look like."

"She'd want Neville shuttling between separate beds and separate households?"

"Pretty much," said Susan. "I don't think she'd even envision the shuttling…she's providing a solution for a problem…she'd lend out Neville for the wedding night, and to sire a male scion for House Bones, but that'd be it. Unless I could convince her to share more than that, but I'm not hopeful."

Hermione giggled, "So you're telling me that you want to have your cake and eat her too?"

"Well, not her, but…something like that."

"What would Neville hope for, though?" Hermione asked.

"He hopes that I find love and happiness with some other couple," Susan replied. "I think that's why he asked the question that got me naked…he wanted to either force me to admit to other, more desirable options…or he wanted me to describe a raunchy three-way romp involving Hannah and him that would be so off-putting that she'd stop bugging me to become his second wife."

"Ah…I guess that makes sense," said Hermione.

Susan let out a deep breath, and risked asking, "So speaking of having my cake…what's this about Harry having nightmares?"

Hermione nodded. "He's had them ever since the Final Battle. They used dreamless sleep potions in hospital, but after he was discharged, and we took the tent and disappeared for all of July…the only way that I could calm him down at night was to climb into his bed and hold him tight."

"Ah!" said Susan. "So you have been sleeping with Harry!"

"Just sleeping, sleeping," Hermione said defensively. "The side-effects of the love potion antidote made sure of that."

"So how does this fit in with stimulating his sex drive?"

Hermione smiled. "I didn't say what I wore when I crawled into his bed, did I?"

"No…what do you wear?"

"About the same as I'm wearing now."

"No!" Susan hissed. "So you cuddle up with him naked? And he's naked too?"

"Yup…I'm the diagnostic naked canary in the coal mine."

A thought that had been idling in the back of Susan's mind sprung forward.

"So why would Harry's nightmares not start up until after Neville and Hannah left the tent?" she asked. "You think he was spying on them the same way that he spied on you in the shower?"

Hermione shook her head. "No, I don't think so. What I do think, though, is that Harry's nightmares arrive at awfully convenient times."

"Like when?"

"Like a couple of hours before REM-stage starts," Hermione whispered. "At first, the nightmares would pop up in the middle of the night, but within a couple of weeks they began to appear earlier and earlier in the evening. And since we've been back here at Hogwarts, it's only taken ten or fifteen minutes of sleep before it starts up…to the point where I don't even bother getting into my bed. I just wait until there's need for me to crawl into his."

"You think that he's faking the nightmares, then?" Susan asked.

"Ssshhh!" Hermione hissed. "Once his nightmares end, then I won't have a valid reason to sleep with him!"

"Besides the usual reasons, you mean?"

"What's that?"

"Because you love him, and he loves you, and you're going to spend the rest of your lives together?" Susan teased.

"Hush!" Hermione protested. "Regardless of how valid those reasons might be, they wouldn't be good enough reasons for the Headmistress."

"Oh, shite…don't tell me that McGonagall knows that you two are sleeping together?"

"Ok, I won't tell you," Hermione said with a giggle.


"It was one of the demands that I made when we were negotiating our return to Hogwarts," Hermione replied. "I told her that I wouldn't live someplace where I couldn't help Harry get through his nightmares from that Final Battle."

"So she agreed to this demand?"

"Not explicitly," Hermione replied. "But she did give me this office, and allowed me to set up the tent, and she hasn't gone out of her way to do late-night bed checks. I'm sure that it's got a lot to do with the fact that the two of us can't do much more than sleep together when we sleep together."

"Huh," said Susan. She thought for a few moments, then asked, "And you don't mind the fact that Harry is pretending to have nightmares just to get you into bed with him?"

Hermione snorted. "Would you?"

"Hell, no!"


Susan was confused. "Was that a rhetorical question, or an inquiry?"

Hermione giggled.

As if on cue, a loud moan drifted down the hallway.

Hermione pulled off the covers, stood, and reached for Susan's hand.

"Oh, no! Harry is having another nightmare!" she announced melodramatically. "It sounds even worse than normal! I'm certain to need some assistance calming him down!"

Susan's eye's sparkled. She took Hermione's hand and stood.

"I'll help. It's the least anyone could do to help soothe the Savior of the Wizarding World, isn't it?"

Hermione waggled her eyebrows, and said, "Well, it's a start, at least."

The two witches giggled all the way down the hallway.


A/N: Hannah's punishment borrowed from ginnymylove's "Searching for the Power." That story also has a game of Truth or Dare (it's a lot smuttier than mine).