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Darkrose, who was unknowingly in Thunderclan territory, found a place in-between roots to sleep in. Almost as soon as she lay down, she was asleep.

Next morning…

Darkrose was awoken be something, or someone, prodding her shoulder. At first she just opened her eyes groggily, but then jumped up and hissed at the sight of a cat bigger than her above her. Darkrose winced as her shoulder gave a sharp jolt of pain.

"Hey! Stop moving! I just got that covered up!" The orange tom spoke out. Darkrose froze.

"Who are you?" she asked warily.

"I am Firepaw, only son of Fireheart and Sandstorm. I'm from Thunderclan. Who are you?" Firepaw said. (Ok, yes I know, Firepaw, Fireheart, BUT that's how it is on my forum Xd)

"I am Darkrose, kin of none. I come from one of the Rouge clans around here. Why did you help me?" Darkrose didn't want to say who her family was… Yet.

Firepaw didn't question her, "How can you be a warrior? You're so small-"

"I am NOT small! I am young! That's it!"

"And I helped you because well… you were so small, I thought you were a kit, and you need to get out of here as soon as possible, patrols come this way."

"Well, thanks. I don't really have anywhere to go, though." Darkrose said, looking down.

"Oh… Well, if it makes you feel any better, I have a cave you can stay in temporarily?" Firepaw suggested.

"That would be wonderful! Thank you, Firepaw!" Darkrose exclaimed.

So it was, a Thunderclan cat and a Shadowclan rouge. The two cats headed for the cave that the orange tom had mention. Nothing lived inside it, but it was small. Firepaw visited her every day. He gave her news of the clan's life, announcements, etc.

After she had been there half a Moon, Firepaw came running through the mouth of the cave.

"Great Starclan! Firepaw! You almost ran me over!" Darkrose said jokingly.

"I'm not Firepaw anymore," He said triumphantly. "I'm called Firefur now! I'm a Warrior, Darkrose!"

"Congratulations, Firefur!" Darkrose said.

Other than that, not much out of the ordinary news past between the two. Well, until her first Moon with Firefur had passed, a few days after, from what any cat could see from the nights that had passed. Darkrose was now 12 Moons old, and Firefur 13 Moons old.

Brokenstar had always been a touchy subject, but that one, one, day, when Firefur came to Darkrose, it was not considered touchy at all.

Firefur came walking in one day, his face with mixed emotions.

"Hi, Firefur- Whoa, what's with the face?" Darkrose asked.

"Brokenstar is dead." Firefur said bluntly.

Darkrose stood, "Oh.." she looked down, "I… guess there's no reason for me to stay, then.."

Firefur looked shocked, "W-what? Why not? Why leave?"

"I cannot stay hidden from your clan forever, and I made a promise to a cat who died for me…"

"What was that promise?"

"That I would get her revenge on him. To not let him destroy another family, like he did mine." Darkrose said with a straight face.

"What would he have to do with your family?" Firefur asked, confused.

Darkrose paused.

"He is my brother."

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Darkstar's Past

A New Beginning

The Clan

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