Chapter VII- The 'Brilliant' Escape

Now, let's go back and see what Nao and the teal haired bitch is doing.

Nao jumped up to avoid the thick metal hitting her side and in response, she unleashed her claws and went to Tomoe. Extending her red nails, she cut into Tomoe's back, which had caused her to stumble forward.

"you took down mutt? That's very hard to believe to tell you the truth."


"mutt must have been hurt already? What did you bring backup and took her out like that?"

"SHUT UP! That is none of your business!"


Nao stuck out her tongue and pulled her lower eyelid down. She laughed afterwards at the fumbling red faced, and green haired girl. Tomoe looked up to the redhead thats clutching her stomach, bending over in laughter.


Nao's laughter died down as she looked at Tomoe.

"and why should I? I'm having fun, what about you?"

She said while pointing a finger at Tomoe.

"what is so fun about this? Why not we end this now?"

After she finished her sentence, she lunged forwards and Nao did the same. They bared their weapons and strike the hardest. They stopped, and blood splurged out of Tomoe's stomach. Nao lifted her claws and licked them clean as she turned around walked towards the bleeding Tomoe.

"I thought that you were strong to take out mutt. But, looking at the dead bodies that laid there, I would say that you are nothing but a weak piece of trash."

After that, she walked away from Tomoe and jumped up the wall to see Shizuru and Chie running away from numerous guards. She did a face palm and looked father ahead to see a small girl carrying Natsuki, while also running away from twice the size of the previous number of guards she had previously saw.

"shit mutt. What the hell did you do?"

She jumped back down and she looked around before running over to where Natsuki is, while she uncovered a cloth that was around her upper right arm.

Mikoto was running at top speed, trying to avoid the very large crowd of guards that came a running to them.

"Mikoto, do you think that we can escape them? I don't …know how much…"

She started to trail off as Mikoto looked towards her.


No reply was heard the first time, and she asked a second time.




And yet again, no reply was heard as the bluenette went unconscious. She reached the gates and she ran even faster to get out before they closed it. She slid under the gate, with Natsuki slumped over her. Shizuru and Chie were surrounded by lots of guards as they looked around.

"okay, one Natsuki has been taken by some little girl, two we are stuck here with one too many guards and three, WHERE THE HELL IS NAO?"

Chie was thinking to herself as someone yelled out, "Juliet!"

Out came a mechanical like spider and the claws on Nao grew longer and morphed into her fingers. Chie looked at Nao angrily.

"Nao! What the hell are you doing? It's against the law to use our powers!"

"yeah, back in town. Not here."

Nao said with a sly grin on her face.

"besides, it'll be easier to escape. Just hurry and get your asses over here!"

Shizuru and Chie ran towards Nao and got on Julia's back when Nao yelled out, "Julia, follow the little girl that was carrying Natsuki!"

The mechanical spider called Julia ran and jumped over the wall and pursued Mikoto. Poor Mikoto, first she had out run so many guards and now she is being chased by a freaking metal spider! What else could be worse? Oh yeah that's right, Natsuki is KO'ed and her legs are getting tired. She tried to shake Natsuki but her wounds were already deep enough. She hated herself for doing this. She poked one of Natsuki's wounds which made her get up quickly.

"ow! Fuck! Mikoto what the hell was that for?"

"look behind you."

Natsuki turned her gaze to the mech-spider and saw Shizuru, Chie, and Nao pursing them.

"Mikoto, you can stop now."

"what? Are you crazy!"

"just do it!"

Mikoto went on the side of the dirt road and put Natsuki against a tree. Nao stopped Julia and they jumped off one by one. Nao walked up to Mikoto with a pissed off look. She was about to come up and bitch-slap the poor girl when Natsuki stepped in.

"wait Nao! She helped me escaped. Leave Mikoto alone."


Natsuki was breathing heavily blood was dropping off her armor and the first to notice other that Mikoto was Shizuru.

"Natsuki! You're bleeding!"

"eh? Oh you mean this? I got it from Tomoe."

"that bitch! Hope that she dies."

"*sigh* if you add her on your bounty Nao, it will only rise up by a grand or something."

"yeah, I don't know what mutt did to get 7,000,000 million yen on her."

"can we get some help here? Natsuki bleeding to death if you don't understand."

"sorry. Hurry, take her to the village."

Chie carried Natsuki over her shoulder and they ran to the village gates that were deep in the forest. Julia went away and they went on foot. It was almost night when they reached the gate. Chie took out one of her knives and showed the emblem to them. The gates opened and inside they rushed her to the infirmary. Souske was walking around when he caught them out of the corner of his eye. He saw a bleeding Natsuki and he rushed over to help them.

"quick! Lay her over on this bed!"

They did as he said and he got a sleeping shot and injected her. After that, he grabbed his medical tools that he needed. Everyone was watching him with extreme caution. He had to clean out the wounds and he had everyone leave so that he can work on her without pressure.

"Fuck! Why the hell did this have to happen?"

"relax Nao. Souske will be able to fix Natsuki up, so everything will go back to normal.

"No Chie! If Natsuki didn't have to save YOU, then this would have never happened!"

"Nao! It's not Shizuru's fault! This was bound to happen one way or another."

Chie had to hold back Nao when she was trying to get ahold of Shizuru. But, Chie didn't want to get anymore into this conversation, so she swiped Nao feet, which made her fall and sat on her.


Chie calmly replied,"no."

Nao started to squirm under her when Chie pulled out a small black box. There was no clue what was in it, but when she lifted the cover, there was five tranquilizers needles lined up in two rows. She picked the first one in the first row and flicked it, while she was gently was pushing the bottom. Nao had a terrified look on her face, for that Chie has never brought those out unless it was an emergency.

"h-hey Chie. Y-you c-can s-stop now. I-I'm fine. S-see?"

Poor Nao, for Chie didn't buy any of that shit. She lower the needle to her arm, and she had Shizuru help her hold Nao down. Nao did not have enough strength to get them off her, so she had no choice but to take the shot. Chie injected her, and Nao literally screamed at the contact, then she was getting sleepy.

"you know… Chie I'm…I'm gonna get… you… for this…"

Chie slowly released the needle from her arm and put it neatly back in the black box. Shizuru looked at her with a curious look.

"what? I have this just in case."

Shizuru still didn't believe her but, she can't help that she has this small feeling that maybe all of this is her fault. She sat down, and stared at her hands. Chie sat down beside her and put her hand over hers. When Shizuru looked up, Chie was smiling at her and she said to her,"don't worry. Natsuki has been through worser. This is nothing to her."

Shizuru smile warmly at her, and then went back to looking at her hands. Mai came out of her room to see what the commotion was about and when she asked, she started to cry. Shizuru went to comfort her, and she knows how she feels, because she is also worried about Natsuki.


Souske came running in the waiting room, with blood all over his coat and his mask, as well as his gloves. Everyone was on the verge of sleep, except Nao for she was still KO'ed from Chie. Everyone straightened up and they watched and listened to his every word he said.


"yes? What is it?"

Souske rubbed the back of his neck then he returned his gaze to Shizuru especially.

"you see, Natsuki is going to make it out okay, but she wants to speak to Shizuru and Mai before she passes out."

"me and Shizuru? But why?"

"she won't say, but I would suggest that you two hurry. I won't be in the room, so you two are free to what you want to say."

Shizuru and Mai exchange glances before Souske leads them into the room. Souske let's Natsuki know that they are here and he left the room. Natsuki is sitting up, with bandages over her upper body, her arms, and on her forehead. They walk up to her and Natsuki begins to speak.

"you guys must be wondering why I had called you here. There is something that I must tell explain before you leave."

"ara, what does Natsuki mean by that?"

Natsuki took a deep breath before she continued.

"after all of this, I am happy that I get to see you you guys without having your father trying to kill me, but… if he finds out that you are here, then he will come and burn down this village, leaving no life behind."

"but, after all these years, I thought that you would be happy that you get to see Shizuru again!"

"I know, I am happy and I would love to be with you again Shizuru, but…"

"but what?"

"but… before that can even happen, there is so much that I have to do."

"what is so important that you can't be with Shizuru again!"

Natsuki took a deep breath and she had a serious look on her face when she looked at Shizuru, emerald eyes staring at crimson eyes.

"Shizuru, you have a daughter."