I glared at the stupid blonde singer/ guitarist in front of me. Her emerald eyes burning holes into my blood red ruby eyes.

"You're joking" I narrowed my eyes at her. I don't know who she is or who the hell she thinks she is, but her band is NOT going on tour with mine.

"I wish I was butt head" She sneered, and began to walk away then turned around and flipped me off. A vein popped out of my forehead and my blood boiled in anger.

"you're serious?" I clenched my fists one more time. This stuck up pop band will not step on my hard-core rock reputation.

"As the plague, asshole. Now, Sharkboy, get out. I don't want to spend any more…" she pursued her lips "unnecessary time with the likes of you." she turned on her heel and strutted off in her all black high-tops, then promptly slammed the door to her apartment in my face.

We had passed each other in the hallway after I was coming home from hearing the news from .

You see, I'm in a Band, a very cool band. Our awesome band name is Soul Fire. We're a completely hard rock and alternative cover band. None of that Pop crap flies in my book. I'd like to see them pull off My Chemical Romance songs or Korn or Marilyn Manson. Please.

Her Hannah Montana-wannabe voice makes my stomach churn. The only reason I even tolerate Maka Albarn, the fiery blonde I just talked to, is because Kid's girlfriend, Patty, is in the band. I'm also good friends with everyone but the newbie, Maka 'Angel' Albarn. She's nice to everyone but me.

I don't know why, how, or what the hell I did, but she an ANGEL to everyone else. I remember the day I met her very clearly.


"This is Maka, our new lead singer. Since our singers Kim and Jackie have left us for a Solo carrer we held auditions and let me tell you, this girl sings like an ANGEL" Liz gushed about the supposed Maka.

I started unintentionally checking out the new girl. She was wearing a tight checkered tanktop with a solid black, sleeveless vest that went down to her small curves, he had on a short black mini-skirt with combat boots, and let. Me. Tell you. Her milky, soft looking legs were being shown off VERY nicely.

I watched as she shook hands with my lead guitarist Death The Kid (Kid for short), Chrona our keyboardist, and my drummer Black*Star. I was Vocal and Bass. I COULD do piano, but…not after what happened with my family.

I sat down and crossed my legs. I wore red skinny jeans, traditional looking high-tops, and a skin tight black v-neck shirt, showing off my well toned abs that made the ladies go mad.

After introducing herself to everyone but me, she walked over to me, smiling, and she looked me over with the greenest, prettiest eyes I have ever seen. Then frowned, and looked me straight in the eye and said

"I can already tell what kind of guy you're gonna be. Well, regaurdless, I'll give you a chance, my name's Maka Albarn" she extended her hand at me "and your name?"

I smirked and shook her delicate hand softly "I'm Soul Ev-" I coughed "I mean Soul Eater" She gave me a look.

"Soul…Eater? What kind of a fucked up name is that?" she sneered. Jeez, lady, who crapped in your corn flakes?

"it's not my real name so I like it, ever heard of a stage name, blondie? I don't want to share my real name, and I don't care for the history behind it, so why bother, right?"

She shrugged and rolled her eyes "typical trying-to-be-cool guy, huh?"

"excuse me, tiny tits, I AM cool." I narrowed my eyes at the pretty demon in front of me. Next thing I knew I was unconscious. Then I woke up with the biggest migrane I've EVER felt.

((((((((END FLASHBACK!)))))))))

I don't get it. Everyone likes me but her! Tsubaki, the guitarist of their band; The Black Widows likes me, Liz (the bassist) likes me, Patty (the drummer) likes me, and even their manager Marie likes me. What the hell made her hate me? I apologized for calling her names, but she just gave me a look and walked away.

No matter how much I hate her. I can't deny that I am completely attracted to her.


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