What the hell!

Elka was in the cellar clearing out some of her stolen goods when Joy came in...

Elka: ahh there you are I thought I had lost you hugs a bottle of vodka

Joy: Elka what are you doing down here?

Elka: oh its you iam clearing out!

Joy: why?

Elka: iam going to buy a car!

Joy: you're too old to drive!

Elka: you drive!

Joy: iam younger than you!

Elka:yeah yeah!

Joy: iam!

Elka: 90's the new 80!

Joy: iam not 80 iam 51!

Elka: eh!

Joy: oh shut up iam not having this fight again!

Elka: I won!

Joy: won what?

Elka: the fight!

Joy: ohh shut up!

Elka: you shut up grabs hold of a vase and shoves in on Joy's head


Melanie and Victoria hear the scream and come down the cellar to see what was wrong...

Melanie: what's happened?

Elka: I shoved a vase on Joy's head to shut her up!

Melanie: Elka!

Victoria: boring!

Joy: excuse me but I would really like to get this of!

Melanie: ok erm me and Victoria will try and pull it off!

Joy: don't pull my hair

Melanie: will try not to!

Melanie and Victoria pulled at the vase but it would not budge!

Melanie: it won't move its stuck!

Joy: try harder!

Melanie: but I don't want to hurt you!

Victoria: Elka what possessed you to do this?

Joy: yes I would like to know that too!

Elka: you where annoying me so I thought shove a vase on her head it worked!

Melanie: we need something to break the vase with Elka you got a hammer?

Elka: you're not breaking my vase!

Joy: iam not staying like this all day!

Melanie: well we will just have to take you to the hospital!

Joy: well can we hurry up then I feel like a bloody idiot in this!

Elka: but you look good!

A couple of hours later at the hospital...

Melanie: erm hello receptionist person my friend has a vase stuck on her head!

Receptionist: yeah whatever!

Melanie: please you have to help her!

Receptionist: just sit down and I'll call you when a doctor is ready for you

Melanie: oh thank you

Joy: bloody receptionists!

Melanie: now Joy we are just going to sit down here

(Joy falls over)

Melanie: oh dear erm come on get up Joy!

Joy: iam getting up shut up!

Melanie: don't take it out on me its not my fault Elka hates you!

Joy: I don't care anymore about her I just wish she woul'd shove things on my head!

Melanie: look I know you're cross but just chill it will be off soon!

Joy: it better be!

Melanie: it will promise!

Receptionist: Joy Scroggs!

Joy: that's me!

Receptionist: Nurse is calling you!

Joy: I know!

Back at home...

Elka is sitting with Victoria watching edge of tomorrow!

Victoria: which side do you think looks best right or left?

Elka: what?

Victoria: my face left side or right side?

Elka: ohh right side!

Victoria: oh thanks!

Meanwhile back at the hospital

Joy and Melanie where with the nurse finally!

Joy: we have been waiting in that bloody waiting room for 3 hours!

Nurse (laughs) sorry I can't take you seriously with that on you're head!

Melanie: I know heehee!

(Joy head-butts the nurse with the vase)

Nurse: ouch!

Joy: now get this thing off my head!

Melanie: iam really sorry Joy's in a bad mood!

Nurse: well we will have to smash hit to get it off iam sure you can glue it back together again!

Melanie: ohh Elka's going to be soo cross with us!

Joy: who cares I want this off!

Nurse: erm ok stand still (smashes the vase with a hammer)

Melanie: you ok Joy?

Joy: yay I can see !

Nurse: alright?

Joy: yes I think so thank you!

Nurse: you're welcome

Melanie: can we keep the vase?

Nurse: Yes sure here you go

Melanie: thanks!

A couple of hours later

Joy: we're back!

Victoria: oh yay you got it off!

Joy: hate to wait 3 hours there!

Melanie: here you go Elka!


Joy: well she said you could glue it back together again!

Elka (gives joy the evil look)

Joy: whatever!