Blueberry: chapter 16! sadly, i will be wrapping it up soon. gomen if it's not that good, but i just HAD to have a bit of Kisshu insanity somewhere in here!

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Chapter 16
The truth revealed
Ichigo's Pov:

Akasaka ushered us inside, kisshu included. He seemed uncomfortable, his usual confident look in his gold eyes was gone, he looked like he was worried he had been lured into a trap. I grabbed his hand, gripping it reassuringly. He sighed, blushing. We decended the stairs into the cold, dark basement. "Ichigo-San, how did you 'kill' Aoyama-San the first time?" asked akasaka-san. "well, i drove kisshu's blades through his heart after stunning him with my strawberry bell bell." i said plainly. Keiichiro was typing away on his computers Soon as i began speaking. Several files appeared on the screen, and he gasped at what he had found. "it appears that the same mew aqua that Saved us revived him also, and his recesitated spirit was overtaken by deep blue, giving him the ability to instantly heal himself. His initial goal appears to have been to reclaim Ichigo. However, deep blue was not strong enough to pull through the fatal wound that finished him. Both have been destroyed permanently.". He said, recounting everything he had found. "if you guys are revived, what about Pai and Taruto?" i asked.

A loud crash from one of the rooms was heard. Speak of the devil. Down the stairs floated none other than Pai and Taruto. "Nobody told us that Kish was back?" screamed the midget-alien. He mauled his teammate, knocking him to the floor. "choking! Not breathing!" Kisshu choked. "Heh heh. Sorry about that." taruto laughed nervously, helping Kisshu back to his feet. "it's okay, ne. Pai!" he walked over to the older alien. When he didn't respond, kish laughed "oh, so your little girlfriend is more interesting than your brother? I see how it is." and glomped the purple-haired teenager. Mr. I-show-no-emotion's eyes widened, and he tried to pull kisshu off of his back. It was to no avail, he hung on like a leech. Pai finally said "get off of me, or Mew Ichigo knows every embarrassing thing about you since you were 3." Kisshu let go as soon as the words were out of Pai's mouth. "t-there's no need for that, is there?" he laughed, nervousness reflecting in his amber eyes. "I WILL bring out 'the book'." he threatened. "pai, no. Just no. That is going WAY too far." he begged. I looked over at Taruto. "What's 'the book'?" i asked. "kish's diary!" taruto laughed. Kisshu sent Taruto a death glare, and the boy jumped about 10 feet with a shriek. "GOMEN!GOMEN!" he cried.

I stared, a bit shocked. Didn't Taruto always tease Kish? Why was he suddenly terrified of him? Then i saw. His eyes were glowing blue like that time he tried to kidnap me. He was twitching, "now. What were you saying taruto?" he asked threateningly. "N-nothing. go back to the old hag! Just please don't kill me!" Taruto squeaked. "what did you call her? My kitten is not an old hag!" he yelled. He now had a crazed look in his eyes, and was approaching taruto as he spoke. He had a twisted grin on his face, "nobody talks about ichigo like that! I'll rip out your spine, Midget!" he seethed. "K-kisshu..." i whispered. His swords were in his hands now. "People who act like this to her deserve to die. She's mine!" he screamed. "Brother! No!" cried Taruto. "Kisshu, Please! He's just a child! You're scaring me!" i yelled, hoping he heard me. He did. Returning to normal, He dropped his swords and fell to his Knees. "why..? Why can i never do anything but scare you, ichigo? I love you more than anything, i'd die if it meant you'd be safe. Why?" he sobbed. Zakuro turned to leave. "i'm gonna go now. This is awkward." she said. The others (pudding, mint, lettuce, Akasaka, Pai, and Taruto) nodded and followed her out.