Chapter 20:

After 2 hours of sleep everyone got up again and got dressed, this time in relaxed and loose fitting clothes and came downstairs with their stuff.

Tarika was wearing a long sleeved shirt which came off her shoulders with a pair of shorts her hair was half pulled up and she was wearing the necklace Abhijeet had given her. Muskaan was wearing a hoodie with a pair of shorts and her hair was pulled up into a pony tail. Abhijeet was wearing a t shirt with a pair of jeans and the watch Tarika had given him and Daya was also wearing a t shirt and jeans.

They met Rahul and Nyla at the door along with their parents.

They hugged everyone and then Rahul went to drop them off.

Rahul was driving and Daya was sitting in the front with him since his legs barely fit in the back of a small car and Abhijeet was sitting in the back with both the girls. Tarika was sitting in the middle and Abhijeet and Muskaan were on either side of her. Once they got to the Airport everyone got out and hugged Rahul again.

Rahul: Bye guys, take care.

Abhi: You too yaar.

Then both the girls hugged Rahul at once.

Rahul (smiling): Wow.

Tarika and Musi: Bye Rahul! We'll miss you.

Rahul: I'll miss you two too. (To the DUO) You guys better take care of my sisters well.

He winked and they all laughed.

Daya: That we will.

Both Daya and Abhijeet grabbed their girlfriends around the waist.

Rahul smiled: OK guys you better get going or your gonna get late.

Tarika: hmm ok bye.

Rahul: Bye!

Once Rahul left they went inside and got their tickets and went over to the waiting area where there was no one as they had gotten their ticket for a very early flight and no one was even awake.

It was really cold in the Airport since they had the A/C on at full blast and it was morning.

Tarika who was sitting beside Abhijeet wrapped her hands around his arm and put her head on his shoulder. He smiled and looked at her.

Abhi: Kya hua baby?

Tarika just nodded no.

Abhi: Are you cold?

Tarika nodded and he smiled.

Abhi (smirking): Don't worry I'll keep you warm.

Daya (coughing hysterically): Ahheeemm!

Muskaan started to laugh.

Abhijeet glared at Daya and Tarika blushed.

Daya: I'm going for a walk I'll be back soon.

Musi: I'm coming too.

Both started walking and Daya grabbed her around the waist.

Abhi (yelling after him): Don't be late or we'll leave without you.

Daya smirked and left.

Tarika turned to face Abhijeet and kissed his cheek.

Abhijeet faced her in surprise.

Tarika: I love you Abhijeet.

Abhi: I love you too.

He leaned close to her and was about to kiss her lips when the announcement for people going to Mumbai from Delhi disrupted them. They both smiled and got up.

Abhi: oh man yeh Daya aur Muskaan kahan rai gay?

Daya (coming up behind them): Right here boss!

Abhi: Ok let's go.

Tarika grabbed Muskaan's stuff and her own and went through the check in and everyone else followed her.

They got in and looked at their seat numbers. Coincidently Tarika and Abhijeet got a seat together and Daya and Muskaan had gotten the seats in front of them. They sat down and got settled in. They had a couple minutes before the plane took off so Daya and Muskaan turned around to face Tarika and Abhijeet and they all started talking casually.

Daya: Boss dekhna when we get back I bet ACP sir will bomb us with a case.

Abhi: Haan sahi ka.

Tarika: oh come on don't be kaam chors.

Daya and Abhi: HEYYY!

Abhi: What are you trying to say that we don't work?

Tarika: Arrey nahi baba! Mazak kar rahi hoon.

Muskaan snickered and Tarika stifled a laugh.

Daya and Abhi glared at them and they instantly became quiet causing them to smirk.

Flight Attended (FA) over speaker: Can I have your attention please? The flight is about to take off please fasten your seat belt and bring your seat to their upright positions. Enjoy your flight. Thank you for flying with Jet Airways.

Everyone checked their seatbelts and sat back.

The flight took off and Muskaan nuzzled up with Daya and held him closely.

He smiled and put his head on hers and closed his eyes.

In the back Tarika was sitting in her seat leaning against the window looking out and Abhijeet kept stealing glances at her. Tarika who noticed this smiled under her breath which wasn't noticed by Abhijeet.

Finally Abhijeet gave in and kissed Tarika's cheek.

Tarika (surprised): What was that for?

Abhi: for loving me.

She blushed and looked around to see if anyone saw.

Abhi: ider udar kya dekh rahi ho main to yahan hu.

She smiled and smacked his arm lightly.

Abhi (pouting): oww!

Tarika: oh grow up Abhijeet!

Abhijeet just smiled and put the armrest in between them up and put his arm around her and pulled her close.

Abhi: Tume saach mein lagta hai ki main kam chor hu?

He made a sad face.

Tarika (looking at his face): arrey nahi I was joking! Tum to mere Sharpshooter ho hai na?

He smiled.

Abhi: I thought so.

Their flight landed and they all got off. They were happy to be back in Mumbai after a long time and stretched.

Daya (stretching): aahhh Finally back in Mumbai!

They went outside to see Vivek, Tasha, Sachin, and Kajal waiting for them. Tasha and Kajal squealed and ran over to Muskaan and Tarika. Both girls squished Tarika and gently hugged Muskaan since they knew she was pregnant.

Tasha (super excited): OMG! Congrats Musi.

Kajal (smiling): Congrats! OMG I can't wait to go shopping and buy cute baby stuff.

Sachin (walking over to Daya and Abhijeet along with Vivek.): There goes your credit card sir.

Abhijeet started laughing and Daya pouted.

Daya (hysterically): AHEMM!

Kajal and Tasha instantly became quiet and looked at Daya.

Kajal and Tasha: Sorry Sir.

He smiled and they relaxed. Tasha, Vivek, Sachin, and Kajal had brought two cars since they had luggage and that Daya and Muskaan's house came one way and Abhijeet and Tarika's house came the other way.

Sachin and Kajal took Dayuskaan, and Vivasha took Abhirika.

Sachin and Kajal got to Muskaan's house and came out of the car to drop her stuff there.

Daya: Take care Musi.

Musi: I will.

Daya: Wait no you won't I'm staying here with you.

Musi (shrugging): sure feel free to.

He smiled and took out his stuff too.

Daya: Thanks Sachin.

Sachin: Welcome Sir.

Sachin and Kajal got in and drove away.

Daya carried Muskaan's stuff inside along with his and she opened the door for him.

They walked in and took a break then Daya got up and said.

Daya: I'm gonna go get new clothes and get fresh from my house and I'll be back in an about an hour and what do you want to do after later?

Musi (smiling): I don't know maybe order pizza and watch a movie.

Daya (smiling): Ok what movie?

Musi: bring a scary one.

Daya (laughing): haha ok fine. I'll be back in an hour with the movie and then we will order pizza.

Musi: ok come quick until then I'll also get fresh.

Daya: ok careful though.

He smiled and left.

Abhirika and Vivasha:

Vivek and Tasha drop Tarika in front of her house and Abhijeet also gets down as his bike was still there from before they left.

Abhi: Thanks Tasha, Vivek.

Vivasha: No Problem Sir.

They drive away and Abhijeet was about to leave when Tarika stops him.

Tarika: Abhijeet!

Abhi (turning): Hmm?

Tarika: Come inside and take a break.

He smiled and turned around and came back to her.

Tarika went over to her house and opened the door.

Abhijeet walked in. He looked around and saw Tarika walking towards the kitchen. He followed her in and looked around amazed since he had never been so far into her house before.

Tarika turned around and was about to ask him if he wanted water but stopped when she saw his look.

Tarika: Abhijeet? Kya hua?

Abhi: huh? Oh kuch nahi. It's that I never been in your house or any house that looks so clean and a house that actually looks like a home.

She smiled at him sweetly.

Abhijeet was thinking about when she had time to clean as she was always busy in the lab when Tarika held out a glass of water in front of his face. He snapped out of his thoughts and accepted the water. He drank it and handed it back to her outstretched hand but in the process he grabbed her hand and twisted her around so her back was to him and pulled her close to him. He hugged her from the back and grabbed the glass and put it on the table.

Tarika: Abhijeet what are you doing?

Abhi: proving that I'm no kam chor.

Tarika: Like this?

Abhi (smirking but she couldn't see.): Haan.

Tarika: but I already said I was joking.

Abhi: I didn't seem like you were joking.

Tarika twisted around in his arms.

Tarika: Please Abhijeet choro na.

Abhi: Let me think about that… Hmm… umm how about NO!

He started to laugh and Tarika sighed and went limp in his arms.

He nearly tipped over at this but somehow managed to find his balance.

Abhi: Tarika kya kar rahi ho? Abhi gir jatai na hum.

Tarika smiled and Abhijeet saw her.

Abhi: Why are you smiling?

She shrugged and he let go off her and stared her down. She pushed him lightly and ran away.

Tarika: hmm I think you are a kam chor.

Abhi: HEY come back here.

She started to laugh and he chased after her. She went around the couch and Abhi came running and jumped over the couch and grabbed her arm and she came flying back and hit him in the chest and he landed on the couch with a thud taking Tarika down with him.

Tarika: Ahhhh! Ouch!

She tried to get up but Abhijeet had his arm around her so she couldn't move.

Tarika: Abhijeet!

Abhi: Yes?

Tarika: Abhi let go.

Abhi: I rather not.

He turned over so that she was on the couch facing down. He grabbed her arm and twisted it around her back gently and lightly.

Tarika (complaining): oww! ABHIJEET!

Abhi: Ab main kam chor hu?

Tarika: haan!

He pulled her arm a bit.

Tarika: oww oww ok ok I'm joking.

Abhi: paka?

Tarika: aaa haan.

He pulled her up and held her around the waist. She looked at him and gave him a tight squeeze. She had tears in her eyes.

Abhijeet felt something wrong and pulled her away from him so he could see her.

Abhi (shocked): TARIKA?! Why are you crying? Did I hurt you? I'm sorry baby.

Tarika smiled at his concern and kissed him on the lips and he moved back falling on to the couch again.

Tarika climbed over him and sat on his thighs.

Tarika: I love you Abhijeet.

Abhi: I love you too Tarika.

HE hugged her in that position and she hugged him back.

All of a sudden Abhijeet's stomach growled ruining their moment.

Tarika moved back and looked at him and then burst out laughing. He also joined her and she got off him and he got up.

Abhi: So what do you have to eat?

Tarika: umm nothing…

Abhi: Want pizza?

Tarika: sure. Movie too?

Abhi: yup.

He took out his phone and called to order a pizza.


Daya came back and knocked on the door. Muskaan greeted him at the door and he walked in and out his bag down which was now full of new clothes.

They settled down and Daya was wearing a t shirt and track pants and Muskaan was wearing shorts and a t shirt.

Daya called to order pizza, but when the guy picked up he said their car broke down so they won't being doing home delivery for a while. Daya still ordered and then told Muskaan what happened.

Daya: I'll go grab it quickly.

Musi: ok I'll set up the movie and grab blankets and stuff.

Daya: ok I'll be back in a flash.

They both smiled and he set off once again.

Over here the same thing happened with Abhijeet. He told Tarika.

Abhi: I'll go grab the pizza Tarika and I'll just stop at my house and get changed and fresh.

Tarika: ok I'll also go get fresh.

Abhi: Ok bye see you in a bit.

She smiled and kissed his cheek.

He left and Tarika got changed into a new pair of shorts and a t shirt.

At the pizza store:

Daya walks in a sits down to wait for his pizza. A little while later Abhijeet comes in wearing track pants and a t shirt.

He sees Daya and goes over to him.

Abhi: Daya? What are you doing here?

Daya (smiling): Getting pizza duh?

Abhijeet smiled and told him what they were doing after which was exactly the same thing Dayuskaan were planning to do.

Daya: Want to come over and watch together.

Abhi: hmm k I'll ask Tarika and you ask Muskaan.

Daya: ok.

Both call their girlfriends and ask and both agree right away without even thinking.

Daya and Abhijeet turn to each other: Yes!

They smile and grab the pizzas and head out. Abhijeet gives Daya the other pizza box and gets on his bike.

Abhi: I'll go grab Tarika and meet you at Muskaan's house.

Daya: ok see ya.

He goes to Muskaan's house and he walks in and Muskaan is sitting on the pillow which is on the floor.

He puts the pizzas on the floor and grabs plates for everyone and in a few minutes Abhirika join with them and all get settled on the floor for a long fun night.

Everyone grabs a slice of pizza and start the movie. Muskaan and Tarika were sitting in the middle with Daya and Abhijeet on either side of them. They are all under a cozy blanket sitting together. Muskaan is leaning on Daya's chest and he is leaning against the couch, Tarika is leaning against the couch with her legs stretched out with Abhijeet's head on her lap. They watched the movie and enjoyed.


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