Chapter 4:


Her head was burrowed in his chest and he smiled. He walked towards the bed and when he was a foot away he put her down. He looked in her eyes and leaned close to her. He kissed her left cheek and she put a hand on his chest. Then he slowly kissed her right cheek and she blushed. She moved past Abhijeet towards the door. He grabbed her around the waist without even turning around and pulled her back. He brought her in front of him and wrapped both hands around her waist. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead and moved down to her nose. He gently kissed it and moved down to her neck. She shivered at his touch and he buried his head in her neck while kissing it. Her arms were around his neck and his were around her waist. He moved away and came close to her lips.

Tarika: Abhi…

Abhijeet leaned close to her and kissed her lips gently. She moved back and loosed her grip on his neck. He looked at her and smiled. She had a scared and uncomfortable expression on her face. He loved seeing her that way. He let go of her waist and walked close to her. She moved back and hit the edge of the bed and fell. She was now sitting on the bed and Abhi was coming closer to her. He leaned over her and gently pushed her down. He climbed over her and kissed her neck again. He wrapped his hand around her back and waist and pulled her closer to him and kissed her lips again. He kissed her over and over again teasing her lips. She moved a bit but Abhijeet held her tightly and kissed her neck. He put his hand gently on her face and moved down barley touching her. He moved through her chest and down to her stomach. She was breathlessly looking at him. He looked at her sweet and innocent face. He smiled and she blushed and looked away.

He grabbed the blanket and covered them. He was still on top of her. He wrapped his hand around her waist again and kissed her neck. He buried his head in her neck and closed his eyes. Tarika looked at him. She was continuously looking at his face and he felt her stare and lifted his head and looked at her.

Abhi (whispering gently): What happened?

Tarika just nodded no and closed her eyes. Abhijeet moved towards her face and kissed her lips again. Tarika's eyes opened at once feeling his lips but this time she kissed him back with all her love. Abhijeet was surprised but kissed her too. They both played with each other's lips until they were both breathless and both dozed off into deep sleep with cute smiles on their faces.


Daya carried Muskaan over to the bed and laid her down. He kissed her neck and moved down to her arm. She shivered and he moved back to her neck. He bit her lightly and she clutched his shirt tightly. He grabbed her tightly around the waist careful not to hurt her and spun over so now she was on top. He put his hand on her head and pulled her face close to his. He kissed her playing with her lips. Her straight shiny hair fell on his face covering them both. They both kissed each other and when they parted Muskaan was blushing and Daya was smiling. She put her head on his chest and closed her eyes. He wrapped both hands around her and closed his eyes.

The next morning:

Tarika woke up and saw Abhijeet sprawled over her. She swiftly got out from under him and got out of bed. She looked at the time and saw that it was 5:00am. She decided to go back to her room before Daya and Muskaan got up. She looked at Abhijeet who was sleeping innocently with a cute smile on his face. She went over to her and leaned over and kissed his lips gently and was about to turn to go away when he grabbed her hand and pulled her. She fell back on the bed in surprise.

Tarika: Abhi… when did you get up?

Abhi: When you so sweetly got out of bed trying not to disturb me.

She smiled. He got up and hugged her from the back. They were both standing now. His hands were on her waist. She put her hands on top of his and then turned around and put her hands on his chest. Then she gently pushed him away and went towards the room.

Abhi: Tarika kahan ja ri hoi?

Tarika: My room.

Abhi (complaining like a kid): but why? Don't you like me?

Tarika: of course I like you… but I'm gonna go get fresh.

Abhi (smirking): oh ho!

She blushed and ran out of the room. He smiled and also went to go and get fresh.


Daya woke up and realized Muskaan was over her with her head on his chest. He smiled looking at her face. She looked like an angel. He gently turned her over and she opened her eyes.

Daya: Good morning honey.

Muskaan (smiling sweetly): Good morning.

Daya: How are you doing?

Muskaan: Good.

He kissed her cheek and both got up.

Daya: Ok we'll both get fresh and then wake up Abhijeet and Tarika (He smirked and Muskaan laughed.) Then we'll go and meet Rahul and see if he needs any help.

Muskaan: Hmm k. So are you using the bathroom first or should I?

Daya: umm you go ahead I'm going to wake up Abhijeet and Tarika.

They smiled and he left the room.

He first went over to Abhijeet's room and knocked on the door. Abhijeet opened the door drying his hair.

Daya: Arrey wah! You're already ready?

He eyed his jeans, purple checkered shirt and white coat. Then he looked past him in the room.

Abhi (smirking): Tarika isn't here Daya.

Daya laughed and came in.

Abhi: where's Muskaan?

Daya: She's getting ready.

Abhi: Oh so you can use my bathroom and then we'll get some food.

Daya: ok I'll go get my clothes.

Just then he saw something shinnying on the ground. He went over and picked it up and saw that it was an earring. He smiled and went over to Abhijeet.

Daya (smirking): Give this to Tarika.

Abhijeet snatched it from his hand angrily and blushed. Daya laughed and walked out. He went and got his clothes and came back in the room. Abhijeet was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling.

Daya (came close to him and whispered in his ear): Tarika ke bare mein sooch raho?

Abhi: Dayyaaa!

He laughed and ran into the bathroom.

Just then Muskaan and Tarika walked into his room. Both girls were looking stunning. Tarika was wearing tight jeans and a sparkly teal shirt. Muskaan was wearing a plum coloured top with a short loose skirt which was black.

Muskaan looked at Abhijeet and Tarika. Both were blushing. Muskaan whistled and Tarika glared at her.

Abhi (warning tone): Musskkkaaaann!

Muskaan (smiling): Sorry sir.

Daya walking in: Kyun meri girlfriend ko dant raho?

He walked over to her and put a hand around her shoulder.

Muskaan (whining): I'm hungry!

Abhi: ok let's go get some food and then I'll call up Rahul and tell him we're coming to meet him.

Everyone: Ok.

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