Natsu chuckled to himself slightly, finding it quiet funny. His friends sure did know how to ruin a moment.

"What the hell are we doing at the amusement park when a certain somebody can't even hold his lunch in when we ride some ride?" A pissed off blonde asked, crossing her arms with puffing her cheeks out. She bets her friends did it on purpose.

"Oh come on, Lu-Chan. Just because Natsu can't ride rides doesn't mean none of us can enjoy." Levy giggled, giving the blonde a wink that had one of her arms wrapped around Natsu's waists while he was so tired of transportation. "Don't forget your boyfriend is also not the transportation type either, Levy-Chan." Lucy pointed towards Gajeel that was throwing up over by the trashcan making Levy to gasp and run over towards her boyfriend.

Poor them.

"I – I want to go home." Natsu whined, his color returning to his face. He so far was forced to ride two roller coasters and the spin of doom – which he hated the most – and he wanted to go home before he threw up his guts.

Erza sighed and frowned as she shook her head in disappointment while Gellard tried cheering up his girlfriend who kept frowning. "Didn't anybody bring motion sickness patches?" Gray asked, looking around in her group of friends who all shook their head, Natsu groaning even more. "Juvia brought some but Juvia forgot them in the car, we can't head back now, they won't allow us to come back in." Juvia frowned as she fidgeted on the spot, feeling a bit guilty.

"I'll bring them," Erza said, ignoring the shouts of her friends as she walked towards the exit and towards the car they drove in.

They all knew Erza was going to threaten the people, and they knew it won't look good.

Lucy waited for Erza to return as she sat Natsu down in front of her, holding out her water bottle to him which he drank. He finished it and tossed it in the trash next to him, holding Lucy's hand and pressing them against his cheek. He felt bad Lucy was worrying about him so much and not having fun. He knew girl's love to come to amusement parks but because of his weakness and forgetfulness of bringing the patches, he made his girl worry. "Sorry, about this."

"Don't worry about it, I know about your stupid motion sickness." She let out a giggle making the pink-haired teen look at her with a smile on his lips. "Does Miss Heartfillia stalk me?"

"In your dreams! I'm your girlfriend for fucks sakes!"

"We've only been together for 2 days though, so you do stalk me!" Natsu grinned, poking her nose with his pointer finger earning a growl from the blushing blonde. "Natsu, I've known you since middle school!"

"But we rarely every talked till high school. And I flirted with you most of the time anyways." Lucy sighed and covered her flushed face with her palms as she thought of maybe slamming Natsu's head onto the table. It was true but that doesn't mean they weren't friends. And like she hasn't heard all of the rumors and gossip about Natsu Dragneel's favorite color or favorite food around the school after a date with him. But now since they're going out, maybe it's not bad to ask him about himself. "Is that a yes?"

"Oh shut up, Natsu."

"I'll take that as a yes."

"Tell me about yourself." Lucy mumbled, looking at Natsu with a red face while Natsu looked at her with amusement, a small smirk on his lips. He was enjoying this flustered Lucy, this was way better than the teasing, scary, and moody Lucy. "What would you like to know?"

"Anything, everything." Natsu took in a deep breath, exhaling as he started to think what he should tell Lucy.

Their interlaced hands still in the center of the table as loud music and talking were in the background, Natsu only focusing on the girl in front of him. What should he tell her?

"Well, names Natsu Dragneel, I'm the hot boyfriend of the sexy Lucy Heartfillia, my birthday happens to fall on June 21st, the first day of summer. I love to stare and talk to my girl all day just because her beauty is so outstanding and my dream is to become the father of her kids one day." Natsu finished proudly making Lucy gawk at him with her face turning a different shade of red. Was he serious? "You dream will stay a dream." Lucy snapped, pulling her hands away as she was completely embarrassed.

She felt as if her face was on fire. Natsu's smirk remained on his face as he sat on the table as Lucy stood up to walk away. "And I bet you I could get you in my bed by tonight."

"Heh, still a flirt, are we?"

"You know it, but only for you now, sweet-cheeks." Natsu gave Lucy as wink as he leaned his arm against his knee while half-grinning and half-smirking to himself.

A small smile danced on her pretty glossy lips as she stood in front of her boyfriend, her arms crossed as excitement danced in her brown orbs. She grinned and held her hand out in front of him and he looked at her, a bit confused.

"Deal," She said making Natsu's eyes widen at the deal she had made. Suddenly his face stretched into a huge grin, placing his hand on hers, they shook hands. He was going to win this bet, he was confident.

Natsu jumped as he felt a slap on his arm, turning to see Erza has slapped on a motion sickness patch on his arm. She ignored the thank you that came out of his lips and went over to Gajeel, slapping the patch on him too. Now they were ready to ride. "Which one shall we ride?"

"That one." Natsu pointed towards the couple ride. Darkness of love it says. You ride a boat and enter the dark hole, hearts and cupids flying around everywhere while you enjoy the ride with your partner. "I say, we all should separate."

"Each couple going their separate ways?"

"We'll meet back here in 3 hours, got it?"

"Yes ma'am!"

"Great, have fun now." Erza said as she grabbed Gellard's hand and the two disappeared in the crowd. Natsu grinned as he grabbed Lucy's hand and ran on over to the ride he was talking about earlier. He wanted kiss her senseless in there, and maybe convince her to come on over tonight so she could lose the bet. She probably already forgot about it.

The two showed the person their wristbands as the man put them in the boat, Natsu's arm around Lucy's waists as Lucy sighed and held his right hand. She knew she was going to regret this.

"Please keep all hands and feet in the vehicle at all times, Enjoy." The recorded voice said as the man pressed the button as the two rowed down the place while the next couple got placed into the next boat ride.

It was super dark in there, you couldn't see anything in there and you could only hear the waters. "Natsu, I'm scared."

"Don't be, Lucy. I'm here." He gave her hand a squeeze as a small pink glowing light came from afar. It started to glow brighter and brighter till the whole place filled up with pink and red lights, cupids in the air and puppets everywhere. Lucy's eyes widen as she realized what this was. "Natsu, please don't tell me these puppets sing –", "We're in love, love, love, love, we're in love"The puppets started to sing and Lucy covered her ears, screaming a loud "No!" into the darkness.

She should have known.

Lucy walked out of the place, shuddering as her eyes were wide. Natsu came trailing behind her, howling with laughter. That was apparently hilarious to him and to Lucy, it was horrifying. The puppets were singing, the place was only lit with small pink lights and they dropped and did loops – Lucy screaming most of the time – and Natsu was enjoying every second of Lucy's screams of no and stop this damn ride because she was clinging onto his arm as if it was he lifeline. "We are never riding this every again!"

"Luce, let's go one more time!"

"Hell no! Go with yourself, no more of this damn ride! The stupid song is stuck in my head and it's too dark in there!"

"And we didn't even share a single kiss," Natsu sighed dramatically as he held Lucy's hand walking down the place, looking for another ride to ride. That was real fun for him, and since Lucy didn't like that one, he was going to play one of the games and get her a stuffed animal. "Come on Lucy, I'll win you that huge dog!" Natsu said, dragging her towards the booth as he pointed at the while doggy hanging from the booth.

A huge smile was on Lucy's face as she nodded, stopping in front of the booth he handed the man a 1 dollar bill, earning 3 basketballs to shoot at the basket. "You have 2 minutes to get as many as you can in. If you can get more than 20 in, you can get one of those dolls which are hanging on the top." He pointed where the big dolls were hanging from.

Natsu nodded and smirked, looking at the distance from the basket from where he was standing. It was great, he did this every day.

He was athletic; he will win that doll for her.

Two minutes later, Natsu has gotten 38 balls in the basket, going a bit over his limit. Lucy was squealing like a school girl while the man grinned, pointing at the dolls hanging over their heads.

"Choose one, Luce." Natsu said as Lucy looked at each and every one till her eyes fell on a white dog, looking almost like a snowman. "That one!" Lucy said as she pointed at the snowman looking dog. The man nodded as he used a stick to take it down, he handed the doll to Lucy and she smiled widely as she thanked the man and gave Natsu a big kiss on the cheek.

He just grinned.


There were only about 20 minutes till Lucy and Natsu had to go back to the entrance to meet the others and so they decided to ride the ferries wheel one more time.

They have rode most of the rides and this one was their favorite and so, they sat in the place, sitting next to each other while hands interlaced. Plue – the doll Lucy named – was sitting right across from them. The couple just halfway up the place when it stopped, allowing the next couple get on. It was silent, it was comfortable. "Hey, Natsu?"


"I had fun today." He felt her hand give his a light squeeze. He turned his head to look at the blonde and saw that her face was lit up, a small smile on her delicate lips. He leaned down a capture her lips onto his; finally able to give her the kiss he wanted to all day. After that little act Levy pulled today, he was finally able to give her a real Dragneel kiss.

Natsu pulled away due to the lack of oxygen and sucked in a lungful of air, breathing hard as his forehead leaned against Lucy's. Their eyes were closed and the only thing heard from the both of them was their heavy breathing.

"I love you, Lucy." He mumbled, holding her close to his body and Lucy smiled brightly. "I love you too."

"Want to come over, tonight?" Lucy giggled a bit earning a goofy grin from Natsu, "Sure player. Just don't pull anything funny on me,"

"I'll pull something sexy on you,"

"Oh same thing." Natsu chuckled and held her close, just enjoying her company right by him. He held her for a second before kissing her forehead. "This feels like a dream, being able to hold and kiss you like this." Lucy lifted her head up to flash Natsu a look. He planted another kiss on her cheek, her cheeks glowing red once again. "I always wanted to do these things to you; everything I did to those girls, I always thought of you."

"Then why become a player? Why did you wait for me?"

"Because, I always wanted to make you jealous, and I can't waste this sexiness." He smirked earning another laugh from Lucy. She looked at him with those big brown orbs he loved so much. "I just need you."

"Just me?"

"Just you,"

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