Xena stood in the door way to the side compartment of her tent. She watched as Lila rocked her child back and forth on a small wooden rocking chair in the center of the small room. The Warrior Princess was enjoying loving sight. It had been so long since she had seen such love a child could receive, a love in which she had neglected to give to her one son Solan. Lila moved slightly to brush a stay hair out of the child's closed eyes; she tried so hard to be gentle not to wake the baby only to have the little boy begin to cry uncontrollably.

She sighed, the young woman had finally gotten to boy to sleep and now she would have to start all over again. "No, no, hey its okay go back to sleep," Lila said with a hint of desperation in her light voice. "Like this," she leaned her head forward and closed her eyes in an attempt of fake sleeping. Yet her effort was in vain, the infant continued on crying like there was nothing that could stop him. "Oh come on Gabe please go back to sleep," Lila tried to reason with the child but her words fell on deaf ears.

Xena smiled at the sad attempt that the other woman had tried to coax the baby to sleep. It was kind of 'cute' in her view; Lila wasn't ready to be a mother not even close. "Here let me take him," she said in a calm even tone. Lila whipped her head around in surprise, she had no idea she was being watched or even that Xena was sill awake. She shook her head slightly, "no Xena I can get him back to sleep I got this." The warrior princess almost laughed at the rejection after all Gabriel was her son, her pride and joy and Lila was just his 'care taker.' "Look, you are exhausted let me get him to bed and you go to mine and get some sleep. I know how your family is about sleep with not enough you all get grouchy," Xena said with a snicker.

Lila gave the Warrior princess a worried look, not once has she shown interest in this child nor has she even told the brunette who the father was. All Xena has ever done for this baby was named him. She loved Gabriel like he was her own child, not only was he named after her sister but he seemed to have Gabrielle's will, her spirit and that made her love this baby even more. Lila peered down at the boy in her arms who was still crying like someone has just stolen his only sucker, then back up at the waiting Princess. Maybe Xena just wants to connect with her child, love him like a mother should love their kid.

Reluctantly Lila gave in with a slow nod, "alright." She lifted out off of her perch and slowly made her way to the expectant mother. Reaching over she handed the Warrior Princess her baby and as soon as the child was in Xena's arms he stopped crying. Lila peered up at the other woman shocked, how did she do that? Xena smile grew wider as she held her Gabriel for the first time. It was like her whole world stopped spinning out of control. All the hate, all the violence disappeared the very moment her eyes met her son's. Maybe, just maybe she could forget this lust for revenge and settle down with her son and keep him safe from the entire world, including his Gods forsaken father.

Lila watched as Xena made her way to the empty rocking chair, she has never seen the Warrior princess look so happy. And that brought joy to her heart. She wanted nothing more than for Xena to be happy, for her to move on with her life. Not to forget Gabrielle but remember her for what she was and what she would have wanted for the both of them. A smile graced the young woman's face as she made her way out of the side compartment to the main courters of the tent, she couldn't help but be happy to finally get some good sleep tonight. She stretched before laying herself down on Xena's bed. 'Yes good sleep tonight.'

Xena held her child close as she slowly rocked him back and forth, she knew she didn't deserve to feel happy; she didn't deserve to feel this way not after she killed her best friend but in this very moment she couldn't help but be a little shellfish. Xena peered down at the little human in her arms and was completely blown away, he looked just like his father except his ice blue eyes of course but he had that strong jaw, those dark curls, he even had his father's nose. Yet even with all that, no matter how much she loathed his father her son was beautiful. "Gabe would you like to hear momma sing?" Xena asked as if he could answer her. "I never sang for your brother, but I can sing for you." The warrior princess took in a deep breath trying to push back some unwanted memories. Giving herself a few moments her emotions steady, she opened her eyes to see her little boy staring up at her like he was waiting for her to begin. She smiled to herself, "hush now my little one, please don't you cry. Lay your head down on my shoulder and sigh. Suns gone away and momma will prey, Silence will keep all the while you're asleep…"

"Xena, that was beautiful," a calm and almost chilling voice came from behind the Warrior Princess. Xena peered down at the now sleeping infant and smiled, "thanks I thought it was fitting. My mother used to sing this to me after my father left."

"And I bet she sounded just as great."

"She did," the raven haired warrior replied. She slowly lifted herself off the chair so not to wake the baby and walked over to the makeshift crib. She laid her son in the bed quietly before turning her attention to her guest. "What do you want Gabrielle?"

"I just want to make sure you are happy that's all Xena." The Warrior princess rolled her eyes as she approached her ghostly friend, "that is not why you are here Gabrielle and we both know it." Gabrielle made her way closer to the older woman and put on a sad smile, "I thought you were going to forget about me," the blonde said with a tear sliding down her cheek. Xena felt her heart ping; she knew she was crazy but this Ghost, hallucination, whatever it was it felt so real, like Gabrielle was really here crying asking her not to forget. "Gab I could never forget you," she said as she reached out to wipe away the tear only to watch the blonde disappear before she could reach. "No come back," Xena sobbed silently as she fell to her knees, landing roughly on the hard ground below. "Please don't leave me Gabrielle, not again." Those once happy feeling she was enjoying moments ago vanished along with her best friend.

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