A/N: You may not like the idea of this, but I'm changing Brittany. I'm not making her the prep with a mask, but someone completely different. Compliments and constructive criticism is welcomed. Flames will be ignored. Thanks for reading and please enjoy.

Most didn't notice me as I walked in the shadows, blending into the lockers. I preferred life like this, not getting into drama and staying close to only a couple of people. Sierra (A/N: Not the Sierra from the book, completely different gal), Crystal, and Christan were the only people I could ever really depend on. My family was out of the question. My mom was an alcoholic, ever since my dad and Shelly died from a car accident, and she was always out with a new conquest. My parents thought it would be best if they sent her to facility in Colorado and while I fought tooth and nail for her, they still were going to send her there. So on the drive to the airport they were hit by a semi and it ended their lives.

I was devastated, I might have not been close to my father but I still loved him. And Shelly… Shelly was who kept me sane at home, even though I was the one taking care of her. She was my saving grace, she would listen and keep me distracted from our parents. You see, my parents weren't the ones who greeted you in the morning with a smile and "love you". My mom was always set on appearance, it mattered to her the most. But I refused to act and look like a Barbie, so I went my own ways on that. And my father put his work before us, I only ever saw him maybe twice a week at most.

That all happened when I was 13 and that's when I met Crystal, Sierra, and Christan. Crystal was the more quiet and artistic one of the group, but don't let that front fool you. Once you knock down her walls, she's loud and a very funny. Crystal is fit but hates to work out, she's lazy. And yet she still keeps a body of athlete, lucky bitch. She has shoulder length, chocolate brown hair that she keeps straightened and killer brown, dough eyes. She often is very persuasive using the weapon of puppy dog eyes. Sierra is loud and crazy. She's always coming up with the weirdest ideas and loves to have fun. She has is the shortest of the group , only standing at 5'1, with straight, caramel colored hair and auburn colored eyes. Christan is the only guy of our little group and the tallest, standing at 6'1. Though he does introduce other guys he talks to us, we mainly stick to each other. Christan is also crazy and funny guy, he does the greatest impersonations and can make any tension disappear by telling a joke. But, he can be serious when he wants to be.

Then there's me, Brittany Ellis. I am quiet at first then loud later. I don't trust very easily and the only way you can get to know the real me is by earning my trust. I am very protective of my loved ones and I stand up for what I believe in. I'm usually mellow and laid back, until you piss me off. I don't try to start drama, but if I see someone bullying someone or if someone attacks my family, I attack. Even though I'm mostly reserved, around my family I'm sarcastic, witty, and loud. Yet I'm still the more mature one of the group.

Mama bear, Brit, B, Brittany is what I'm called and this is my story.